Everything that you did not know about the new SOLIDWORKS 2019 and did not have time to ask

Everything that you did not know about the new SOLIDWORKS 2019 and did not have time to ask 3r3303. 3r3-31. Everyone who follows the news of the CAD market knows that Dassault Systèmes has done
 3r3303. On October ? the SOLIDWORKS FORUM interactive event presented the updated design system. SOLIDWORKS 2019 .
 3r3303. The new version of SOLIDWORKS - a huge step forward. Changed product interface, significantly improved performance. We will tell about all this below.
 3r3303. platform. 3DEXPERIENCE . It covers the entire process of developing industrial products and, in particular, helps to solve complex problems arising in the design of parts.
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Numerical modeling in a large industrial company

Numerical modeling in a large industrial company 3r3119. 3r31-10.  
Hello, Habr and his dear readers! 3r31-10.  
I was lucky. I work in a large metallurgical company, where innovations are valued, there is modern equipment, a good laboratory base, and partners all over the world. But this does not mean at all that it was easy to introduce and make needed a new research tool. I want to tell why we took up this topic, what obstacles we faced, what results we managed to achieve and where we want to develop. I will pay special attention to the question of why, with numerical simulation, we came to our clients. Welcome under the cut! 3r31-10...
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nanoCAD Mechanics 9.0: The Basics of Modern Design

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Antimony - CAD from a parallel world

Among three-dimensional CAD systems, programs that implement two basic design approaches are most known: direct modeling and parametric. 3r3197.  3r3204. 3r3197.  3r3204. In addition, there are procedural CAD systems that allow modeling through programming. This approach has gained recognition among fans of programming and device design with open source code and design. For example, well-known OpenSCAD, which is mentioned here more than once. 3r3197.  3r3204. 3r3197.  3r3204. I propose to look at another unusual CAD system called Antimony. 3r3197.  3r3204. 3r3197.  3r3204. Antimony - CAD from a parallel world ...
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Deliverance from illusions

I have long wanted to find a job related to the development of 3r3r78. CAD [/b] programs. Because it is interesting to me and because I have a lot of experience in this field (20 years). And in 2010 my dream came true and I got even more than I wanted.
And the first time I just fought in ecstasy. Favorite work, the opportunity to work at home. I had ambitious plans! At the very beginning I sketched this plan for myself in writing Cobalt Next Steps.
At the end of last year, Robert Bou, owner of the company
? came to Kiev. Ashlar-Vellum [/b] with wife Julie. And during lunch, I told him that ...
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Browse Free 2D CAD

 3r? 3513. 3r3-31. Every year in the field of design automation, parametric three-dimensional CAD systems are increasingly strengthening their positions. The usefulness of this approach in engineering is now beyond doubt, and the scope of application of this approach is extensive. 3r301501.  3r? 3513. Nevertheless, in engineering there is still room for traditional two-dimensional design, and there are appropriate tools for that. 3r301501.  3r? 3513. 3r301501.  3r? 3513. Browse Free 2D CAD 3r301501.  3r? 3513. 3r311.
3r301501.  3r? 3513. In the comments under the articles on the subject of CAD (for example, 3-3315. 1 3-3-3496...
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DDR SDRAM - design features and signal integrity

DDR SDRAM - design features and signal integrity  3r3118.
 3r3118. 3r3111. Designing electronic devices using fast DDR SDRAM memory modules requires special attention to the problem of signal integrity. The article describes the modern modeling tool for solving such problems. 3r33112.
 3r3118. Today, almost all modern electronics are equipped with memory modules. Servers, computers, smartphones, game consoles, GPS-navigators and most other devices are designed based on processors and FPGAs. Such devices require high-speed, high-bandwidth memory or dual frequency data transfer (DDR) memory. With each new generation of DDR SDRAM (synchronous ...
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Hot tech support story, or Why does AutoCAD delete proxy objects?

Hot tech support story, or Why does AutoCAD delete proxy objects?  


The purpose of this article is not to discredit the software. The article is purely informational in nature and is intended to protect the end user, who can under certain circumstances lose his data while working in AutoCAD.
GraphiCS - cross-platform application, designed for the development of project documentation, developed by CSoft Development.
nanoCAD SPDS - the same SAPi GraphiCS, but on the platform nanoCAD Plus from the company Nanosoft.


Wiping out the morning mail, I came across a user's request for technical support. The subject ...[/h][/h]
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Biopharma and numerical modeling: experience and practice of Amgen

Biopharma and numerical modeling: experience and practice of AmgenIn the biopharmaceutical industry, as in any modern high-tech industry, the methods and tools of numerical modeling of physical and chemical processes are increasingly used to solve a wide variety of problems, from the development of new dosage forms and methods of their production to the analysis of the processes of transportation, storage and delivery of drugs .
Amgen is one of the leading biopharmaceutical companies in the world. The drugs of this company help millions of people suffering from serious diseases. Each medicine is a product of painstaking work of scientists, engineers and technologists...
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Single-stage gearbox with drive from Stepper Motor

In this post I want to talk about the production using a previously made by me CNC machine with a single-stage straight-through gear.
Single-stage gearbox with drive from Stepper Motor  
gantry CNC machine , about its development and construction on this resource is located my previous article.
Just want to say that this project serves only to gain experience in designing simple gear pairs and their manufacture for possible application in subsequent projects.
Since on the machine tool it was planned to process not only wood and plastics, but also dural, it was interesting to make a gear pair just from this material.
By the availability...
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