The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week №341 (November 26 - December ? 2018)

 3r3634. 3r3-31. We offer you a selection with links to new materials from the front-end area and around it. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r3609. The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week №341 (November 26 - December ? 2018) 3r3622. 3r311. Media 3r3622. | Web development 3r3622. |
CSS 3r3622. |
jаvascript 3r3622. |
Browsers 3r3622. |
Entertaining 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634.
3r31717.  3r3634. 3r3566. 3r3622. Media 3r33571. 3r? 3572. 3r31717.  3r3634. • Podcast "Frontend Weekend"
# 81 - Ekaterina Pavlenko on how the program committee of HolyJS works from the inside 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. • Devshakhta podcast:
59: How to make a cool report 3-33-362. 3r31717.  3r3634. • Podcast "CSSSR",
News 512 - Issue №31 (??? - ???) 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. • Vadim Makeev's video blog:
11. A prototype of style isolation for Shower on web components 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. •
WSD in Minsk, 2018
, broadcast record 3r3-33617.  3r3634. • (), 16 conference videos, where 16 world-class speakers covered the most important aspects of web productivity 3r3622. (
+ Notes for each report
) 3r3-3617.  3r3634. • Frontend NE: The conference 2018 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r3566. Useful accessibility rules that will remain in memory
3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r3102. Background Fetch API: Get ready to use it! 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. • How and when to use the tabindex attribute 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r?500.  3r3634. 3r3502.
3r31717.  3r3634. • Google has posted a detailed indexing FAQ for AMP 3r31717.  3r3634. • Goodbye Electron. Hello, desktop PWA 3r31717.  3r3634. • “Progressive Web Apps. The future of the Mobile Web ” : Free PDF book released with the support of Google, Microsoft and Awwwards
 3r3634. • 3r3133. Comprehensive Guide to Progressive Web Applications 3-3-3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. • Progressive web applications vs Native applications 3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r3144. Turn your Vue app into PWA! 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r? 3522.  3r3634. 3r33524. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r?500.  3r3634. 3r3502.
Performance: 3r3504. 3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r3161. WebP will soon capture the web, but the century will not be long 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r3r1616. Should I use jаvascript to download my web fonts? 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r3171. We adapt to users with the help of Client Hints
3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r3176. Hacking Web Performance 3r3r2622. . Report Max Firtman on Heapcon 201? which covers extreme performance techniques 3r-33617.  3r3634. • 3r3181. Avoiding the pitfalls of automatic inlining code (in the context of WP) 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r? 3522.  3r3634. 3r33524. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r?500.  3r3634. 3r3502.
Tools: 3r3504. 3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r3198. What's new in DevTools (Chrome 72)
3r31717.  3r3634. • Console.rulit () 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r? 3522.  3r3634. 3r33524. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r3566. 3r3622. CSS
3r? 3572. 3r31717.  3r3634. • CraSSh: we break all modern browsers with calculations in CSS 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. •
Introduction to custom CSS properties
3r31717.  3r3634. • The correct cheat sheet for CSS-cascade 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. •
- a tool with which you can quickly and clearly conduct experiments with CSS grids and get the output code 3r36177.  3r3634. • Introduction to CSS Shapes 3r31717.  3r3634. • A look at CSS Reset (zeroing styles) in 2018 3r31717.  3r3634. • Options for enabling and stopping CSS animations 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. •
Just use: focus styles, damn it
3r31717.  3r3634. • CSS Animation 101 - The popular course from Donovan Hutchinson is now in the form of a free book
 3r3634. • Everything about environment variables in CSS 3r31717.  3r3634. • NES.css CSS framework inspired by NES
 3r3634. • The effects of creative visualization of images hover on the links 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. •
We start working with variable fonts in CSS
3r31717.  3r3634. • Creating a CSS gallery with a Grid layout (with a blur effect and interactive media expressions) 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. •
Creating interfaces of the future: non-standard forms 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r3566. 3r33300. 3r3-3568. 3r3302. 3r3622. jаvascript 3r33535. 3r? 3572. 3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r3309. jаvascript error handling guide
3r31717.  3r3634. • State Of jаvascript 2018: Front , Data solves everything . Ilya Klimov examines the results of a popular poll 3r3-3617.  3r3634. • Microsoft released TypeScript ???r3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. •
Hiding the jаvascript code on the front end from outsiders
3r31717.  3r3634. • How zadolbalo contrasted me hrenova const bloody let 3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r33333. The main sites contain unauthorized jаvascript on their payment pages 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r33338. Compressed npm package: event-stream
3r31717.  3r3634. • Infinite Scroll with generators. 3r31717.  3r3634. • Unknown functions of jаvascript 3r31717.  3r3634. • Concepts of functional programming in jаvascript 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r?500.  3r3634. 3r3502.
