Recognizing speech in python using pocketsphinx or as I was trying to make a voice assistant

This is a tutorial for using the pocketsphinx library on python. I hope he helps you
Quickly deal with this library and not step on my rake.
speech_recognition . As it turned out, I'm not one such. For recognition, I used Google Speech Recognition, because it was the only one that did not require any keys, passwords, etc. For the synthesis of speech was taken gTTS. In general, almost a clone of turned out. this assistant, because of what I could not calm down.
However, I could not calm down because of this: the answer had to wait a long time (the recording did not end right ...

Blockchain on Go. Part 2: Proof-of-Work

Blockchain on Go. Part 2: Proof-of-WorkHello, Habr! I present to your attention the translation of the article " Building Blockchain in Go. Part 2: Proof-of-Work ".


In the previous article we built a very simple data structure, which is the basis for the database blockage. We also made adding blocks with a chain link between them: each block is associated with the previous one. Alas, our implementation of blocking has one significant drawback: adding blocks to the chain is too simple and cheap.
One of the cornerstones of Bitcoin and blockade is that adding new blocks should be quite a difficult job...[/h]

Developing games under NES on C. Chapters 14-16. Working with sound

In this part, basic information about working with sound. It is very confusing and uses specific terminology, so it is not very clear to describe it clearly.
Developing games under NES on C. Chapters 14-16. Working with sound
Getting started with
A review of the tools that the NES platform presents to us. However, further we will go to a higher level and will use the library Famitracker.
The easiest way to feel the sound capabilities of the console is with the help of demos Sound Test, developed by SnoBrow. It is not compatible with all emulators, but FCEUX is supported.
The Select button toggles ...