Comparison of C # and JavaScript. Fundamentals

Comparison of C # and JavaScript. Fundamentals
My more or less serious path in programming began with writing programs in C #, sometimes I tried to write in jаvascript, and every now and then I fell into a stupor in such situations, when I incorrectly specified the variable name and found out about it after
many many years
hour debugging, since I did not have my compiler next to me, who would have helped me out in a difficult moment. After a while, besides C #, I started to write a lot of jаvascript code and now I can do it without much difficulty, I'm no longer bothered by implicit casting and dynamic typing.
In this article, I would like to systematize ...
C# / .NET
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Reports from the Minsk C ++ conference CoreHard Spring 2018

Reports from the Minsk C ++ conference CoreHard Spring 2018
On April 7 - ? the CoreHard community held the eighth international conference CoreHard Spring 2018 in Minsk dedicated to the C ++ language and accompanying "hardcore" technologies. The conference was attended by speakers from leading IT companies in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and the Netherlands. They talked about their experience in development and testing.
Now the reports from the conference are freely available on YouTube and everyone can get acquainted with them. We thank the organizers of the conference.
25 years of C ++ history, flying by my eyes ...
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1. Based on Meyers' "Effective and modern c ++" - a type

template output.Good afternoon, dear reader! This article is the first in a series of articles-abstracts that I will write while reading Scott Meyers's book "Effective and modern c ++". Each of these articles will have a separate directory in specially developed on project with examples of using the described opportunities and techniques. The output of the template type is Successful design- this is when the consumer does not know how the device works, but it suits everything. The output of the template type is- this is when there is a template function, for example, and call it without any such ...
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C #: backward compatibility and overload

Hello colleagues!
We remind everyone that we have got an excellent book by Mark Price " C # 7 and .NET Core.Cross-platform development for professionals ". Please note: before you is the third edition, the first edition was written in version 6.0 and did not appear in Russian, and the 3rd edition appeared in the original in November 2017 and covers version 7.1.
C #: backward compatibility and overload  
After the release of such a compendium, which passed a separate scientific revision for checking backward compatibility and other correctness of the material, we decided to translate an interesting article by John Skeet about what known ...
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Upgrade the text protocols to binary and we struggle with the legacy code at the C ++ User Group

Upgrade the text protocols to binary and we struggle with the legacy code at the C ++ User Groupmeeting. We invite you to the next meeting of the C ++ User Group, which will be held on June 28 in the framework of our event platform CoLaboratory. Last time we discussed the performance and the Clang Static Analyzer. Now let's talk about painful: how to get rid of legacy-code? How to avoid its formation in the future? What difficulties arise when upgrading the protocol of interaction, and how to deal with them? here .  In addition, we will conduct an online broadcast on YouTube channel Kaspersky Lab Russia for those who did not have time for us...
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Using Docker to build and run a project in C ++

This publication will discuss how to build a C ++ project using GTest and Boost using Docker. The article is a recipe with some explanatory comments, the solution presented in the article does not pretend to be a Production-ready status.
Why and to whom might this be needed?
Suppose that you, like I really like the concept of Python venv when all the necessary dependencies are located in a separate, strictly defined directory; or you need to ensure a simple portability of the build and test environment for the project being developed, which is very convenient, for example, when joining ...
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Power monitor for embedded systems (Linux)

Power monitor for embedded systems (Linux)It was required to measure the current consumption of one device
+ store the received values ​​in the database table (PostgreSQL)
The first 5 minutes of google showed - almost all semiconductor manufacturers have beautiful solutions, on a single crystal
Complex circuits on the op-amp are left in the past
The choice fell on INA230
Voltage up to 28v, easy to mount housing, trade-off cost
But the most decisive argument, he was already lying in the curbstone: D Among other samples
It's time to use it
The included scheme does not differ from the one given in datasheet
Its ...
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Chain of Responsibility on C ++ variadic templates

It's about such a simple, but often used, pattern as a chain of responsibility. The essence of the pattern is that for the processing of an event we use several handlers, each of which decides what and when to transmit to the next one. The network has a lot of examples of implementation in C ++, but I want to show the implementation only on lambda-expressions. In this implementation it will be possible to look a bit street template-magic
So, suppose we have an object:
class Elephant
std :: string touch_leg ()
return "it's like a pillar";
std :: string touch_trunk ()
return ...
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Our experience of migrating the Visual Studio extension to Visual Studio code

Our experience of migrating the Visual Studio extension to Visual Studio code  
Just three years ago, for the programmer on the stack of technologies from Microsoft, there was no problem in choosing the development tool. Today the picture has changed and Visual Studio Code acts as a real alternative to classic Visual Studio and provides functionality that puts it much closer to the IDE than to the text editor. Free, cross-platform and open source, this editor enjoys well-deserved respect from the community of software developers.
This article describes our experience in assessing the possibility of migrating one of the functions of our internal VS plug-in to the Visual Studio ...
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The speed of the compiled Linq Expression Tree

Here in this article in the comments there was not something to the dispute, but some "no convergence" in comparing the speed of IL Emit and the compiled Linq Expression Tree.
This mini article is the speed test code + the results of running this test.
For the test, a code was selected that intersects with the contents of the original article - serialization of the string length into the stream, and then - of all bytes of the string encoded in UTF-16 (Encoding.Unicode).
The serialization code itself may not be the most optimal, but it's close to if you do not use unsafe constructs.
The co...
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