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According to Rosstat, 3-3331306. 1 million people have vision problems, ranging from astigmatism to blindness and can hardly use common sites. Try to test your resource for accessibility: zazhmurite eyes to blur the screen and click, enter text, go through the pages. If the usual actions are inconvenient to perform, then you can think about accessibility.
 3r31318. Good examples of available sites at the Pension Fund and Gosuslug. To make your resource available, such a large-scale work as for the FIU is not required. It is enough to apply the three principles, add two sites to the bookmarks with detailed documentation on the development of available sites and adapt the workflow a little to the new paradigm. As a result, your resources will be transferred to a new level: they will be accessible and convenient for people with disabilities.
 3r31318. How to quickly and efficiently develop the available resources of today's decryption report 3-3-31299. Sergey Krieger 3r31300. on 3r316. Frontend Conf
 3r31318. 3r3393931. 3r33932. 3r33339.
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