The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week №337 (October 29 - November ? 2018)

We offer you a selection with links to new materials from the front-end area and around it. 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r3601. The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week №337 (October 29 - November ? 2018) 3r311. 3r3618. 3r33613.  3r32424. Media 3r3618. |
Web development 3r3618. |
CSS 3r3618. |
jаvascript 3r3618. | 3r3331. Browsers 3r3618. | 3r3335. Entertaining 3r3618. 3r33613.  3r32424.
3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33554. 3r3618. Media 3r33559. 3r33560. 3r33613.  3r32424. • Podcast "Frontend Weekend"
# 77 - Alexander Amosov about why you should start working with 3D in the browser 3r-33618. 3r33613.  3r32424. • The CSSSR podcast
News 512 - Issue №27 (??? - ???) 3-3-33618. 3r33613.  3r32424. • Vadim Makeev video blog
№8. Who are the developers, the manual SVG and the exciting underscore 3r-33618. 3r33613.  3r32424. • DevShow by loftblog # 86:
PostCSS, junk junk, caching 3r36188. 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33554. 3r376. 3r33556.
3r3618. Web development 3r33559. 3r33560. 3r33613.  3r32424. •
Creating your own dysfunctional SPA in five easy steps 3-3-33618. 3r33613.  3r32424. •
Tags to DOM
. About how HTML tags are transformed into building blocks that form what we see on the screen
 3r32424. • 3r395. The importance of using standards in development teams 3r336188. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3-300. How I do a full-fledged web development from my iPad Pro
3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33613.  3r32424.
Performance: 3r3487. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3114. How we managed to speed up the mobile version of the site Carousell 3 times 3r3-3618. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3119. Performance as an object of the first class - Section 1: continuous measurement and tools 3r-33618. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3124. 2019 - the year under the sign of Page Speed. You are ready? 3r3618. 3r33613.  3r32424. • Three types of performance testing 3r33618. 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33510.  3r32424. 3r33512. 3r33613.  3r32424.
3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3146. Prettier, ESLint, Husky, Lint-Staged and EditorConfig: tools for writing neat code
3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3151. 5 ways that DevTools made my life easier 3r336188. 3r33613.  3r32424. • Introduction to FuseBox, an alternative to Webpack 3r336188. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3161. Release Storybook ???r3r3618. , an interactive UI component for developing and testing React, React Native, Vue, Angular, and Ember
 3r32424. 3r33510.  3r32424. 3r33512. 3r33613.  3r32424.
3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3178. Ramp for the site
- Report by Ivan Bakaidov at DevFest Moscow 3r3-33613.  3r32424. • 3r3183. An introduction to web accessibility, which I would like to have 3r36188. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3188. Destruction of five myths of digital availability 3r336188. 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33510.  3r32424. 3r33512. 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33554. 3r33560. 3r33613.  3r32424. • Learn CSS Grid in 5 minutes 3r33613.  3r32424. • The implementation of a variable font with a web font fallback 3r3-3618. 3r33613.  3r32424. •
CSS working group at TPAC: what's new in CSS? 3r3618. 3r33613.  3r32424. •
About switching from HEX & RGB to HSL 3r33618. 3r33613.  3r32424. •
How to organize your CSS using modular architecture (OOCSS, BEM, SMACSS) 3r31818. 3r33613.  3r32424. •
How to write really awful css
3r33613.  3r32424. • Simple naming in the Grid Area 3r33613.  3r32424. • Animation of preview images in 3r3-3618 grids. 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33554. 3r3618. jаvascript
3r33560. 3r33613.  3r32424. •
Wormholes in jаvascript
3r33613.  3r32424. • Refactoring in NodeJS using higher order functions 3r3-33618. 3r33613.  3r32424. •
Google will deny access to your account when jаvascript
is disabled in the browser. 3r33613.  3r32424. • GraphQL is bad and good 3r33618. 3r33613.  3r32424. •
Orientation in the creepy world of jаvascript
3r33613.  3r32424. • Personal review of tools for automated testing in the jаvascript world 3r336188. 3r33613.  3r32424. •
A complete contemporary jаvascript reference for
3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33613.  3r32424.
3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r33333. Higher-order functions in jаvascript 3r3-33618. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3305. Why the map function does not work with some arrays in jаvascript and what to do about it 3r3-3618. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 4 using () in jаvascript, which you should know about 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r33333. Evolution of asynchronous jаvascript: from callbacks to promises and Async /Await
3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r33320. Design Patterns in jаvascript
3r33613.  3r32424. • Copying objects in jаvascript 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33510.  3r32424. 3r33512. 3r33613.  3r32424.
