27 excellent open source tools for web development

27 excellent open source tools for web development  
Translation 27 Amazing Web Development Tools for the Past Year (v.2018)
In 201? we compared about ?500 open source tools for web development, of which 27 best (0.4%) were selected. This is an extremely competitive list, which includes tools, libraries and projects published during 2017. Mybridge AI evaluates their quality on the basis of popularity, interest and novelty. To make it clear, for the selected products the average number of stars on Github is 5260.
Open source tools can almost certainly improve your productivity. Also, you can learn something by reading the ...
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From design to layout

I want to share ways to organize interaction between the interface designer and the front-end developer, it is possible for someone to use these methods to optimize the resource consumption for the development and support of web applications and sites.

Structure of the design template

Versions of Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, Desktop HD are in different Artboards /Mounting areas
The template consists of sections. The contents of the section are combined into the Group object
Sections are named in alphabetical order, for example - sect-a, sect-b, sect-c
Blocks within sections are grouped ...[/h]
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Firefox and the pseudo-class first-letter

There was for us in the team the need to add icons to the list items in one drop-down list, depending on the type of element. The list itself is a third-party component, which I did not want to touch. The icons are implemented in the form of a font, that is, they are unicode symbols.
As a solution on the server, depending on the element type, the symbol of the icon
was added as a regular letter. uXXXX
and the client received beautiful squares, because the font used for the list does not contain the codes of our icons. Then the CSS pseudo-class
came to our aid. :: first-letter
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Web degradation or how to make the web human readable

Web degradation or how to make the web human readable Disclaimer: This article I do not want to humiliate or elevate any of the users, developers, web portals, services and others. The screenshots given in the article, as well as comments to them, are subjective opinions of the author and do not call anyone to be reckoned with.
Now to the point. The idea of ​​writing this article came to me a very long time ago. Since that moment I have collected abstracts, examples and thoughts in a heap, and now I will try to depict them here in such a way that you could develop this idea as I developed it in my head. I hope we succeed. In advance I apologize for ...
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Controversy of design thinking

Hello, Habr! I present to your attention the translation of the article " The divisiveness of design thinking of the author " Jon Kolko.
Design thinking is "like syphilis," writes Lee Vinsel of the Stevenson Institute of Technology in his recent popular article (1). Other common views on design thinking - Natasha Jen: "Design thinking is nonsense" (2) and, as early as 201? Bruce Nussbaum: "Design thinking is an unsuccessful experiment. What next? "(3).
If you are not familiar with design thinking, here is the definition from Tim Brown, CEO of the IDEO design consulting firm, "This is ...
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Scrolling and attention (study 2018)

Scrolling and attention (study 2018)I bring to your attention the translation of article Therese Fessenden - Scrolling and Attention . The article is devoted to a new study of the use of scrolling when browsing sites. The previous research was conducted in 201? the translation of the article on it is also was laid out on Habr .
I apologize for any possible inaccuracies in the translation :)
Summary: People scroll vertically more than before, but new eye-tracking studies show that they are still looking at the "first screen" more than others.
The patterns of human behavior are fairly stable, and ...
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Collection of css shadows Box-shadows.css

Hello everybody!
Surely, some of you noticed that different sites use almost identical shadows in blocks, navigation bars and other containers, plus - minus a couple of pixels in the direction of transparency. I analyzed a number of popular sites, both ours and foreign ones, and tried to collect the most approximate parameters of the shadows used in one large collection, or library. To whom as it is more convenient. I hope someone will come in handy. The main goal of the project is to make it easier for novice web designers and developers to create a pleasant and modern design. Maybe experienced ...
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myDribbble Meetup 2017 in Moscow

myDribbble Meetup 2017 in Moscow  
June 3 in Moscow was myDribbble Meetup 2017 . At this informal conference for designers, a dozen of strong and novice specialists appeared, many of which are presented in one of the main thematic social networks Dribbble . The creators of the Principle and Sympli instruments, Georgy Kvasnikov (Fantasy), Oleg Beresnev (Design), Max Orlov (ONY), Nikolay Ivanov (AIC), Artem Geller (Design of state systems), Ivan Vasilyev (Alfa-Laboratory), Ilya Grishin and Oleg Andrianov (VKontakte), Dmitry Chuta (Screens Today /Chapps), Radik Zagidullin, Danial Siddiqi, Lena Anikeeva (Pixies), Roman Temples ...
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How to choose a prototyping tool in 2018?

Hello, Habr! My name is Sasha the Valiant, I work for the Digital Business Platform team of Sberbank and Sberteha, and I design mobile applications and web projects. Most of my work consists of assembling prototypes of varying degrees of detail for different purposes. New tools and services for design and prototyping are published and updated every day. I conducted a thorough and in-depth study of the tools presented on the market today, and I'll help them figure it out.
I divided the list into three large groups of functionality and I will analyze each one separately:
How to choose a prototyping tool in 2018? ...
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Not Delisamokatom single: how small usability errors create big problems on a real example

Not Delisamokatom single: how small usability errors create big problems on a real exampleA few weeks ago in San Francisco, I rented an electric car, just standing in the middle of the street. The time from installing the application to the actual lease took no more than two minutes, of which half went to download the application itself. I did not even notice how the registration went. Everything was natural and led to the main goal - to start moving.
Varlamov's devastating article about the unsuccessful launch of Delisamokat, where the main problems of users were connected with registration in the application and an attempt to take an electric car, reminded the story of two years ...
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