How to find out in two clicks the real name of the email account owner using PayPal or a hole in data privacy

How to find out in two clicks the real name of the email account owner using PayPal or a hole in data privacy 3r311.  
At leisure, I experimented with webhooks at PayPal and tried to provoke the Events so that the first ones would be generated. To do this, in my PayPal account, I created test invoices and accidentally made one to [email protected] I did and I hardly thought there was such a short address for someone and continued to struggle with hooks that have not earned so far. But what was my surprise when I noticed in my list of activities in PayPal that the same test invoice acquired a name 3r337.
Ivan Sereda. It became interesting to me and out of curiosity I tried to find out more about this interesting person who probably stood at the origins of Google from search engines, but unfortunately the name and surname turned out to be the same as the famous war hero and I did not succeed. But then it became interesting for me to break through even more beautiful emails in a similar way and it turned out that for example [email protected] belongs to Abdul Jabbar, [email protected] -> Ads Sdf, [email protected] -> Galgla Galgal and [email protected] -> Maria Victoria de la Puente, [email protected] -> aa, [email protected] -> Sevgi tertemiz, etc. and so on. Of course, one and a half of them do not sound realistic, some invoices came to me with such notices as “Your invoice to Maria Victoria de la Puente wasn't delivered”, which of course strangely knows and gave me a name, but could not deliver the bill, it turns out good-natured old paper Vishinki on the cake still out of the goodness of my heart checked for me the viability of accepting these beautiful mails and perhaps because of this, most of the abandoned boxes, but the very hole in the privacy of the data fascinated me. Then it became too lazy to do it manually. Of course, using the API, you can create many, many requests to PayPal and find out many, many real names of people with paper accounts not only from Gmail. I alone think that this is a hole or a button accordion and the way it should be? 3r311.  
PS If someone from the readers could help with the settings of the long-suffering hooks it would be great
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