Secret Keyboard Level 3 or how to print a long dash

Secret Keyboard Level 3 or how to print a long dash  
Each user of the hub, at least once typing a "space-hyphen-space" here, can see how the hyphen is magically replaced with a long dash. It worked autocorrect, similar to the one that exists in the Word and other word processors.
typography , and to design the text correctly and immediately, without relying on the grace of the iron brain, you need to be able to enter characters from the keyboard that you can not enter. In particular, the longest dash, which is often used in the design of direct speech.
But, as we know: if you can not, but really want, then you can. For a long time sat on Windows, and used to quickly enter the missing characters on the keyboard by a known combination: jammed code combinations , when intuitive, when not very.
For the role of Compose, you can assign, for example, the left Win, it's Super. Or right, to whom it is convenient. However, after a while I felt: some uncomfortable method, felt at first, does not want to resolve with time. I remembered the impetuous method of rapping on the figures and slightly nostalgic.

Level 3

Let me remind you, it was several years ago. In the stream of the search engine several times there were references to the mysterious third level, but what it was, could not be immediately scavenged.
And I remained a happy Compose clicker, until one day I climbed into the jungle of my Linux keyboard settings and stumbled there about the word "level 3"! Both on
(Or has it already been translated into Russian? I do not remember.) It does not matter, and I will not bother with the lyrics, just to the point.)
The keyboard has levels. The first level is when you just pressed the key. For example, pressing "A", type "a"; pressing "2" - type "2".
The second level is when you press the key, clamping the shifter. Then, pressing "A", you will type "A"; pressing "2" - type "@" (in the Latin layout) or "" in Russian.
By using the third level, you will be able to print other symbols, only you do not need to clamp the shifter, but the specially-assigned modifier key. It is convenient for me to switch to the third level with the right Alt. It's easy and simple to enter the frequently used herringbone quotes and long dashes with one hand.
But that's not all! Holding both the Shift and the Level3 key, we get the fourth level and a few more symbols that did not fit into the logical, intuitively expected places of the third one.
To use this bun, Linux users should not forget to include "additional typographic symbols" in "different compatibility parameters". Well, of course, choose a key for selecting the third level (or the third row, depending on the translation, level ? in general). After that, you can see and print the map of the symbols involved there in the settings.
But there is also the fifth level - but with it the inquisitive reader will understand himself; nehyklivomu it does not need at all, as I whisper imha.
The feature is in all the major DE (Gnome 3 users will have to install a tweaker). But what about Windows? It turns out that there is such an opportunity. The key word for search is "Birman's layout".
Article in Wikipedia
The project site is
I myself, for obvious reasons, did not check this software. I will be grateful to the explanatory comments of those who know. I'll add it.
So. Now we can easily enter the symbols "" - ° ≈½⅓¼ ← →, numbers in square², in cube³, and other chiaroscuro.
And even we can place stresses indiscriminately ѓe horrible!
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