3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r33333. Most popular 2018 Node.js frameworks
3r31717.  3r3634. • Nodejs C ++ /JS border state: crossing the rubicon 3r31717.  3r3634. • 10 Node frameworks for use in 2019 3r31717.  3r3634. • Writing memory efficient applications on Node.js 3r31717.  3r3634. • ncc: Node.js CLI tool and API for compiling Node.js projects into a single JS file 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r? 3522.  3r3634. 3r33524. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r?500.  3r3634. 3r3502. 3r33399.
3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r3405. Overview of Vue aerial view
3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r33410. My favorite packages for Vue.js & Nuxt.js on 2019
3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r3155. Accelerate your development on Vue.js with Vue CLI 3
3r31717.  3r3634. 3r? 3522.  3r3634. 3r33524. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r?500.  3r3634. 3r3502. 3r33434.
React: 3r3504. 3r31717.  3r3634. • React.js for continuing 3r31717.  3r3634. • useEffect vs useLayoutEffect vs useMutationEffect 3r31717.  3r3634. • Roadmap React 16.x 3r31717.  3r3634. • Lazy loading (and preloading) of components in React ???r3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. •
8 suggestions that will improve your application on React
3r31717.  3r3634. • Status of state management in React in 2019 3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r33462. React Podcast # 30: Develop in the Cloud with Christina Holland 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r? 3522.  3r3634. 3r33524. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r?500.  3r3634. 3r3502. 3r33475.
Angular: 3r3504. 3r31717.  3r3634. • The complete guide to Routing in Angular 3r31717.  3r3634. • My adventures with the launch of Angular Ivy inside StackBlitz: yes, it is possible 3r31717.  3r3634. • Create simple CRUD apps with Angular and Node 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r? 3522.  3r3634. 3r33524. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r?500.  3r3634. 3r3502.
Libs & Plugins:
3r31717.  3r3634. • Comparison of jаvascript libraries for HTTP requests for 2019 r3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r? 3513. progress-estimator - displaying the progress bar and estimating how long the promis will run for 3r3-33617.  3r3634. • 3r33518. displaceable: a tiny library for handling the productive displacement of elements relative to the position of the mouse 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r? 3522.  3r3634. 3r33524. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r3566. 3r33535. 3r3-3568. 3r33532. 3r3622. Browsers 3r33571. 3r? 3572. 3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r? 3539. Configure Firefox /Chrome for very slow and limited internet
3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r3-3543. Chrome developers are thinking about ending FTP support
3r31717.  3r3634. • Opera 57 received smart news and recommendations from Netflix 3r31717.  3r3634. • Firefox 64 will display the built-in task manager 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r33555. Released browser for Firefox Reality 1.1 VR devices 3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r33560. Web Audio, Autoplay Policy and 3r3622 games. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r3566. 3r3-3567. 3r3-3568. 3r? 3569. 3r3622. Entertaining
3r? 3572. 3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r3-3575. Picture of the world 3r3622. . Internet of things. How to automate your odnushku today
 3r3634. • Why cryptocurrencies are falling - 5 reasons from The New York Times 3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r3-3583. SEO 101: Facts, Tips, and Myths of Search Engine Optimization 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. • Data visualization in the work of the analyst: chart types and how to choose 3r31717.  3r3634. • Why you should not give test items. And why not do them 3r31717.  3r3634. • 3r3-3595. The OpenSSL project switches to the Apache license and changes the numbering scheme of releases 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. • 3—3–3599. Instagram will describe photos for visually impaired users
3r31717.  3r3634. • Chronology: which projects have closed Google and why 3r3622. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r3609. We apologize for any typos or broken /duplicate links. If you notice a problem - please write in a personal, we are trying to fix them quickly. 3r3610. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r31717.  3r3634. 3r3615. Last week's digest . 3r31717.  3r3634. Material prepared 3r3619. dersmoll
and 3r3621. alekskorovin
.3r33630. 3r3634. 3r3634. 3r3634.
! function (e) {function t (t, n) {if (! (n in e)) {for (var r, a = e.document, i = a.scripts, o = i.length; o-- ;) if (-1! == i[o].src.indexOf (t)) {r = i[o]; break} if (! r) {r = a.createElement ("script"), r.type = "text /jаvascript", r.async =! ? r.defer =! ? r.src = t, r.charset = "UTF-8"; var d = function () {var e = a.getElementsByTagName ("script")[0]; e.parentNode.insertBefore (r, e)}; "[object Opera]" == e.opera? a.addEventListener? a.addEventListener ("DOMContentLoaded", d,! 1): e.attachEvent ("onload", d ): d ()}}} t ("//"""_mediator") () (); 3r3628. 3r3634. 3r33630. 3r3634. 3r3634. 3r3634. 3r3634.
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