Trends in design in 2018: forecast and reality

Trends in design in 2018: forecast and reality  
Translator's note: this remarkable article was not translated for Khabra at the beginning of the year, nor later. While it is really useful and deserves attention. Therefore, despite the fact that almost ⅔ 18 years have already lived, I still decided to translate. At the same time, I compared forecasts with reality, which was left with comments on the text.
Attention: under the cut is a lot of heavy gifok and beauty!
Mindsparkle Mag closely follows the news in the world of design and publishes daily on his blog all the fun. After analyzing the information for 201? the specialists of Mindsparkle Mag tried to foresee how the sphere of design will develop in the future. Without long introductions we present the result of their work - 20 most probable trends in design in 2018.

1. 3D Still Lifes /3D still lifes

Over the past two years, more and more projects in the field of 3D-design began to appear. Watching the success of leading 3D artists, for example, Peter Tarka and the guys from the MVSM studio, we can safely assume that in 201? 3D still-lives will become even more popular. This trend is especially evident in the collaboration of different companies for the creation of logos and in the product placement.
Project: Squarespace stillife Author: MVSM
Project: Shapes & Forms | | Rubik Author: Peter Tarka


The project: Audi Q-Riosity | | Adobe Government Author: Peter Tarka
Translator's comment: interest in highly realistic 3D scenes continues to gain momentum - a good example are the works of Ben Fearnley .



2. More Design in AR /More AR

Augmented Reality (AR) technologies will continue to grow rapidly, not only in computer games, video or applications. AR can quite win its place in the field of design, especially when it comes to mobile devices. The first step to this was done, for example, by the agency DIA Studio, whose specialists add interactive 3D text to the most common objects that we meet in everyday life.



Project: DIA Author: DIA
Translator's comment: if we ourselves do not yet see AR everywhere, it is only because many ideas are currently being developed. No wonder FunCorp actively "drowns for" XR (a new term Extended Reality, which combines Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality).

3. More 3D Typography /More 3D typography

In 201? 3D typography will become even more popular. To succeed, designers must create impressive works, constantly pushing the boundaries of the possible. Many companies (for example, Nike) have already noted the importance of 3D-technologies, because they allow not only to establish contact with a potential client, but also to impress him. It is expected that in 2018 different 3D-animation will be used even more often.

The project: 3D Type Collection Author: ILOVEDUST



Project: 36 Days of Type • 2017 Author: Wes L Cockx | | Project: 3D Type Collection Author: ILOVEDUST . | | Project: Typography projects Author: Muokkaa Studio

Project: 3D Type Collection Author: ILOVEDUST .
Translator's comment: 3D typography took the world design by storm and, sure, will not give up the position in the next couple of years.

Mohamed Reda Numbers

4. Digitalized Handmade Art /Symbiosis of Digital and Traditional Art

Thanks to the appearance of new applications and tools (tablets, styluses, etc.), it becomes easier to combine handwritten work with digital ones. The days of old good brushes from Photoshop are officially numbered. The "brush-stylus" comes to the fore-a much more versatile tool that reveals all the advantages of a real brush and allows you to create more modern and aesthetic images. More and more companies, such as Adobe or Nike, use this technique to promote their products or brands.
The project: Paintblast Vol.1 Author: David Milan (David Milan)
The project: Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 Author: Ruslan Hasanov | | The project: Masked Author: Rick Oostenbroek
Project: Paintwaves Author: Ari Weinkle (Ari Weinkle) | | The project: MI Author: Rick Oostenbrook
Translator's comment: indisputably, interest in traditional art of calligraphy has increased due to the digitalization of the drawing process, and it's wonderful!

5. Vivid & Bright Colors /Gradients /Vivid colors, gradients

In recent years, many designers have again started using gradients. Everything goes to the fact that this trend will continue, although it will become more multifaceted. We expect a lot of innovations related, for example, using bright and vibrant colors in combination with different textures. "Gradients 2.0" will also be pleased with the effects of double tone.



The project: Electric Objects Author: Rose Pilkington | | The project: Author: Lyudmila Shevchenko


Project: Daily Posters Author: Magdiel Lopez
Translator's comment: Now there are bright gradients everywhere, but will we tire of this diversity by 2019? I will not undertake to predict, however, even if we are tired, designers will find it difficult to abandon this technique, because playing with color itself enriches the picture and makes other decorations unnecessary.

6. More animated 3D merged with 2D /More 3D animations in 2D design

As in the case of AR technologies, it is expected that many designers will begin to combine 3D graphics (and in particular animation) with 2D design. This is what the talented designer, under the pseudonym Baugasm, did in a series of posters.




Project: Daily Posters Author: Baugasm
Translator's comment: animating everything that can be animated is actually the motto of this year. This applies to both graphic design and all kinds of interfaces. The use of animation in mobile applications is partially covered in this article Nick Babich. About how the animation is used in iFunny - here .

