A single scalable reward system: our experience is

A single scalable reward system: our experience isThe airline sells tickets through a network of its own and independent agents and partners, cooperates with all market participants: agents, travel-portals, tourist operators. Clients are both individual travelers and corporate clients. To stimulate sales, the airline has several reward systems and loyalty programs for agents and customers. They appeared at different times, initiated by different departments of the airline and accounting for each program is independent.
As a consequence, it was rather problematic to get a consolidated picture of the costs and efficiency of all loyalty systems...
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Blockade, etherium and clever contracts are Pandora's box

Hello, dear readers.
Immediately formulate a simple question, which we will put in a vote - do you want a book on smart contracts Etherium?
To was not painfully hurt Your answer turned out to be maximally conscious - we offer you to read a fascinating survey of this interesting and a little bit stiff new technology
was created on the Efirium blockbuster platform. an online database for the publication and tracking of various information on grants . The user can view all the main grants of the National Research Council in real time, but the database also provides information ...
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Lightning network in depth, part 1: payment channels

Lightning network is a decentralized off-cheking technology that allows you to conduct tens of thousands of transactions per second, as it allows, for example, Visa. At the moment Bitcoin is the most popular crypto currency in the world, it is not adapted to send more than ~ 7 transactions per second, and high fees and long confirmation time nullify the possibility of sending microtransactions.
Lightning network solves both of these problems
Lightning network in depth, part 1: payment channels
"Mastering bitcoin" - Andreas M. Antonopoulos
Lightning network whitepaper
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Lightning Network In Depth, part 2: HTLC And Payment Routing

Lightning Network In Depth, part 2: HTLC And Payment RoutingIn last article we discussed in detail the work of payment channels, as well as several different methods for ensuring the security of payments passing through them, but this is still not enough to build a working
channels: even if we are sure that all channels play honestly inside each channel, we can not guarantee the delivery of funds through the chain through a number of channels. And here we are helped by smart contracts, called HTLC (hash-time-lock-contracts). In this article, we will discuss the principle of their operation, and let's continue the payment for the Lightning ...
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We create our cryptotics (Part 1)

We create our cryptotics (Part 1)In the early days of December 201? users of the Ethereum blocking project faced an unpleasant discovery - any of their transactions simply ceased to be confirmed. In fact, the entire network has ceased to function because of an unexpectedly expanded membrane.
Very soon it became clear what was wrong with the project. CryptoKitties . This is a fun toy that works on Ethereum blockbuster and allows users to breed kittens, cross them and sell them as usual critical tokens. At some point, 15% of all transactions in Ethereum accounted for cryptotically! And by the time of writing this article...
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