Snom D725 IP Phone Review

Snom D725 IP Phone Review 3r3108.
We continue a series of articles with reviews of multifunctional office IP-phones by Snom. This time the story will be about the model D72? relating to the average price segment.

Features model

The ergonomic keyboard has all the main keys to control the phone and calls. In addition to them, there is also a block of eighteen additional function keys, thanks to which the D725 has turned out to be a little more than the younger models in the D7xx lineup, and it is no longer inferior in size to the older ones.
The display is monochrome, with adjustable brightness. It is only slightly larger than the youngest models. Recall that in the D7xx line, the angle of inclination of the display can be adjusted in only one way - by changing the position of the entire phone. To do this, the standard stand can be quickly installed in one of two positions, at an angle of 46 ° or 28 °. Well, or you can even put the phone on the table or hang on the wall.
D725 supports up to 12 SIP accounts. Power supply is possible both from the five-volt block, and with the help of PoE technology. The phone is equipped with a gigabit switch to work in the local network via an RJ45 connector, USB interface, and allows you to connect a wired headset. Unlike older models, Bluetooth is not. However, the last problem can be solved, as in other Snom phones without Bluetooth - using a USB dongle.
Additional function keys as much as eighteen pieces. There is no screen for them, everything is the same: the transparent panel presses a paper template on which you can write the names and surnames next to the keys. These keys can “hang” not only quick dialing or call indication on one of 12 lines, but also many other functions from the wide arsenal of D725 features, in addition to the “Do Not Disturb”, “Hold” and “iron” buttons, etc. .d It is worth noting here that the D725 has the most physical physical function keys compared to any other D7xx phone. However, older models (not counting the D765) by placing these keys next to the main or additional screen get more virtual function keys - from 24 to 48. This is achieved simply by using the “pages” that allow each key to be assigned up to 4 functions. And in D725 there are 18 keys, and all of them are “in sight”, you don’t need to flip through the pages on the screen.
The phone can report various events either by changing the backlight color of the function keys — green or red — or by flashing or a constant light. It is enough to look at the phone and see which lines are ringing right now (frequent blinking), on which lines the calls are accepted and waiting for an answer (slow blinking), and on which calls are missed (constantly lit).
The D725 has an integrated web server. It is password protected and supports HTTPS and VPN protocols, and allows you to remotely configure phone settings and update firmware via the web interface.
Of course, all the functions that have already become the standard for high-quality telephone sets are available: memory for incoming /outgoing calls, answering machine, directory for 1000 contacts, call hold, simultaneous handling of twelve incoming calls, tripartite conference calls, blocking of anonymous calls, "Black" list of numbers and many other functions of a modern digital device.
Due to the presence of its own audio lab, where comprehensive acoustic tests are carried out on phones, Snom may not rely on luck or outdated technical solutions when designing its devices, and guarantees the highest sound quality during a conversation. This model is no exception. An advanced speaker and microphone system in conjunction with a digital signal processor and modern broadband codecs provide the highest quality sound during conversation. Studies show that people, on average, speak for about a third of the entire conversation, and the rest of the time they silently mull over the next phrase or words of the interlocutor. The noise reduction system in the D725 effectively cuts off extraneous noise that interferes with the conversation, and the voice activity detection system stops broadcasting from a microphone when a person is silent, approximately halving the amount of transmitted data. But at the same time, your interlocutor will not hear the "deathly silence" in the pauses, which causes the feeling of a broken connection, causing you to experience discomfort and ask again - is everything OK at the "end of the wire"? For this, a special system for generating “comfortable noise” is provided, which fills the pauses with a neutral sound, which prompts the interlocutor that the connection has not been interrupted and you are still “on the line”. All these advantages of modern audio technologies are available during a normal conversation through the handset, as well as using a headset, speakerphone or newsgroup.
The result was a multifunctional telephone, which, although not designed for the manager’s desk, is quite suitable for the secretary of a small company, call center operator or employee who has more sophisticated phones that are redundant, and the basic models lack the capabilities and periodically need advanced functions. If necessary, an external D7 expansion module with additional programmable keys can be connected to the D725. 3r3108.
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