I study Rust: How I made UDP chat with Azul

I study Rust: How I made UDP chat with Azul Snake
. I tried cycles, collections, working with 3D Three.rs . I learned about ggez and Amethyst . This time I tried to make a client and server for a chat. For GUI used 3r3155. Azul 3r3673. . Just watched Conrod , Yew and 3r3354. Orbtk
. I tried multithreading, channels and working with the network. I took into account the mistakes of the previous article and tried to make this more detailed. For details, welcome under cat. Sources running on Windows 10 x64 3r31078.  3r31088. 3r31078.  3r31088...
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About the advantages of embedding CSS in JS

3r3365. This post is a detailed answer to the questions from this conversation on twitter . The original author, Sunil Pie, is the author of the relatively popular library. glamor and works as a developer on Facebook. 3r366.
How is jаvascript more convenient than CSS? How does writing CSS inside JS make it more supported?
I would be happy to talk on this topic. I’ll say right away that CSS-in-JS solutions have overhead, but usually this price is justified by the advantages they bring. Sometimes they can be useful, but it also does not mean that CSS-in-JS should be ...
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The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week №342 (December 3 - ? 2018)

 3r3618. 3r3-31. We offer you a selection with links to new materials from the front-end area and around it. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3-3593. The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week №342 (December 3 - ? 2018) 3r3334. Media [/b] | 3r3334. Web development [/b] | 3r3334. CSS [/b] | 3r3334. jаvascript [/b] | 3r3334. Browsers [/b] | 3r3334. Entertaining [/b] 3r3601.  3r3618.
3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33557.
Media 3r36262. 3r33535. 3r3601.  3r3618. • Podcast "Frontend Weekend" ...
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CS: GO game became free

3r3-31. CS: GO game became free 3r376.  

Battle mode "all against all" 3r333. Danger Zone
. Illustration of official blog Counter-Strike 3r311.
Since its release in 201? Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has always sold for $ 1? which was a tangible barrier for CS fans. Finally Valve abolished this restriction . From today on Steam you can get the full version of the game completely free including multiplayer modes. The game moves to a new model of monetization. Now for $ ??? sold the status of Prime...
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The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week №341 (November 26 - December ? 2018)

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Development on React and Bootstrap in 2 days. Day number 1

Development on React and Bootstrap in 2 days. Day number 13r33724. Prelude
First you need to at least understand a bit about HTML, CSS, jаvascript, XML, DOM, OOP and be able to work in the terminal (command line). 3r33737.  
For learning HTML and CSS, I recommend htmlbook.ru 3r33737.  
To learn jаvascript, I recommend 3r3r14. learn.jаvascript.ru
I recommend 3r318 for exploring XML. msiter.ru/tutorials/uchebnik-xml-dlya-nachinayushchih
You can read about DOM in jаvascript tutorial learn.jаvascript.ru/dom-nodes 3r33737.  
For learning OOP I recommend the video course ...
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A little about Gulp

3r376. Hello. Today I will talk a little about Fed and his experience with Gulp. The article is designed for June, and its purpose is to give an approximate understanding of what Gulp is and how it is useful in development. A detailed guide to Gulp will be a bit later.
 3r3119. 3r376. So. Get to know this Fedor. He has already studied html, knows a little about css, heard about js somewhere and already considers himself a cool front-end developer.
 3r3119. A little about Gulp
 3r3119. 3r376. But suddenly, Fedor faced the problem that his code began to grow. Switching to preprocessors, connecting git, uploading files to hosting...
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CraSSh: breaking all modern browsers with CSS calculations

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Introduction to custom CSS properties

The author of the course “3r33434. HTML Layout
"Stas Melnikov told what custom CSS properties are and why they are worth studying.
Standard CSS Custom Properties changed CSS. There were crazy opportunities, which earlier we could only dream of. We tell you exactly what and why beginners should learn them as quickly as possible. Data Analyst "
3r33434. online profession “ Data Scientist »3r33232.  
3r33434. online course “ ...
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Flexbox. Infographics on technology

Flexbox. Infographics on technology 3r366. 3r3-31. I believe many people know the technology of css layout, like flexbox. This technology is written quite a few manuals and manuals. It is simple, it greatly facilitates the development of a web project grid and is supported by many modern browsers. This makes it a popular technology among web developers.
 3r366. Studying new concepts for me, I try to be as concise as possible, but meanwhile, it is informative to express what is being studied graphically, the relationship of some entities to others, their interconnection and behavior. And flexbox was no exception for me. For ...
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