Man, his environment and the Internet of things

The availability of information technology and a noticeable change in the attitude to their presence in everyday life gave impetus to the development of the Internet of Things. For the last ten years, IoT has managed to penetrate almost all areas, shifting to "smart" devices the concern for the comfort and safety of a person, performing monotonous or dangerous work for him, and forming together with him a common information space.
Man, his environment and the Internet of things  
MONICA , whose goal is to develop a security complex to protect people in their mass congestion (concerts, amusement parks, rallies, etc.). Part of the security system will be "smart" devices - chests, bracelets, UAVs, GPS-systems and RFID tags.
Thus, the Internet of things, despite the existing problems with its own protection, has long and densely involved in the global security system. At the same time, the task of developers of various solutions for IoT is also to improve and improve the "old" security systems did not lead to the emergence of new vulnerabilities.

Information environment of the future

The development of IoT-technologies is accompanied by an increase in the volume of information storage, and this process is constantly occurring. Very soon, there will be networks consisting of tens of billions of devices exchanging data among themselves.
This will lead to the intertwining of the physical world with the digital one. As a result, an absolutely new environment is formed around us, where smart devices through special applications will analyze everything that happens in the physical world, take into account the accumulated experience and make the necessary decisions according to their functionality. This environment will create completely new conditions for all spheres of human life, from everyday life to complex production.
The new information environment will change not only the surrounding "smart" and not very things and processes in which they are present, but also himself, transforming into a certain device manager. Therefore, today the Internet of things is already worth considering in synergy with other modern concepts, for example, the intellectual environment or all-pervasive computer systems.
Modern technologies and modernization of wireless networks will be able to provide massive introduction of IoT, it remains to solve some problems of protocol compatibility and security. But we should not discount the fact that most of the people are not ready for radical innovations in the application of the things they are familiar with, which suddenly "grew wiser". On the example of the same mobile phones, you can see what a gap between the habits of man and the development of technology.
Thus, to make large-scale shifts in the minds of people, some technologies are not enough, and this applies not only to the Internet of things. Need constant awareness, legal regulation, social adaptation to the new realities of life. Only then any new technology will be in demand and will reach the level for which it was created.
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