Microsoft has announced the DirectX Raytracing

Microsoft has announced the DirectX Raytracingray tracing API.  Today started GDC 2018 , and the first serious announcement on it was made by Microsoft together with its partners.  In the graphical API DirectX 12 will be added the new important functional part is DirectX Raytracing (? DXR ). Under this name is is hiding new standard API for ray tracing under DirectX with support for hardware and software acceleration.  As is known, ray tracing ( Ray tracing ) Has long been considered poorly applicable in real-time applications (for example, in games) by technology due to low practical performance. If a conventional raster ...

Why the characters

Why the charactersHello!
We start tomorrow the course "Designing the UX /UI" , which is a bit exciting, because the second is not quite a program course, and even radically different from the same first (Digital Marketing). In general, we are waiting for the start and the first feedback from our students, but for now the next favorite material from our teachers about the characters.
Briefly: Characters are a handy tool for performing UX tasks. Why do they often not help? Find out what pitfalls prevent the characters from being useful, and how to avoid them.
Characters - my hobby. I conduct ...

Harmful Keyword "Interface"

Translation of an ironic post from the blog of Bob Martin in which he talks about how unfortunate is the use of the word interface in modern programming languages, and what confusion and problems it brings to developers.

- What do you think about interfaces?


- Do you mean interfaces in Java or C #?


- Yes. A cool feature of these languages?


- Simply gorgeous!


- True? And what is the interface? Is it the same as the class?


- Well, not quite!


- At what plan?


- Not one of its methods should ...

Recognizing speech in python using pocketsphinx or as I was trying to make a voice assistant

This is a tutorial for using the pocketsphinx library on python. I hope he helps you
Quickly deal with this library and not step on my rake.
speech_recognition . As it turned out, I'm not one such. For recognition, I used Google Speech Recognition, because it was the only one that did not require any keys, passwords, etc. For the synthesis of speech was taken gTTS. In general, almost a clone of turned out. this assistant, because of what I could not calm down.
However, I could not calm down because of this: the answer had to wait a long time (the recording did not end right ...

Evil by Design: interfaces from Mephistopheles (part one)

Chris Nodder, the author of the book " Evil by Design ", Immediately causes trust. Not so much with your track record of achievements in the psychology of UX design and consulting, but as an obvious ability to cling and sell. In fact, under the stylish cover with the demonok - a collection of techniques for manipulating the consumer, many of which have been known for a long time. But, you see, "the guide for the designer who serves Evil, awakening in people's dark instincts" sounds much more enthralling. Let's push the consumer to mortal sins!
Evil by Design: interfaces from Mephistopheles (part one)
Why mo...

Program for digitizing graphs, drawings, drawings: algorithms of the project "Tutor: Mathematics"

Program for digitizing graphs, drawings, drawings: algorithms of the project "Tutor: Mathematics"


Opening speech
Principle of operation
Description of the program
The final program code is
Advantages of working with digitized functions on examples
Tutor: mathematics (Read the article on Habrahabra -  
"Digitizing" the graphics in order to make it appropriate to our style or just to make it look decent;
obtaining a set of base points for the construction of geometric drawings, histograms, etc. based on the author's drawing by hand (or using the ...[/h]

Font (even more) Awesome - patterned invention

Hello, Habr! I present to your attention the translation of article "Font (More) Awesome - an iconic invention" author of Pubudu Dodangoda.
Whether you create a website, mobile or desktop application, there are several things that you will not be able to avoid. Proper use of graphics and icons is one such basic needs. Stylish icons are also important, like alignment and color combinations - simply because one icon can express something that can hardly fit into a hundred words.
Font (even more) Awesome - patterned invention

Unexpected difficulties with earnings on the Internet

Unexpected difficulties with earnings on the Internet  
Before that I left Google to work on my own start-up, I did not think about monetization. It was assumed that if so many websites do this every day, then charging for online services will be easy. But when I started developing Kapwing, a site for editing video with a simple model of freemium, I encountered an amazing amount of dangers on the way to a simple profit. In this article, I will share some unexpected problems that we faced, so that other start-up entrepreneurs avoided them when they start earning on the Internet.

Pre-launch before monetization

After leaving this summer with ...[/h]

How to make good UI-animation excellent

In the material, the translation of which we publish today, designer Pablo Stanley offers several recommendations for animating micro-interactions in the user interface. In each example shown here, two versions of animations are considered. The first option is good, the second, in the author's opinion, is simply excellent. Improving animations is due to small changes, which, in the end, can significantly improve the perception of interfaces by users.
How to make good UI-animation excellent

The animations ...

Open lesson "Designing UX /UI: design in the modern world"

Good day to all!
We conducted here in the framework of our second "non-program" course - "Designing UXUI" an open webinar on the above topic, where they analyzed what "design", "designer" and the role of all this in the world of the company.
Our teachers also talked about modern trends and perspectives in this area. So, we hope that you will be interested:

As always, we are waiting ...