This you can (computer). The story of the forgotten telecast

Once again, I catch myself thinking that "again there is nothing to see." Because you want not sugary and strained, but technical, emotional, forcing you to think and search after viewing additional information. Yes, of course, there are things like MR.ROBOT , but they are so rare and fragmentary that they are almost completely lost in the background of the ocean of frankly cheap consumer goods (and in general, these ubiquitous hackers are already fed up with order). It seems to be possible to try Discovery or National Geographic, but I happened to study in a Soviet-style school, with Soviet teachers, so all this semolina “just about the complicated” does not fit at all. In general, for the reasons described above, I hung in my mind a sort of 3r-366. watchdog [/i] to fill the vacant place on the "video shelf".
And just recently, being engaged in duty inertial drives and looking through the articles of a professor well known in narrow circles, 3r312. Gulia 3r33232. , I suddenly came across his story about the program “It's You Can”, which was incredibly popular in Soviet times. Surprisingly, I have not heard of such a program, as my friends and acquaintances have not heard. A quick look at the two or three issues found on youtube made me rub my hands in anticipation of great material. If you are interested in what came out of it, I ask for a cut.
3r33130. This you can (computer). The story of the forgotten telecast L.S. Theremin .
3r3176. 3r33177. Lev Theremin in all its glory [/b] 3r3179. 3r33130. 3r3105.
On the program Lev Gumilev, the son of Nikolai Gumilev and Anna Akhmatova told about his travels, the legendary Danish artist Harlaf Birdstrup painted his caricatures (in the photo he and VD Zakharchenko).
3r33130. 3r3118.
By the way, it was Birdstrup who, in 198? in his friendly cartoon, which decorated the next issue of the “Technique of Youth”, depicted the permanent jury for more than 10 years.
3r3176. 3r33177. Author Bidstrupa cartoon specifically for TM [/b] 3r3179. 3r33130.
The most popular among the viewer was the automobile homemade section (3r3139. Under the link 3r3225. Release of the program devoted to amphibious cars). Many of the cars that can now be found on the resources describing the Soviet DIY-auto industry were shown for the first time on the program “You can do it”. An example is the legendary Pangolin and its inventor Alexander Kulygin (together with the jury of Bidstrup, who came to the cartoon). A brief mention of it is on Habré .
3r3176. 3r33177. Pangolin engineer Kulygin [/b] 3r3179. 3r3151.
It is not known how the fate of the program would already be in the new Russia, but suddenly, barely celebrating its 50th anniversary, the permanent leader and ideological inspirer Vladimir Solovyov suddenly dies of a heartbreak. After his death, "This you can" was released for some time, rather by inertia, since even with the naked eye it was noticeable how much its contents changed. How sang V.S. Vysotsky " there are few real wild ones, so there are no leaders." After the death of the "captain", the seemingly cohesive team gradually disintegrated. In 199? died V.D. Zakharchenko and hopes for the revival of the original format disappeared even among the most devoted viewers. Nevertheless, in 201? seven programs of the program were presented on the Public Television of Russia, which did not find a response from the viewer and the program was closed again, this time for good. To understand why, in fact, is easy. It is enough to look at any issue of the USSR times and compare it with what was already released in the 21st century.
Best of all, in my opinion, A. Lysenko described the situation in his (in 3-33-360. Article 3-33225., Dedicated to the memory of VA Solovyov: 3-333226.  
3r3164. The main thing in invention is not the idea, the main thing is that the right people know about your work at the right time. Perhaps, Solovyov would have been alive, and he attached me to his homeland "So ended the letter of one of my acquaintances, who for many years laid upon the creation of some intricate machine and all his life - on unsuccessful attempts to introduce it in the Homeland. He wrote this letter from a distant state of Texas, where, it turns out, both he and his car were waited with open arms 3-3-3165. You look at the modern start-up movement, the pitch-ing concept that is fashionable now, and you don’t understand whether the organizers have transferred, or the inventors In general I honestly looked through all the available editions. The “You can do it” hacks on the Internet. And even wrote an ad for a local video flea market, with the hope that someone could have it, at least there were records on VHS tapes This program was a discovery for me and So far I can not understand why the old Soviet variety art is full on the Internet, and programs like “You can do it” are either available as pieces or simply not available. 3r-3226.  
3r33170. Guys! Is it really not necessary for anyone ?? 3r3178.
3r3176. 3r33177. USED ​​MATERIALS 3r3-3178. 3r3179. 3r33180.
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