7. Flexible 3D /Extensive 3D capabilities

Over the past two years, there has been a real breakthrough in 3D design. From now on, the line between reality and fantasy will become increasingly blurred. It is likely that over time, in 3D-design will be used more and more natural forms and movements, which are simply mesmerizing. An excellent example is the shapes and movements characteristic of a liquid in nature.

The project: Nike Vapormax Author: MVSM


The project: Blobs with Medium Author: Vincent Schwenk


Project: Covestro DC Author: Vitaly Grossman
Translator's comment: I have never experienced such a 3D level in my professional life, but I am sure that there will be more such works next year. And this is due to the significant development of 3D editors, as well as their renderer systems and functions that simulate physical processes such as gravity, friction, collision, etc. The 3D world is getting closer and more accessible to those wishing to learn it.

8. More Artful Photography /More creative photography

Modern photo shoots and advertising campaigns will become more challenging and bold thanks to the expressive and creative design of the film sets. It does not matter whether the scenery is made manually from paper or created using 3D-mapping and visualization technologies, viewers will remember them for a long time.




The project: Monkifesto Author: Snask

The project: Aizone Author: Sagmeister & Walsh

Project: Nike AMD Revolution Author: Happy Finish
Translator's comment: when talking about creative photo sessions, you can not help remembering Pokras Lampas . The question is, are his calligraphic masterpieces the "design" of the set or the photography itself - just a decoration for his amazing works?

9. More (animated) Retro-Illustrations /Animated illustrations in retro style

One of the main trends of 2018 will be modern work in retro style. Well-thought-out animation (for example, the addition of subtle movements or depth to a flat pattern) will also be used more often - simply for beauty or to make the narration more memorable.

The project: PSB Refinance Author: Kirill Pavlov

The project: Bare Witness Author: Re Agency

The project: Inside the Head Author: Sarah Svensson (Sara Svensson)
Translator's comment: I do not think that the interest of illustrators to retro-style will ever pass. Because it is such a style in the square ("style on style"), verified for years. Yes, and look at the animated work of illustrators, for example, Marcus Magnusson (Markus Magnusson) , does not bother.

10. Color-Gel Photography (use of colorful light) /Color correcting gels

Another technique that photographers will resort to more often in the new year is the use of a color correcting gel or color filters. It opens almost endless possibilities, allowing you to experiment with the multi-colored lighting of the subject. And if you use several shades, you can achieve unique color fading or contrast effects that can not be obtained in Photoshop.



The project: Nude Coca-Cola & Nude Pleasure Author: Local Preacher
The project: Unknown Author: Patrice Brilla (Patrice Brilla) | | The project: Neon Hoodies Author: Tim Tadder (Tim Tadder)
Translator's comment: these photos really claim the title of works of contemporary art. Peggy Guggenheim would have bought them.

11. Responsive Logos /Adaptive Logos

In a world where mobile devices rule, the importance of adaptive logos is constantly growing. It is not enough to create only one logo, and then scale it depending on the screen size. Adaptive logo assumes several versions of the image: for smartphones, tablets, desktop systems and many other devices. Several years ago, adaptability became an indispensable condition for web design. Today, this is also true for the design of logos.

The project: Responsive Logos Author: Joe Harrison (Joe Harrison)
Translator's comment: a very pleasant trend, which, however, is now perceived as a must-have for any serious brand.

12. Simpler semi-3D Logos /Simplified logos with 3D elements

A new trend in the field of logo design will be the combination of simplified forms with partial 3D. Smooth, subtle overflows and color fading give the subject a balanced depth, as the following examples show. By itself, the color will become brighter and more saturated, which will make the image of the brand more expressive.
The project: Formula 1 Author: Wieden + Kennedy | | Author and project: Firefox
Translator's comment: In my opinion, this is the only trend out of all listed in the article, which is drawn to the ears.

13. Custom "Arty" Typefaces /Unusual sets of fonts

Individualized and eccentric sets of fonts are gaining popularity, especially among designers. Fragmented, distorted in one way or another visually violated fonts are sure to attract attention, and that is their purpose. Some such headsets are interactive and respond to the mouse cursor. One thing is clear - there is no limit to perfection when it comes to the individualization of the font, so that in 2018 we are waiting for a sea of ​​experiments.

Project and author: Jeanne Bataille

The project: Vi Novell Author: Atipus

Project and author: Abschluss HSD
Translator's comment: well, strange fonts in 2018 are no longer surprising. Stylistically, fonts have reached, it seems, the maximum variety. Visual distortions and futuristic experiments - the next step in the pursuit of the attention of the viewer.

