Support, service, headache and all-all-all

Support, service, headache and all-all-all  
Hello to all.
I decided to write this opus in order to give an insight into how the official support of Dell (including service support) now works.
This is not a criticism, not a cry for help, but simply your own experience.
Perhaps he will be useful to someone or be useful.
Intel Community . Moreover, they say that even Dell will be more useful, who can promptly inform Intel about this and solve the problem together.
Everything is good, but only the circle is closed.

Act 3. Happy ending.

All this correspondence and the war took me about a week and a half. And so, in the last two or three days, I discovered a strange activity on my laptop: 3r-3250.  
It must be said that iGPU driver update in Windows I disabled 3r33232. , Dell SupportAssist runs only on demand, and Intel Driver & Support Assistant is not configured to automatically update at all - and neither of them see anything new on my laptop.
Activity took place 5 or 6 times. It’s clear who the vendor is. And yes - I authorized these actions. And what to lose
And the problem disappeared. Totally. Fully. There is a Control Panel, no lags, everything is OK.
A version of the driver iGPU was this: ???.6287.
This is newer than Dell has now for my [/b] laptop.
It is older than Intel [/b] at the moment.

And it works.
A little googling, I discovered that now Dell now offers this particular driver version, however, for other laptop families, for example, 3r-3324. here is
and here is , at the same time - guess what was fixed?
- Fixes the control panel where the control panel disappears after updating.
- Supports Windows 10 October 2018 Update.
Well, like a curtain


I do not even know For some reason in this whole story - two stories! - I was very disappointed in the Official Services and Supports and was very concerned about the problem of Big Brother. Good this. Like Santa Claus.
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