Electronics design. A winning technology startup strategy. Part I

3r3304. The topic was too wide to fit into one article. I bring to your attention the introductory part. It will deal with actions that it is desirable to take before writing a technical task for development in order to significantly reduce the risks of failure. 3r3305. 3r3302.  
Electronics design. A winning technology startup strategy. Part I 3r3302.  
The world entered the era of "smart things", which generated interest in technology start-ups, which only grows year by year. At the COP, they beat record-breaking fees, even though not everyone is able to adequately fulfill their obligations. For a dozen years old attempts to work as a magician embodying ...
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Source: "Conway's Law"

Source: "Conway's Law" 3r33737.  3r33770. 3r33737.  3r33770. Author's note 42 years after publication:
 3r33770. 3r33737.  3r33770. 3r33434. Perhaps most noteworthy in this article is that it was published thanks to the statement described in the third paragraph from the end. To ease the difficulty of overcoming the previous 45 paragraphs, I will voice it in a free form now:
 3r33770. 3r33737.  3r33770. 3r3409. Any organization designing a system (interpreted here more broadly than just an information system) will inevitably create such a model that will repeat the communication structure of the organization itself. [/b] 3r33737...
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Video of Product Management Meetup

 3r3143. 3r3-31. Video of Product Management Meetup  3r3143.
 3r3143. November 1? we spent in the office of Product Management Meetup. We talked about
 3r3143. product analytics, scrum, ways of elegant monetization and design department.
 3r3143. Under the cut - share videos and presentations of the speakers.
 3r3143. Slides
 3r3143. 3r395. “How we started the transition to Scrum. For those who have heard, but shy. " Hasan Islamov Head of Product in Rakhmet
 3r3143. Go to Scrum without training, using books and own practice. Continuous improvement towards Hyde.
3r3104. 3r3105.
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Perform pre-project survey in developing an information system

What happens without a pre-project survey?

In due time, I had to develop and sell systems for drawing up transport routes: points with orders are displayed on the map, you circle them with the mouse and place them in cars. It speaks to us one company with a request to sell the app. Not one month, we tried to find out why they need such a system, as a result they sold them a “box”, they asked for it. Then this company decided to attract us for implementation. And then it turned out that first of all they needed functionality for fuel accounting, which in our system was completely absent from ...[/h]
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How Ivan stand conversion investigated

How Ivan stand conversion investigatedAfter Ivan met with the cohort analysis , he hated any kind of sugary metrics.
But the irony was that the leadership did not know anything else, and categorically did not want to know. I had to step over myself and stupidly go to a meeting with the "requests" of the chief in order not to earn the reputation of a bad person who disobeys the instructions of the wise men.
Sometimes even very interesting results were obtained from this. About one such case now and will be discussed.
Once the manager asked Ivan to find out why, within 3 weeks, the conversion of stand passing by the teams ...
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Delivery Manager - a new role in the world of Agile

Delivery Manager - a new role in the world of Agile 3r33177. 3r3-31. Good day everyone! 3r3-33160.  3r33177. 3r3-33160.  3r33177. Until the end of the year, almost nothing is left, but still we will have a few new courses. One of these new courses is “Agile Delivery Manager” who created Marina Arefieva . By tradition, we have prepared open lessons and interesting materials for you. Today we will get acquainted with the vision of what Delivert Manager is and what it is eaten with. 3r3-33160.  3r33177. 3r3-33160.  3r33177. Go. 3r3-33160.  3r33177. 3r3-33160.  3r33177. Rich Lewis (3r3-318. Rich Lewis
) Is the best I've ever worked with...
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PVS-Studio ROI: how not to lose millions of

PVS-Studio ROI: how not to lose millions of
From time to time we are asked the question of how much money the company will benefit from using the PVS-Studio analyzer. I decided to implement the ROI calculator on the website and place a detailed description of its principles of operation. But before that, I decided to submit my thoughts and calculations for discussion. I hope to receive interesting and useful comments that will help make the calculator as reliable and convincing as possible.
We offer you a description of a calculator that allows you to calculate the return on investment from using the PVS-Studio code analyzer in the development ...
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Three years of certification without managers - normal flight

3r3-31. Three years of certification without managers - normal flight 3r33333.  
Our unit has been working without managers since the end of 2015. We decide for ourselves who and how much to pay, who did a good job, and who didn’t really, whom to hire and who to part with. The article will tell about the most difficult thing - working with people. I will share with you how our engineers certify engineers, who now does all the useful work that the managers did and, of course, how many people had to be fired to implement it all. 3r33333.  
featured .
3r33333. ! function (e) {function t (t, n) ...
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"The whole world - analysis" or "Analyze it"

 3r3-300. 3r3-31. We need business analysis practically at every moment of our life: when we think over a tourist trip, we make purchases, even when we start a car in the morning. Do not believe? And I will prove it.
 3r3-300. Each interaction with the outside world, in fact, is nothing but a set of user stories (they are the User Story).
 3r3-300. 3r3342. As a person with a two-week paid vacation, I want to go on a tourist trip for a week in order to get new impressions and “reload my head” for further fruitful work.
 3r3-300. As a person who loves beer and gothic architecture...
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Where Agile is terrible, especially Scrum

 3r33333. 3r3-31. Flexibility - no doubt a good thing, and in Agile manifest. it makes sense. Compared with the fragile practice called “waterfall”, Agile is noticeably better. However, in practice, flexible approaches often cause deep harm, and in reality the Agile /Waterfall dichotomy is hardly appropriate. 3r3304.  3r33333. 3r3304.  3r33333. I saw how many Agile options, called Scrum, really kill the company. By “kill,” I do not mean “deterioration of culture”, but rather when company shares fall by almost 90% in two years. 3r3304.  3r33333. 3r3304.  3r33333. 3r3302. What is Agile? ...
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