14. More (interactive) 3D in Web Design /More interactive 3D-design of websites

In the field of web design in 2018 is also expected to distribute 3D-elements, allowing you to experiment with depth, movement, texture and perspective. A website with such elements and environments becomes truly unique, it will surely be more pleasant and memorable for the user. Specialists of the fashion studio Atacac, for example, created an interactive futuristic show-room in which users can learn a new collection of clothes in a virtual three-dimensional world. Another example, which should pay attention to - animated 3D sculptures from the company The Artery.

Project and author: Atacac 2017 Yearbook

Project and author: The Artery
Translator's comment: this trend is obviously due to improved quality and speed of the Internet. The encountered funny example of an interactive game site is

15. Interactive Mouse Pointer /Interactive cursor

The interactive cursor opens new opportunities for interaction of users with web sites. Depending on the settings of a particular website, the user can access various functions of such a cursor in certain interactions. For example, on the designer Ben Mingo's page, the interactive cursor starts behaving like a magnet as you approach the menu items. And the website of the Walking Men agency serves as an excellent illustration of how an interactive cursor can react differently to different actions. And this is only the beginning. Ahead of us are waiting for all the new options for interactions.

The project: Folk Author: Phoenix

Rights and the author: Ben Mingo

Rights and the author: Walking Men
Translator's comment: on the site , which I already mentioned above, the cursor turns into a ball, perfectly repeating the dynamics of the soccer ball in motion. Trifle, but very elegant.

16. Creative Website Loading /Creative use of waiting time

The days when boring download pages were used on websites were left in the past. Why not use the wait time for loading a web page creatively? An excellent example - the sites of the studio Contemple and the conference Awwwards.

Rights and the author: Contemple

Rights: Awwwards Conference Design and development: Adoratorio
Translator's comment: More and more sites use creative preloaders and download screens. I'll add more examples:


17. Instagram Storytelling /Stories in Instagram

This is not so much a design trend as a trend among designers. In 201? Instagram has a lot of innovations, including Instagram Stories. Since its launch, this function has won the love of users, and now more and more designers and companies use it daily. An excellent example of interaction with subscribers is the profile Ales Nesetril , the author of the successful book The Perfect Grid: A creative's Guide to Instagram ("Ideal Network: Instagram Guide") , dedicated to this issue. The ability to properly present history is critical to creating an authentic brand, gaining the trust of customers and attracting active subscribers. In 201? we will increasingly see in Stories training and "live" videos, reports on the current work, etc. It is also expected that designers will be more likely to exchange pages in social networks. For example, the team Mindsparkle has already invited colleagues to use the account @mindsparklemagazine in Instagram to chat with subscribers.
Translator's comment: Stories in Instagram - not so much a trend among designers, as a trend among all and all.

18. 3D "Handmade" Artlook /3D-handmade

Also this year is expected more and more interpenetration of digital art and handmade techniques. Designers often try to make their work look hand-made to make them more interesting and "tangible." The works of Maxim Shkret, given below, serve as an illustration of the above: they look like they are made by hand from paper.



Rights: 3D Art Author: Maxim Shkret
Translator's comment: we have been watching for a long time to strive for maximum realism in 3D and 2D design. Remember the delightful Android Marshmallow's Wallpapers , which Google created from paper.

19. Isometric Design & Photography /Isometric Design and Photography

To represent a three-dimensional world in two dimensions, an isometric projection is used. Previously, this technique was used mainly in technical drawings, but then it was discovered by designers. Photography, illustrations, 3D design, iconography - isometric design is now at the peak of popularity! In 2018 we can expect the appearance of even more interesting works.

Rights: Ultraviolet Break of Day 3r3rAuthor:


Project: Abstractions Vol.1 Author: Mohamed Samir

Project: Isometric House Author: Angela Chan (Angela Chan)
Translator's comment: the interest in isometry is so great that it is difficult even to single out individual works. It is explained, apparently, by the visual pleasure that you experience when looking at isometric worlds. Perfection!

Jing Zhang for PlayStation | Level Up

Project: Increment Mag issue 4 Authors: Cristian Malagón Garcia , Nuria Madrid

20. Adding Depth to Flat Design /Adding depth to flat design

Add depths to a minimalistic flat design with realistic shadows. Thus, the effect of a three-dimensional space, almost indistinguishable from reality, is created. To enhance this effect, you can arrange objects on different layers and ensure their interaction with each other with a change in both sharpness and blur.

Rights: Nike Promotion Ads Author: Jardson Almeida

Rights: Flyknit Lunar 1 & 3 Author: Callum Notman (Callum Notman)
Translator's comment: the desire for "realism" of interfaces and user interactions with them, laid down yet Google Material Design , continues to gain strength. And the better your design simulates the real world, the more attention it will receive this year.
It's already the second half of 201? and we can clearly see how almost all of these brands are gaining strength and are widely used in practice. So, the author was right and "knocked out 20 out of 20". If you do not agree with this and believe that some trends did not live up to expectations, write about this comment.
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