Elections, elections

John sat and stared blankly at the monitor, which contained a spreadsheet with tasks. He himself did not know what he was trying to see there - he just leafed it up and down, tried to peer at the letters, read the words, but could not understand what he wanted to achieve. Two days have passed since the funeral of the scram board, but nothing happened. 3r33838.  
Two tasks have a mark of accomplishment - aha, this is Tom, his tasks. For the rest - silence. 3r33838.  
- So, gang. Said John loudly. - What did you do for two days? 3r33838.  
The programmers broke away ...
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Culture feedback: how not to slip to charges

3r3355. Quality feedback on time signals how true we are moving towards the goal, whether we need to correct the course or change the speed. Or in general, urgently move in the opposite direction and change the mode of transport. Kontur University has recorded a video about major OS errors, how to avoid them and not spoil relations with colleagues.
 3r3365. 3r3355. The rules, which will be discussed, work in all spheres of our life. When properly applied, they will help to provide an effective and mutually useful feedback.
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Place of jazz in the IT department

Imagine that you are the head of a small IT department, and the ideal engineers who work for him are
3r376. are engineers 3r311. 3 - 4 levels
3r376. able to independently decide not only 3r318. difficult task
, but also to build a process, it is necessary to solve complex tasks
3r376. disciplined and responsible 3r377.  
3r376. motivated and eager to improve what they touch
3r376. respect and get along with each other
3r376. your department is small, you constantly communicate, discuss and know who lives with what in terms of work at this point in time
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How to organize the work of remote workers: we invite you to a webinar

3r3-31. About 20 years ago, Yahoo offered its employees to switch to a remote work format, thus saving millions of dollars and launching a new trend that gradually spread to the United States and Europe. According to various sources, about 45% of the working population of the United States at least once a week working from home, in the UK, this figure is 62%, in Japan - 32%, and in the EU - 10%. 3r3633.  
3r3365. How to organize the work of remote workers: we invite you to a webinar Source 3r3633.  
3r3365. ...
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Problem identities among testers

 3r33856. 3r3-31. Problem identities among testers 3r33841. 3r33838.  3r33856. The following are problem individuals in the quality assurance department (QA): 3r3-3830.  3r33856. 3r33838.  3r33856. 3r33832.  3r33856.
3r33655. Fire hose
3r33842.  3r33856.
3r33750. Prosecutor
3r33842.  3r33856.
3r33434. Alarmist
3r33842.  3r33856.
Scientist 3r33842.  3r33856.
3r3306. Misleading
3r33842.  3r33856.
Oppressed 3r33842.  3r33856.
Random clicker 3r33842.  3r33856.
3r33526. Blithely cheeky
3r33842.  3r33856. 3r33844. 3r33838.  3r33856. alarmist 3r33842.  3r33856.
Dangerous in conjunction with a project manager ...
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“I’m surrounded by idiots or how to work as a team”

3r3-31. Another working day came to an end. And so, sitting in front of the monitor with a mug of warm tea and reading the beloved Habr, someone is looking for entertainment posts, someone wants to learn something new and useful. There are people who are interested in how other teams work and what their organization is. And there are those who all day wondering - why I am surrounded by clinical idiots. 3r33232.  
“I’m surrounded by idiots or how to work as a team” 3r33232.  
Worse, if all these people around you gathered. This is the case we will consider. 3r33232.  
Is the question right? And who is to blame? 3r314. 3r33232.  
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What are the responsibilities of the lead developer

This big article by John Olspau is called "Being a Lead Engineer" . The first time I read it was about four years ago, when I first switched to my current job, and it really influenced ideas about this direction of my career.
Rereading it now, the really interesting thing there seems to be one thing, that empathy and helping the team are an important part of the work of the lady. Which, of course, is true!
But now I see that most or all of the lead engineers I know take on considerable help from other employees in addition to their personal programming work. Now it seems to me that ...
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Photoexcursion at the office of "Audiomania": part two

In the first part of the photo excursion at the Moscow office of Audiomania, we talked about a big showroom and two cinemas. Today we will show office premises, a trading hall and a warehouse.
Photoexcursion at the office of "Audiomania": part two

The address of the store is Drumny Lane, 4. It is five minutes walk from the Elektrozavodskaya metro station. Near the entrance to the territory of the business center hangs a signboard "Audiomania" with an arrow that points to the gateway. To get to us, you need to find the entrance number 11. To do this, go through the checkpoint directly, and then turn left. The 11th entrance will have one more ...
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What's wrong with hiring in IT?

Recently bombed article about painful and forced the answer to it is .
In fact, there were two camps or even more, but did anyone even think of looking into the legislation?
Next, consider:
Why there is labor law and workers' rights.
What are the legal consequences of the test task?
How to receive a salary on illegal refusals.
Wikipedia /Workplace_ . It would seem a lot of things are written, but really nothing is said.
The essence of the fact is that by submitting to the law of a specific civilized state and participating in its financial system, a person ...
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Incredible stories about impostors and why these incomprehensible practices appeared at the interviews

Incredible stories about impostors and why these incomprehensible practices appeared at the interviews
A typical candidate in the version of overly zealous "hunters for impostors"
A few days ago, Philippe fillpackart Rankin published an article under the heading " Enough to suspect the developers of imposture. Learn to better interview ", In which he raised a very acute problem for the industry inadequate interviews. I read it, I was horrified, I read it again and thought: "Why does this stuff happen?" With this question, I went to a pair of familiar HR specialists and director of Crossover Russia Vladimir vme Yeronin (which eventually ...
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