3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r33333. Demystification Vuex - state container for for Vue 3r3-3618. 3r33613.  3r32424. • Voice-controlled web visualization using Vue.js and Machine Learning 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r33333. Creating a plugin for WordPress using Vue 3r336188. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r33358. Arguments to switch your company to Vue 3r3-3618. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r33333. Creating a SPA with Go and Vue
3r33613.  3r32424. • The smart way to call Vue API 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r33333. Full Stack Radio 99.5: Sébastien Chopin - Building Universal Vue.js Apps with Nuxt.js
 3r32424. 3r33510.  3r32424. 3r33512. 3r33613.  3r32424.
React: 3r3487. 3r33613.  3r32424. • What and how to test using Jest and Enzyme. Complete instructions for testing React components 3r336188. 3r33613.  3r32424. •
Applying SOLID principles in developing React applications 3r336188. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3013. We understand c React Hooks 3r3361818. , article by Den Abramov
 3r32424. • 3r3406. React hooks: no magic, just
arrays. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r33411. All you need to know about React Hooks
3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r31616. Collection React Hooks
3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r33421. Different ways to manage states in React 3r3-3618. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r33426. The relationship of love and hate between React Router and React Components 3r-3618. 3r33613.  3r32424. • Create React App 2.0: what's new? 3r3618. 3r33613.  3r32424. •
Lazy-loading components in React ???r3r3618. 3r33613.  3r32424. •
Redux in a nutshell for React developers (hint: it's not difficult) 3r36188. 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33510.  3r32424. 3r33512. 3r33613.  3r32424.

3r33613.  3r32424. •
Studying Angular 6 to build a full-stack 3r336188 application. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r33464. What's new in Angular 7.0 and how you can upgrade
3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r33469. GreenSock usage patterns in Angular
3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r37474. A lesson in creating simple PWA with Angular and Lighthouse - clone Hacker News 3r3361818. 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33510.  3r32424. 3r33512. 3r33613.  3r32424.
Libs & Plugins:
3r33613.  3r32424. • PWA Install Prompt 3r33613.  3r32424. • Introduction to plotly.js is an open source 3r3-3618 graphic library. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r301501. simple-keyboard - virtual keyboard for jаvascript, compatible with your projects on ES? React, Vue, Angular or jQuery
 3r32424. • ervy : graphics in terminals
 3r32424. 3r33510.  3r32424. 3r33512. 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33554. 3r33518. 3r33556. 3r33520. 3r3618. Browsers 3r33559. 3r33560. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3-3526. Firefox 63 3r31818. , technical review from Marat Tanalin
 3r32424. • 3r3-3030. Firefox 65 will support WebP image format 3r33618. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3-3534. Compact Firefox Lite ???
mobile browser is available. 3r33613.  3r32424. • New machine learning systems from Facebook and Google. Code for coloring black and white photos 3r336188. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r? 3543. WebAssembly Threads are ready to be tried in Chrome 70 3r3-3618. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r33548. Lessons learned after defeat: remove the old debugger from Firefox 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33554. 3r33555. 3r33556. 3r33557. 3r3618. Entertaining
3r33560. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3-3563. A selection of fresh courses for IT students from renowned universities 3r336188. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3-3567. Google launches reCAPTCHA v? which automatically recognizes bad traffic 3r3-3618. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3-3571. Facebook is developing an AI that will make it easier for people with disabilities to watch video
3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3-3575. Whether or not it was: a review of a Bloomberg inquiry into Chinese spy chips 3r36188. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3-3579. Bitcoin 10 years: what to expect next 3r33618. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3-3583. “Cloud professions of the future”: what the IoT architect and the AI ​​programmer will do (3r-33618). 3r33613.  3r32424. • ABBYY founder David Yang - on the Yva service for analyzing employee behavior, the dangers of AI, and role models 3r-33618. 3r33613.  3r32424. •
Chronology of the development of technology: human-like robots 3r33618. 3r33613.  3r32424. • 3r3-3595. Who needs all this: the reaction of developers and designers to new Apple devices 3r336188. 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r3601. A few ads at the end: the next frontend digest will be the latest in the Zfort Group corporate blog. A week later, all articles will be published from the account 3r3602. alexzfort
, as well as the 3r3604 blog. The company's official website 3r33618. . Among other things, there is an opportunity to subscribe to the mailing list, the plans have advanced versions, new formats, personalization and other buns in the context of improving usability of this kind of content.
3r33613.   3r32424. 3r33613.  3r32424. 3r3611. Last week's digest 3r3-3618. . 3r33613.  3r32424. Material prepared 3r3615. dersmoll
and 3r31717. alekskorovin
. 3r33625. 3r32424. 3r32424. 3r3622. ! function (e) {function t (t, n) {if (! (n in e)) {for (var r, a = e.document, i = a.scripts, o = i.length; o-- ;) if (-1! == i[o].src.indexOf (t)) {r = i[o]; break} if (! r) {r = a.createElement ("script"), r.type = "text /jаvascript", r.async =! ? r.defer =! ? r.src = t, r.charset = "UTF-8"; var d = function () {var e = a.getElementsByTagName ("script")[0]; e. ): d ()}}} t ("//"""_mediator") () ();
3r32424. 3r33625.
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