Different prices for warehouses in multi-warehouse. Completion of 1C-Bitrix

There was an online store and a b2b platform from one company on the 1c-Bitrix system. The company grew and its warehouses appeared and added warehouses of partners that needed to be displayed. There was a need to display balances in several warehouses.
And what does Bitrix tell us: Please go to the editorial office of "Business" and everything will be fine and immediately. The editorial board went over and it turned out that the multi-value and multi-folding in 1C-Bitrix live a separate life. The first is needed to display different prices for different user groups, and the second one is used ...
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How not to develop a project on Bitrix

During all my work with Bitrix, I have worked with a very large number of projects that someone worked up to me. Here and minor improvements, fixes various bugs and errors in the work of logic, redesign of the site and global changes of the existing functional. And, like any other developer, I can not stand raking someone else's trash, crutches and "temporary" patches, which in fact remember another 8 edition of the product.
Here I will try not to focus on the standard "worst practice" when programming in PHP, such as devil-may-care attitude to the choice of variable names and functions, excessive ...
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Service uLogin sends data from forms (mail, phone) to a third-party site and is silent about it

Service uLogin sends data from forms (mail, phone) to a third-party site and is silent about it Hello community. This is my first entry, even if it's not very long-but an important message in the headline.
There is such a service for authorization through social networks - uLogin. The developers have released many free plug-ins for various CMS and here it is - cheese in a mousetrap.
It looks like things did not go very well and users began to notice that the service loads strange scripts while the module is running. I'm conducting an audit of my site - I noticed that it loads counter.yadro.ru several times. In total, when loading the page, they downloaded 18 resources (js, css, other requests) - ...
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Protection against lung DDoS'a

Protection against lung DDoS'aMore recently, the advertising has already appeared on the hubra. article on the control of DDoS at the application level. I had a similar experience in searching for the optimal algorithm for countering attacks, who can come in handy - when a person first encounters in his website's DDoS, it causes a shock, so it's useful to know in advance that everything is not so scary. , Powerful DDoS attacks ). With any name and any content, you can use the site already set by the site.
For simplicity, we assume that the site has a single entry point, we embed our ddos-shield there. Immediately ...
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Protection against DDoS attack at the level of Web applications

Protection against DDoS attack at the level of Web applicationsAs you know, DDoS attacks on the site are of different intensity, the number of hosts participating in the attack, the number of network packets and the amount of data transferred is important. In the most severe cases, the attack can be repelled only by using specialized equipment and services.
If the attack volume is less than the bandwidth of the network equipment and the server's processing capacity (server pool) serving the site, you can try to "drown out" the attack without resorting to third-party services, namely, to include a software traffic filter coming to the site. This filter will ...
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Another boxed CMS or a worthy alternative?

Another boxed CMS or a worthy alternative?Greetings to you, hubrouzery!
Ehhh, a long time ago I did not appear here and did not write And, meanwhile, life is on, everything is changing, including my favorite eCommerce, for which new tools are constantly emerging.
For all the time in this niche (and this is more than 5 years), I tried a lot of engines, both opensource and commercial: Magento, Bitrix, Insales, OpenCart, Shop-Cart, Simpla, Zen Cart and so on. And that's what I came to
First, ready-made products (CMS are our favorite), when it comes to starting a standard store in a short time without special customer requirements ...
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LarrockCMS is a new CMS based on Laravel

LarrockCMS is a new CMS based on Laravel
LarrockCMS is a CMS based on the php-framework Laravel supplied in the format of composer-packages. Distributed under the license CC-BY-4.0.
Of. site: http://larrock-cms.ru/
Github: https://github.com/Fanamurov
The core of the project is the CMS core (LarrockCore), installed in addition to laravel version> = 5.6 and component packages (additions to LarrockCore). Required: php> = 7.1.? mysql> = ???r3r3200.  
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We extend the capabilities of CleanTalk Anti-Spam

We extend the capabilities of CleanTalk Anti-Spam

Checking existing Joomla users for spam

Spam bot messages (comments) are often disguised as ordinary user messages, but contain sponsored links or text. The main tasks of such messages are, the user's transition to a malicious resource, advertising or links to enhance the positions of their site. This compromises the site and can spoil the reputation, search engines can lower the position of the site in search results.
We have implemented a spam check, for comments and users who already exist on the site. This allows site administrators to automatically check and identify comments and ...[/h]
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