A little about Gulp

3r376. Hello. Today I will talk a little about Fed and his experience with Gulp. The article is designed for June, and its purpose is to give an approximate understanding of what Gulp is and how it is useful in development. A detailed guide to Gulp will be a bit later.
 3r3119. 3r376. So. Get to know this Fedor. He has already studied html, knows a little about css, heard about js somewhere and already considers himself a cool front-end developer.
 3r3119. A little about Gulp
 3r3119. 3r376. But suddenly, Fedor faced the problem that his code began to grow. Switching to preprocessors, connecting git, uploading files to hosting, optimizing images, minifying css files, took a lot of time. "When to write code?" - Fedor complained, and did not find a better idea how to turn to the most ingenious solution ever invented by mankind 3r377.
 3r3119. 3r376. After a cursory scrolling of information about incomprehensible grants and even more incomprehensible webpacks, Fyodor found what he was looking for, namely, Gulp, for he promised Fede to do almost everything except for increasing intelligence.
The official site of Gulp. 3r31-10.  3r3119.
3r388. Excellent video about the first steps in Gulp.
3r31-10.  3r3119.
Wonderful article on hubr. 3r31-10.  3r3119.
And another great article. 3r31-10.  3r3119.
And another great article. 3r31-10.  3r3119.
3r3108. A cool repository of gulp file assemblies.
3r31-10.  3r3119. 3r33112.
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