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Hello, my name is Dmitry Karlovsky and I I do not like to read books, because while you turn over the page, you get out of the fascinating narrative. Also it is necessary to hesitate a little, as you forget on what the last sentence of the previous page was broken, and it is necessary to flip back to re-read it. And if it's not so terrible with physical books, then with the release of the rest-server everything is much sadder - because now on the page some data, and in a second - it's completely different. Let's think about how it happened, who is to blame and the main thing - what to do.
Popular antipatterns: pagination
So, we...
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I can become an Apple, and you, too,

I can become an Apple, and you, too,

Public disclosure of the vulnerability in third-party verification of the Apple code signature

Unlike some previous works, this vulnerability does not require administrator rights, does not require a JIT code or memory corruption to bypass code signature verification. All you need is a properly formatted Fat /Universal file, and checking the code signature will show a valid result.


The found crawling of the API used by third-party developers to sign the code allows you to submit any code as signed by Apple.
All known vendors and open source projects are notified ...[/h][/h]
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Getting started with micro services in Spring Boot

Getting started with micro services in Spring BootHello!
In this article, we demonstrate the basic components for creating RESTful microservices using the registry of Consul services, Spring Boot for all the scaffolding, dependency and dependency injection, Maven for assembly, and Spring REST and the Jersey /JaxRS API Java RESTful. www.consul.io/downloads.html and download Consul for Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. This will provide you with an executable file that you need to add to your path.

Run the Consul

At the command prompt, starting Consul in dev mode:
consul agent -dev
To verify that ...[/h]
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Facebook denies that it gave the device manufacturers the same data that the firm of Alexander Kogan

Facebook denies that it gave the device manufacturers the same data that the firm of Alexander KoganQuite recently, Mark Zuckerberg gave a small testimony to the US Congress, sitting on his briefcase. He assured the congressmen that the users of the largest social network had "full control" over who was being given personal data. But now it turns out that this is not the case. And it is quite possible to come to the conclusion that Zuckerberg lied to Congress .
Sure looks like Zuckerberg lied to Congress about whether users have "complete control" over who sees our data on Facebook. This needs to be investigated. https://t.co/rshBsxy32G
- ...
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How we integrated the payment system into the Russian project

How we integrated the payment system into the Russian project
Five months ago we published an NPM module for working with the new version of Yandex.Kassa, which was released in October 2017. Our module has got into the official documentation, and it has already been downloaded more than 1300 times.

On Habr, together with colleagues from Yandex, we are already they told about the experience of creating the module, but behind the scenes was our experience, which we got when faced with the integration of the payment system for Russian clients.
Therefore, today we want to tell you how for one of our domestic clients we switched from the integration of the analogous to us foreign analogues to Russian analogues, with what difficulties faced and how they solved them.
became the application Sellsay . It helps users develop negotiation ...
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Create a calculator with

Create a calculator withmeasurement units.Once I needed to implement a calculator for folding and converting physical quantities. I then had no time limits, so I solved the problem at a high level of abstraction and, accordingly, for a wide range of tasks. I propose to your court my decision.    Imagine that you need to write a calculator that can not just read numbers, but operate with physical (measurable) quantities - add length, convert the amount of something from one unit of measure to another, etc. First of all, let's designate the task a little more specific. We will have these features:  The calculator must support conditionally ...
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Universal API for obtaining information on checks

Greetings to the inhabitants of Habr.
In this article, I would like to talk about the API for receiving checks, which we were not given all beloved FTS.
When only QR codes appeared on the checks, I thought, "Wow, how cool! You scan the code and see if not all of the info on the check, then a link to it. " And what was my disappointment when I scanned this code and saw something like
t = 20180518T220500 & s = ??? & fn = 8710000101125654 & i = 99456 & f = 1250448795 & n = 1
But I did not become upset and thought that the FTS took care of us and provided an API for obtaining ...
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Receiving user data (voluntary)

Hello, Habr! We continue our experimental series of articles, watching which you can in real time influence the course of creation of the game on UWP. Today on the agenda is the receipt of user data. After all, in almost all applications this is the right procedure. Join now!
Receiving user data (voluntary)
Part 1: Why start with
Part 2: Advanced screen-saver
Part 3: The style of my mother's mother's son
Part 4: Receiving user data (voluntary)
I ...
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Development API Clickhouse for the Rambler /top-100

Development API Clickhouse for the Rambler /top-100  
Still know what is the Rambler /top-100? Just in case, it's a web analytics service. Our users put a counter on their sites, and we, in turn, prepare all necessary visitor statistics in the form of a set of standard reports. Below the story is the story of Vitaly Samigullin, the head of the technology group Rambler /top-10? about how we developed the ClickHouse API in Python and why we started all this. Clickhouse? First, we have had some changes in the data processing process. The general scheme of the service now looks like this.
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Features API development: which API is good?

Features API development: which API is good?Probably, absolutely all readers use the API, working with frameworks, libraries, widgets, as a kind of language of communication between the entity and the main application. And you probably noticed that some APIs are more convenient to use, and in some there are obvious problems.
Vsevolod Shmyrov
(@ Vsesh ) In his report at 3-3r38. Frontend Conf
, the decoding of which you will find under the cut, tried to answer the question,
which API is a good
The story is based on the experience of developing Yandex.AP API, and although this is a jаvascript library, many principles and features ...
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