[Пятничное]ASCII graffiti on retro monitors and other surfaces

3r3-31. If a person who likes pixel art is old, then a person who understands ASCII aesthetics is a superstar! Of course, this is a joke, and the age is most likely irrelevant. My son, for example, likes to play ASCII games that I make. At least he says so.
However, in order to perceive some things, such as the composition of the three canvases in the picture below, you need to have experience interacting with a certain software and hardware.
 [Пятничное]ASCII graffiti on retro monitors and other surfaces
Under the cut you will see many ASCII tracks on monitors of ancient computers and terminals, as well as on other surfaces, for example, on a postage stamp. Perhaps some of the images I made will find a response in your hearts.
The novel can be read right here, on Habré. 3r3143.

In conclusion, I want to show you the video game
in a retro interior. It seems that the game would look the most authentic on such a technique. Shows the function of mining - mining resources for subsequent crafting.
3r3148. 3r3149. 3r33150. 3r3151. 3r3152.
Thank you for looking at the pictures! Each has its own history of creation, its own circumstances of appearance and related projects. I cherish each. I would be infinitely happy if at least one image will cause you a positive feeling. See you in the ASCII world!
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