Modification of ajax js for ajax Asp. Net mvc

Many beginning C # ASP.NET MVC programmers (hereinafter mvc) are faced with the task of sending data using Ajax. That's only in practice, this task is not so easy.
At my work I try to follow certain principles of software development. One of them is the minimization of code writing and the creation of universal classes and functions. It is this principle that assumed the use of jquery.unobtrusive-ajax.js and class Ajax for mvc .
stackoverflow on each solution offered the same thing. Do not use Ajax.BeginForm, use FormData, make a php handler, and more cloud tips to increase ...
C# / Ajax
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Practical application of the currying in js with the example of the http request module

Hello! It's no secret that in the programming world there are many techniques, practices and patterns of programming (design), but often, learning something new, it's completely unclear where and how to use this new one.
Today, using the example of creating a small wrapper module for working with http requests, we will analyze the real use of currying - the reception of functional programming.
To all newcomers and interested in the application of functional programming in practice - welcome, those who perfectly understand what is currying - I'm waiting for your comments on the code, for as ...
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Creating a site on Delphi, or How to use uniGUI at a minimum of

Creating a site on Delphi, or How to use uniGUI at a minimum of uniGUI Is a library that allows you to create web applications in a classic Delphi manner, through visual components, and, what is important, in most cases it completely hides the entire client (browser) "kitchen" from the developer: you do not need to know either HTML or CSS , not jаvascript, and all the development is conducted in only one language - Delphi.
If you look at the picture from a distance, then there are 3 scenarios for using the library:
The most favorable, for which it was created in general, when the described strong, iridescent side of uniGUI manifests itself to ...
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Mega-Tutorial Flask, Part XIV: Ajax

(edition 2018)
Miguel Grinberg
Mega-Tutorial Flask, Part XIV: Ajax There
This is
This is the fourteenth part of the Mega-Tutorial Flask, k, in which I am going to add a text translation function in real time, using the Microsoft translation service and some jаvascript.

Chapter 1: Hello world!


Chapter 2: Patterns


Chapter 3: Web Forms


Chapter 4: Database


Chapter 5: User Logins


Chapter 6: Profile page and avatars


Chapter 7: Error Handling


Chapter 8..
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