How Microsoft rewrote the C # compiler in C # and made it open

 3r3176. 3r3-31.
The author of the article is Mads Torgersen, lead architect of C # at Microsoft
3r3162.  3r3176. 3r3162.  3r3176. 3r3154. Project Roslyn [/b] 3r3162.  3r3176. 3r3162.  3r3176. 3r3154. Roslyn [/b] - this is the code name that was assigned to the open-source compiler for C # and Visual Basic .NET. The project began in the deepest darkness of the last decade of Microsoft's corporate life - and ended as an open source project, a cross-platform, public universal C # engine (and VB, which I will take for granted in the rest of the article). 3r3162.  3r3176. 3r3162.  3r3176. The first talk ...
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Unity: loosely coupled architecture for specific tasks

Everyone knows about the charms of loosely coupled application architecture. Everyone knows, but not everyone does. This happens for various reasons: laziness, timing, ignorance of how to properly apply, etc. I offer for review a small example of a loosely coupled architecture used to solve a specific problem.
Let's start with the task itself.
It is given: a player who moves around the level and collects coins.
Purpose: to display the current amount of coins in the player in the game interface.


We omit the implementation of the selection of coins, the storage ...[/h]
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Validation of electronic signatures in C # using CRIPTO PRO

 3r33333. 3r3-31. Continuing the conversation on the topic of electronic signatures (hereinafter referred to as ED), it is necessary to say about verification. In the previous article I examined the more difficult part of the task - the creation of a signature. This article is somewhat simpler. Most of the code is an adaptation of examples from the CRYPTO PRO .NET SDK. First of all, we will check signatures according to GOST R ???-2001 and GOST R ???-201? for which we need the CRIPTO PRO. 3r33333.  3r33333.
3r33333.  3r33333. The task for us is divided into 3 parts: a separated signature, a signature ...
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The third check for Qt 5 using PVS-Studio

 3r31248. 3r3-31.
The third check for Qt 5 using PVS-Studio 3r31244. 3r31234.  3r31248. From time to time, our team re-checks projects about which we have already written articles. The next such rechecked project was Qt. Last time we checked it with PVS-Studio in 2014. Starting in 201? the project began to be regularly checked using Coverity. It is interesting. Let's see if we can now find some interesting errors with PVS-Studio. 3r31234.  3r31248. How to reduce the likelihood of error at the stage of writing the code 3r3r1237.", July 2011.
 3r31248. 3r31217. "
Testing the Qt 5
framework.", April 2014. 3r31220.  3r31248.
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Work with character statuses. Experiments in Unity

Work with character statuses. Experiments in Unity 3r3187. 3r3-31. While developing the game on Unity, I was faced with an interesting challenge: how to make an extensible time for the effect of negative or positive effects on a character. 3r33175.  3r3187. 3r33175.  3r3187. In short, I have a character to which certain effects can be applied, such as weakening, amplifying, increasing speed, reducing speed and others. To notify the player about the action of a particular effect, the game provides a status line. 3r33175.  3r3187. 3r33175.  3r3187. The first versions of this line contained darkened icons of all statuses, and when the effect occurred...
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Asp .net core authentication via IdentityServer4

Asp .net core authentication via IdentityServer4 
3r3-31. There will not be anything unusual, one framework "IdentityServer4" will perform authentication by login and password on a certain Api, plus still process refresh_token. 3r3186.  
It will work with the existing IdentityDbContext, IdentityUser. 3r3186.  
The result will be a scenario in which, for each authentication, one refresh_token will be issued and saved to the “PersistedGrants” table. This is one of the four types of OAuth 2.0 permissions:
3r314. Resource Owner Password Credentials: Used by trusted applications, such as applications that are part ...
.NET / C#
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Learn OpenGL. Lesson 6.1. PBR or Physically-correct rendering

Learn OpenGL. Lesson 6.1. PBR or Physically-correct rendering

Physically correct rendering

3r31295. PBR, or physically-correct rendering (physically-based rendering), is a set of visualization techniques based on a theory that agrees fairly well with the real theory of light propagation. Since the goal of PBR is a physically accurate imitation of light, it looks much more realistic than the Phong and Blinna-Phong lighting models we used earlier. It not only looks better, but also gives a good approximation to real physics, which allows us (and, in particular, artists) to create materials based on the physical properties of surfaces, without resorting to cheap tricks ...[/h]
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[CppCon 2018]Herb Sutter: Towards a simpler and more powerful C ++

[CppCon 2018]Herb Sutter: Towards a simpler and more powerful C ++ 
3r3393930. 3r3393930. 3r3393930.
3r33812. In his speech at CppCon 201? Herb Sutter presented his work in two directions to the public. First, it is
control lifetime
variables (Lifetime), which will detect the entire classes of bugs at the compilation stage. Secondly, this is an updated proposal for
which will allow to avoid duplication of the code, once describing the behavior of the category of classes and then connecting it to specific classes in one line.
3r318. 3r33825.
Preface: more = easier ?! 3r3405.
3r33812. C ++ charges that the standard is meaningless and ...
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Docotic.Pdf: What problems will PVS-Studio detect in a mature project?

3r3-31. Docotic.Pdf: What problems will PVS-Studio detect in a mature project?
Quality is important to us. And we have heard about PVS-Studio. All this led to the desire to check Docotic.Pdf and find out what else can be improved.
Docotic.Pdf - A general purpose library for working with PDF files. Written in C #, there is no unsafe code, no external dependencies other than .NET runtime. It works under both .NET 4+ and under .NET Standard 2+.
The library has been in development for a little more than 10 years and it has 110 thousand lines of code without taking tests, examples and the rest. For static analysis, we constantly use Code Analysis and ...
.NET / C# / PDF
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DevBoy: make a signal generator

3r3-31. 3r33354. Hello friends! 3r33333. 3r33358.  
In past articles I have talked about his project and about 3r310. its software part
. In this article I will tell you how to use a simple signal generator for 4 channels - two analog channels and two PWM channels. 3r33358.  
3r314. 3r33358.  
Classic [/i] " Waveforms include: sine wave, square wave, triangular and sawtooth wave. 3r33358.  
DevBoy: make a signal generator 3r33358.  
The function of generating the wave data in the buffer is as ...
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