How do we localize Slack

How do we localize Slack

Cultural factors and values ​​that drive us when translating Slack into various languages ​​

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, German , Spanish and Japanese languages.
2017 was a year of localization for us: we increased the number of languages ​​supported from one to five. Now we provide support in English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish for several key products, including the help center, the main website ...[/h]
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Easier than it seems. Fracture

Previous issues: 1-3 , 4-5 , 6-7 .
- Sergey, welcome, glad to see! Go in, sit down. Kurchatov rose from his seat, extended his hand to Sergei across the large table, and smiled sincerely. At least, Sergei thought that the smile was sincere. If it was not, then Kurchatov feigned very well - clearly felt a rich experience of communication with people. Such a man wanted to learn a lot.
- Sergei, this is not a formal meeting, not to report on the work done. - Entered at the head of the table Voronin. - Evgeny Viktorovich often meets with staff, especially with new ones, to ...
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Easier than it seems. Chapters 6-7


"No, my friends, it's not going to work!" You feed me tales for a year! Year! And the situation is only aggravated! 27% of deviations, almost a third of the warehouse does not correspond to accounting!
Kurchatov was in a rage, which was rare - he was surprisingly optimistic, educated and, as it seemed to Sergei, intelligent for the business owner. The previously seen owners of much smaller companies were not more prosaic.
- Do you understand what these deviations mean for me? It's money, millions, about which I do not know anything! So, you, Anatoly Pavlovich, do you know how much ...[/h]
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Easier than it seems. Chapters 4-5

The beginning is here .


"Have you done the accounting task?" Report. You promised to finish today.
"I'll finish it today, the whole day ahead." Do not worry about it, Galina.
- What did you want to talk about?
- About the salary.
- Come on, I'm listening.
"You work for two years, you probably know - what is the salary increase algorithm here?" What should be done specifically to get more? Is the project serious? Or just a task in time to perform? Training to pass, qualification to raise?
- I I Sergey, I'm shocked by your impudence.
- In terms of? I'm ...[/h]
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The best techniques and practices of Agile for technical and non-technical teams

Working for a long time on Agile, you can easily identify the core values, principles and practices, thanks to which a large number of companies make a choice in favor of methodology today. Some practices in the methodology are highly appreciated by almost everyone, some are controversial. However, Agile would not have become Agile if the best values ​​and methods of methodology had not won the favor of millions of managers and developers around the world.
The best techniques and practices of Agile for technical and non-technical teams
manifesto Agile , and the methodology itself became the standard software development ...
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Developers talk about the cut out of the game features

Developers talk about the cut out of the game features

The process of creating games is often associated with cutting off excess.
Many thousands of ideas that have not lived up to that date, or have mutated so much that they can not recognize their original appearance, come to a lot of honed finished products that have come out on the market.
Gamasutra asked the game developers to tell about the most memorable ideas that had to be cut out, and the reasons for refusing them.
Mitch Gitelman, Harebrained Schemes
Of course, a huge number of features fall into the gap between ambition and practical feasibility. According to Mitch Gitelman, this ...
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"Look, Sergei, you've already got me." Just call a date when you make a report.
"I do not want to make a report like that, it's wrong." Not a report, but some kind of stupidity. Galya, do not you see it yourself?
- I see a task that the internal customer put to me, as the head of the IT department. You, by the way, also work in the department of information technology, and the fulfillment of tasks is your direct duty!
"Even if the task is complete nonsense?" Even if no one needs a report, and no one will look at it?
"And this does not concern you at all!" Do you understand ...[/h]
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10 must-have qualities for the note to the beginning manager of the product

In some companies, the number of managers and times of leads seems unjustifiably large. Why is the role of an effective manager today becoming more popular, and what qualities will help an ordinary employee quickly turn into a competent manager? It depends on the scope of the company, its growth and market specifics, but, in general, a good manager can be "recognized" by his personal and professional characteristics long before the need to "close" the vacancy.
10 must-have qualities for the note to the beginning manager of the product
how to create the perfect roadmap product .
The project manager is responsible ...
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How to become a product manager without experience?

The inspiration to try yourself as a product manager can be visited by any member of the team. Is it necessary to have a special education for this, if such is found in the nearest access? And is it enough just "burning eyes" and a great desire to become a successful product manager? The stories of many large companies and startups show that it is possible.
How to become a product manager without experience?
statistics , which shows that product managers often earn on an equal basis or even more developers. And, for this it is not necessary to "knock" the company as a junior. Many successful PMs immediately "grow" to the level of the product ...
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And at this time

- No, it will not work! - almost screamed furious Anatoly Viktorovich. - I do not understand what I pay for - note, not small - money! What are the best programmers? Are they special?
- They have a high creative component in the work, as I understand it. - Tatiana Vladimirovna could calmly say. - Therefore, it is difficult to measure their work, as a process.
"By these fairy tales, I'm already fed up, about the mystery of creative professions!" Thank God, we still do not have designers
Engineers-designers are also constantly referring to creativity.
- Elena Anatolyevna, you, as HR, what can ...
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