Flexbox. Infographics on technology

 3r366. 3r3-31. I believe many people know the technology of css layout, like flexbox. This technology is written quite a few manuals and manuals. It is simple, it greatly facilitates the development of a web project grid and is supported by many modern browsers. This makes it a popular technology among web developers.
 3r366. Studying new concepts for me, I try to be as concise as possible, but meanwhile, it is informative to express what is being studied graphically, the relationship of some entities to others, their interconnection and behavior. And flexbox was no exception for me. For several evenings, I gathered for myself a review "cheat sheet" by technology, which for a long time hung on my wall before my eyes, until I remembered all the main points on technology.
 3r366. Flexbox. Infographics on technology 3r350.
 3r366. 3r330. 3r3331. 3r350.
3r3338. Links to files in high resolution [/b] 3r340.
Flexbox common

Flexbox sheet A 3r350.
Flexbox sheet B 3r350.
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