Three-dimensional engine on Excel formulas for dummies

 3r31824. 3r3-31. Three-dimensional engine on Excel formulas for dummies
3r31811.  3r31824. [h1] What turned out 3r3393911. 3r31811.  3r31824. 3r31734.  3r31824. 3r31744. A file with a cube and a torus 3r31800.  3r31824. 3r31744. File with a kettle 3r31800.  3r31824. 3r31744. 3r3342. ObservableHQ laptop with its Excel-file generator
3r31800.  3r31824.
3r31811.  3r31824. In Excel files at the top, you can change the following cells: 3r31811.  3r31824. 3r31811.  3r31824. 3r31734.  3r31824. 3r31744. 3r31746. alpha: 3r31747. horizontal camera rotation in degrees, 3r3-31800.  3r31824. 3r31744. 3r31746. beta: 3r31747. vertical rotation of the camera in ...[/h]
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Sort "Tower of Hanoi"

Sort "Tower of Hanoi" 3r33412.
 3r33411. 3r33232.
Tower of Hanoi
 3r33411. About the famous game of Edward Luke on Habré did not write just lazy . It seems that all covers have been torn off and it is already impossible to add something else about the algorithm. But no, this topic has more hidden resources. Today, in particular, we will remake the algorithm for solving this puzzle into a complete sorting. (Why? Just for fun. On Friday, you can.) Mrrl
 3r33411. 3r3307. Difficulty 3r3308.
 3r33411. In the worst case, the sorting tends to time complexity ...
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Julia. Strings and Metaprogramming

 3r33877. 3r3-31. 3r33854. Julia. Strings and Metaprogramming Lines
3r33855.  3r33877. 3r33854. String variables are created using a frame of characters in double quotes, single characters of the same type are defined as
. Concatenation of strings is performed using multiplication "*":
3r33855.  3r33877. 3r3822. cats = 4
s1 = "How many cats"; 3r33877. s2 = "is too many cats?"; 3r33877. s3 = s1 * s2
3r33877. Out[]: "How many cats are too many cats?" 3r33850. 3r33851. 3r33855.  3r33877. 3r33854. That is, the exponentiation works like this:
3r33855.  3r33877. 3r3822. s1 ^ 3
Out[]: "How many cats How many cats" ...
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Python transpiler chain → 11l → C ++[для ускорения Python-кода и не только]

3r33800.  3r33818. Python transpiler chain → 11l → C ++[для ускорения Python-кода и не только] 3r3r6806. 3r33800.  3r33818.

Replacing the "slices" slices on the ranks ranges

 3r33818. 3r3804. Python 3r3807.  3r33818. 3r3804. 11l 3r3807.  3r33818. 3r3809.  3r33818.
 3r33818. 3r3804. 3r3667. 3r3658. s[-1]3r33818. s[-2]3r33818. s[:-1]3r33818. s[1:]3r33818. s[:1:]3r33818. s[1:2]3r33818. s[::2]3r33818. s[3:10:2]3r33818. s[3:10:]3r33818. 3r3673.
 3r33818. 3r3804. 3r3667. 3r3658. s.last
s[(len)-2]3r33818. s[0<(len)-1]3r33818. s[1]3r33818. s[0<1]3r33818. s[1<2]3r33818. s[(0).step(2)]3r33818. s[(3<10).step(2)]3r33818. s[3<10]3r33818. 3r3673.
 3r33818. 3r3809.  3r33818. 3r33811. Explicit indication for ...[/h]
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Lazy computing in everyday life

 3r33337. 3r3-31. 3r33333. And although people who use python scripts to write a shopping list or compile rent data, count them in their heads, but if it happens that you use scripts to solve routine tasks and sometimes the scripts work unacceptably long, then perhaps the idea of ​​using lazy calculations to everything that moves, you will have to taste.
Disk caching of lazy computing trees
 3r33337. 3r33333. In order not to bore you with the need to study that material before reading this, a brief summary of the last part:
 3r33337. 3r33333. evalcache wraps data, functions, and methods into ...
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We write the FPGA loader in LabVIEW. Part 2

 3r31215. 3r3-31. 3r31078. 3r33554. Download configuration to FPGA via USB or disassemble FTDI MPSSE
3r3-1089.  3r31215. We write the FPGA loader in LabVIEW. Part 1 3r3-131121. 3r3-1089.  3r31215. We write the FPGA loader in LabVIEW. Part 2 3r31120. 3r3-1089.  3r31215.
Error handling
3r3-1089.  3r31215. 3r31078. Open source source code, analyze the function MPSSE_open. Despite the algorithmic simplicity (functions are called for each other), quite a lot of D2XX API elements need to be imported: 3r3992. FT_OpenEx , 3r3992. FT_ResetDevice , 3r3992. FT_Purge , 3r3992. FT_SetUSBParameters , 3r3992. FT_SetChars ...
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Testing the white box

3r33816. The development of high quality programs implies that the program and its parts are being tested. Classic unit testing involves breaking a large program into small blocks suitable for testing. Or, if the development of tests occurs in parallel with the development of code or tests are developed before the program (TDD - test driven development), then the program is initially developed in small blocks that meet the requirements of tests. 3r33838. 3r33814.  3r33825. 3r33816. One of the varieties of unit testing can be considered as propery-based testing (this approach is implemented, for ...
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Breaking the fundamentals of C #: allocating memory for a reference type on a

Breaking the fundamentals of C #: allocating memory for a reference type on astack.This article will show the basics of internal device types, as well as an example in which the memory for the reference type will be allocated completely on the stack (this is because I am a full-stack programmer).      Disclaimer  This article does not contain material that should be used in real projects. It is simply an extension of the boundaries in which a programming language is perceived.  Before proceeding with the story, I strongly recommend that you read the first post about StructLayout because there is an example that will be used in this article (However, as always).  Here ...
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As I tried to make a static GLSL analyzer (and what went wrong)

As I tried to make a static GLSL analyzer (and what went wrong) 3r3761. 3r3-31. 3r33737. Once I was preparing for Ludum Dare and made a simple game where I used pixel shaders (I didn't bring others into the Phaser engine). 3r33750. 3r33748.  3r3761. 3r3154.
What are shaders? [/b]
3r33737. Shaders are programs in a si-like language GLSL, which are executed on a video card. There are two types of shaders, in this article we are talking about pixel (they are also “fragment”, fragment shaders), which can be very roughly represented in this form: 3r3373750. 3r33748.  3r3761. 3r???. 3r3734. color = pixelShader (x, y, other attributes) 3r33582. 3r33748.  3r3761...
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Laplace Blur

Laplace Blur
Is it possible to blur Laplace instead of Gauss, how many times it is faster, and is it worth the loss of 1/32 accuracy.
3r311. 3r33232.
(Laplace Blur - The proposed original name of the algorithm)
Today, my internal demoscenary kicked me and forced me to write an article that had to be written six months ago. As an amateur at my leisure to develop original effect algorithms, I would like to propose to the public an “almost Gaussian blura” algorithm, featuring the use of extremely fast processor instructions (shifts and masks), and therefore is available for implementation up to microcontrollers ...
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