The Russians set a record: 110 pirated films per person

The Russians set a record: 110 pirated films per person Anti-piracy unit Group-IB Anti-Piracy prepared Report with the analysis of the Russian pirated video market. In this area, Russians have much to be proud of. Apparently, in 2018 will be set a new record in the number of views of "pirate". Experts calculated that the number of requests in popular search engines for "watching movies and serials for free" was almost 10 billion. Thus, based on the total audience of runet ~ 90 million people, on average each user has about 3-3339. 110 views [/b] pirated copies of films. This is approximately 1 film or episode of the series in 2-3 days.
The Group-IB subdivision stated that last year the pirate market was grew by 21% to $ 85 million . So many criminals who lay out films for free viewing on the Internet earn so much.
Group-IB Anti-Piracy serves the interests of rightholders. In their advertising it is written that the system monitors more than ??? resources in Russian and English languages ​​- from torrents and streaming services to groups in social networks and pirate sites in darknet. Having concluded a contract for "sweeping the Internet", the company establishes the ultimate owners of resources - and communicates directly with them.

The system uses digital fingerprinting technology, which "allows you to compare digital copies over a whole set of parameters and detect pirated content, even undergoing significant changes." The customer is provided with a web interface with visual statistics for each title (monitoring of the results of stripping and monitoring of search results).
Group-IB also provides other services, including "the perfect collection of evidence to appeal to the court" and "professional legal support of the claim." The firm already has a successful experience of judicial blocking of pirate sites. For the "Internet stripping" service, you can order free testing.
The company lists its customers and successful cases. Group-IB argues in advertising that "99% of links can be cleaned in the first seven days." This is strange, because all the films listed in the cases,
years are distributed through torrent trackers
in different versions of quality, and the number of downloads is hundreds of thousands.
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