FireFox may be monetized by the built-in paid VPN plugin

FireFox may be monetized by the built-in paid VPN plugin
Mozilla intends to begin an experiment to provide built-in workflow via VPN in Firefox. Experiment
started r3r316. on Monday, October 22 and by default, only some users of the English-language build of Firefox 62 from the USA will be affected. Randomly selected participants in the experiment will be installed system addition, allowing you to connect to sites via an encrypted VPN-connection.
The organization did not create its own VPN network, but uses the network infrastructure of its partner, the Swiss provider 3r315. ProtonVPN 3r3r166. . The function can only work in paid mode for $ 10 per month...
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Improving online programs

Improving online programsIn the era of native programs, users could only use them within the configuration settings allowed by the developer. Nowadays, in the era of Internet applications, the user can quite easily change at his discretion not only the external presentation of the program, but also its behavior.
This article describes ways to make web applications more convenient, beautiful, expand their functionality, customize.
This is ) Or write your own simple one with the same goals as your choice. After that, the programmer is a little closer to the level of "Year".
Almost everyone knows about it, but ...
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RKN Alert - the base of Roskomnadzor in your browser

 3r3145. 3r3-31. RKN Alert - the base of Roskomnadzor in your browser Like everyone else, I use one of the easiest ways to bypass locks, which are now the sea. All sites open without problems and brakes. But more recently (2 weeks ago) I have a question: which sites are actually blocked from those that open and which are not? Check each site manually for the official website of the RKN - not an option, even though it is the most reliable way. Naturally, I went to google the right tools, but to my great surprise I didn’t find anything.
 3r3145. external service 3r364. , because the browser itself does not allow resolving ...
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Firefox Gecko, "which we lost"

Firefox Gecko, "which we lost" Evolution is on, and weaker, slower and ineffective organisms are dying out. Not so long ago we spent in the abyss of the history of the Opera-1? looking somewhere into the distance, silently listening behind the sobbing of sympathizers. Unlike the body of the last animal from the Red Book, it could still be used for 2-3 years, and the users did not look like necrophiles. A similar situation is repeated with Firefox on the Gecko engine with the latest most convenient version of ???. There is a lot of useful and habitual functionality, not only built-in, but also in add-ons (extensions). Even reduced performance ...
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