Different prices for warehouses in multi-warehouse. Completion of 1C-Bitrix

There was an online store and a b2b platform from one company on the 1c-Bitrix system. The company grew and its warehouses appeared and added warehouses of partners that needed to be displayed. There was a need to display balances in several warehouses.
And what does Bitrix tell us: Please go to the editorial office of "Business" and everything will be fine and immediately. The editorial board went over and it turned out that the multi-value and multi-folding in 1C-Bitrix live a separate life. The first is needed to display different prices for different user groups, and the second one is used ...
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UE4 | Inventory for Multiplayer # 1 | Data warehouse on the DataAsset

In this article I will try to disclose the meaning and methodology of creating
, as storage for various kinds of data, and in our case it is a library for
and their parameters.
A small introduction that you can skip [/b]
To make a decision to create a game about 2 years ago, it helped me that I accidentally stumble upon information about
Unreal Engine 4
and read how cool and simple it is. In fact, a person who does not know how to write the code
(the programming language does not matter in this context)
it is very difficult to create something, more difficult than a small modification ...
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How not to develop a project on Bitrix

During all my work with Bitrix, I have worked with a very large number of projects that someone worked up to me. Here and minor improvements, fixes various bugs and errors in the work of logic, redesign of the site and global changes of the existing functional. And, like any other developer, I can not stand raking someone else's trash, crutches and "temporary" patches, which in fact remember another 8 edition of the product.
Here I will try not to focus on the standard "worst practice" when programming in PHP, such as devil-may-care attitude to the choice of variable names and functions, excessive ...
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What programming language should be taught in 2018 and why exactly?

What programming language should be taught in 2018 and why exactly?If you persistently want to get into the team of compiler developers or into the "world of the wild West" - then boldly choose and teach top language programming from TIOBE and best of all: at the level of its specification. But seriously, now in the industry everything is so confusing with logic and conclusions, so much marketing and water, that the most winning strategy is to include your own brains and make an express re-evaluation of the technical values ​​that we are so used to. In my post, I will try to orient the developers who are starting their career as clearly as possible on the ...
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Bigdata, machine learning and neural networks - for managers

Bigdata, machine learning and neural networks - for managersIf the manager tries to understand this area and get specific business answers, then, most likely, the head is terribly ill and the heart flies from the sense of every moment of lost profit.
"AlphaGo beat the champion on Go" for the first time in the history of mankind, soon our streets will flood unmanned vehicles, face recognition and voice are now in order, and in the apartment tomorrow we will hear AI-sex dolls with the breast of the highest size with champagne under the mouse and adjustable level of intensity and duration of orgasm.
It's all so, but what to do right now. How to make money ...
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Amazon S3 + 1C. Part 1. Interface

Amazon S3 + 1C. Part 1. Interface
Hello, with you Nizamov Ilya and today I start a series of articles on writing the processing of interaction with the cloud Amazon s3 from 1C.
Processing Amazon s3 allows you to get a list of files by filter, download the necessary files from Amazon s3 using amazon s3 api, send files directly from 1C using multipart /form-data.
The main difficulty of working with the Amazon s3 cloud is related to the fact that 1C in http requests can only use basic authentication, in Amazon it also uses AWS Signature
Version 4. I will create such authentication using 1C tools.
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As a professional interest, I stole my weekend

As a professional interest, I stole my weekendGood day to all! After reading this article (3r3r3? online flower shop, or how we screwed up for Valentine's Day
) Decided to share the experience of optimizing one of the sites on Bitrix. For an unknown reason, it was this article that gave a decisive kick to share their experience. I want to believe that my story will save someone valuable time (because of my feature "to finish everything" I spent 2 days off to achieve the goal.) I did not want to leave the client without a work site on the weekend), and I hope that more experienced ones colleagues will point out my mistakes.
On Friday I ...
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Online flower shop, or how we screwed up for Valentine's Day

Online flower shop, or how we screwed up for Valentine's DayHolidays have all passed, profits and losses are calculated. It's time for the narrative. This story is about how, due to a technical error, the online flower delivery store lost several hundred orders and proceeds in 1 million rubles for Valentine's Day.
In life there are good moments, which I want to share, tell you so that they can praise you and be glad for you. And there are situations that have a negative connotation and from which no one is immune. They just need to learn and not allow repetition in the future. As promised, in this section I publish not only positive but also instructive ...
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