UX-design in Russia and the CIS "under a microscope"

Perhaps, we will start with a small educational program on the main object of this topic. Namely - with the concept of UX-design!
Translated from English User Experience means "user experience". What impressions users experience when interacting with the interface developed by the designer, how easy it is and whether it is possible to achieve the set goals.
UX-design is a multi-faceted concept, which includes the following disciplines:
information architecture;
visual design;
interactive design;
interaction between man and computer.
UX-design in Russia and the CIS "under a microscope"
Today, UX...

Custom animation in the mobile application

Custom animation in the mobile application
The modern mobile audience every year makes ever higher demands on the quality of applications and services. And first of all it concerns the design of interactions and mobile animations.
Every day we exchange messages, use social networks, messengers, and many of these services contain dozens of non-standard thoughtful animations.
Custom (non-standard) animations are a great field for experimentation and application development. What knowledge will the designer need and what problems can await in the development process? Let's look at these questions using the example of the iFunny application.