The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week №342 (December 3 - ? 2018)

 3r3618. 3r3-31. We offer you a selection with links to new materials from the front-end area and around it. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3-3593. The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week №342 (December 3 - ? 2018) 3r3334. Media [/b] | 3r3334. Web development [/b] | 3r3334. CSS [/b] | 3r3334. jаvascript [/b] | 3r3334. Browsers [/b] | 3r3334. Entertaining [/b] 3r3601.  3r3618.
3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33557.
Media 3r36262. 3r33535. 3r3601.  3r3618. • Podcast "Frontend Weekend" # 82 - Maxim Salnikov on how to move to Oslo and become a Google Developer Expert 3r3606. 3r3601.  3r3618. • Podcast "Frontend Youth (18+)"
# 74 Chinese treshka
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r33475. Podcast “My jаvascript Story”: 088: Nicholas Zakas 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33557.
Web Development 3r33535. 3r33535. 3r3601.  3r3618. • WordPress 5.0 has been released (with Gutenberg on React), laying the foundation for a new platform 3r3606. 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???.
Progressive web applications: examples and uses for PWA
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r388. Introduction to Background Fetch
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. HTML Canvas API 3r3606 tutorial. 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???.
We are defending the site, as if 1999 is now the
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. Going Offline First (Video series)
 3r3618. • 3r???. 3r3108. Why you should use GatsbyJS to create static
sites. 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r3113. Responsive images using SVG instead of Srcset
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r3118. Interactive repulsion effect with Three.js
3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33535.  3r3618. 3r33525. 3r33526. Tools: 3r33535. 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r3-33132. 16 tips and tricks for DevTools that every CSS
developer should know. 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. screenshoteer: take screenshots and emulate mobile devices directly from the command line 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r3142. CI monitoring tools for frontend
3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33550.  3r3618. 3r33552. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33535.  3r3618. 3r33525. 3r33526. Accessibility:
3r3601.  3r3618. • Developing accessible interfaces 3r3-3606. 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r3164. “D” in the DOM 3r3r6606. 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???.
Available SVG icons with inline sprites
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r3174. What can be learned from the accessibility situation in Gutenberg?
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r3179. Disability is a spectrum, not a binary value
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r3184. A Guide to Web Content Accessibility 2.1 - for those who have not read update 3r3606. 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r33414. 3r3190. Accessibility at a Glance
- A series of short videos from Microsoft developers dedicated to accessibility 3r3-3601.  3r3618. 3r33550.  3r3618. 3r33552. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33557. 3r3r2202. 3r3-3559. Microsoft has officially confirmed that the Edge is moving to the engine Chromium 3r3601.  3r3618. • A variety of browsers starts with us 3r3601.  3r3618. • Chrome 71 web browser release. 3r3601.  3r3618. • The head of Mozilla criticized the transition of Microsoft to Chromium 3r3601.  3r3618. • Qualcomm and Mozilla are working on a Firefox browser for the Windows platform on ARM 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33557.
3r33535. 3r3601.  3r3618. • Painless lint CSS using stylelint 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. Fill the gap between CSS and jаvascript: CSS modules, PostCSS and the future of CSS 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. Venn diagram on CSS 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. Creating switches using CSS variables 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. Programming on CSS 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. How do you name variables for color? 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. A selection of creative text shadows on CSS with CodePen 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33557.
3r33535. 3r3601.  3r3618. • Imba: jаvascript-compatible language for fast work with DOM 3r3601.  3r3618. • Unknown features of jаvascript 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. This year in jаvascript: review 2018 and npm predictions for 2019 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r3303. Should Data Science Specialists Learn jаvascript?
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r3308. Unreliable web applications 3r3r6606. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33535.  3r3618. 3r33525. 3r33526. Releases:
3r3601.  3r3618. • Microsoft implemented IntelliCode for TypeScript /jаvascript and C ++ 3r3601.  3r3618. • Google announced Flutter 1.? the first stable version of the framework on Dart 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r33333. Babel ??? release: private instance methods
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r33333. What's new in Typescript 3.2?
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r33333. Release react-redux ???
3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33550.  3r3618. 3r33552. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33535.  3r3618. 3r33525. 3r33526. Theory:
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r33357. About the composition of functions in jаvascript
3r3601.  3r3618. • jаvascript error handling guide 3r3601.  3r3618. • Why do you have to unsubscribe from Observable? 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. You may not know JS: ideas from the Bible jаvascript 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. Goodbye Transform-Streams, long live ES9 3r3606 asynchronous generators. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33550.  3r3618. 3r33552. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33535.  3r3618. 3r33525. 3r33526. Node: 3r33535. 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???.
How to protect your application on Node.js from malicious dependencies
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. How to use TypeScript to create a Node API with Express 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33550.  3r3618. 3r33552. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33535.  3r3618. 3r33525. 3r3409. 3r33526. VueJS:
3r3601.  3r3618. • VueJS: The arguments for 3r3606. , 3r33417. Arguments against r3r3606. . New videos from Ilya Klimov on jаvascript.Ninja
channel.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r33434. eslint-plugin-vue
- official ESLint plugin for Vue.js
 3r3618. • 3r???. 3r33434. Development on Vue in 2019: what you need to know 3r3606. 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r33434. How to create an application on Vue.js using Single-File Components, without CLI.
3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33550.  3r3618. 3r33552. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33535.  3r3618. 3r33525. 3r3444. 3r33526. React: 3r33527. 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r33450. Create animated applications for React using React Spring
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. Another 10 things that you did not know about the Create React App 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r33460. Tips and tricks for your React-Redux app 3r3606. 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3rr3465. How does React distinguish class from function?
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. Layout components in React using the Context API 3r3606. 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r33475. 3r33476. React Podcast - 31: Hooks are Mixins with Ryan Florence
 3r3618. 3r33550.  3r3618. 3r33552. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33535.  3r3618. 3r33525. 3r33526. Angular:
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r3494. Optimizing Angular Applications
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r3499. How to start working with Angular on Windows
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. Meta programming, high level components and impurities with Angular Ivy 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. Angular Console: What is it and why is it valuable to you? 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r???. Angular progressive web applications: part 2 - lazy download
3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33550.  3r3618. 3r33552. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33535.  3r3618. 3r33525. 3r33526. Libs & Plugins:
3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r? 3531. sharp
- high-performance image processing on Node.js 3r3-3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r33636. 6 jаvascript libraries for user authentication for 2019 3r3606. 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r33535. ForgJs
Easy object validator in jаvascript 3r3-3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r33546. How to fill the database with thousands of users using Knex.js and Faker.js
3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33550.  3r3618. 3r33552. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33557. 3r33558. 3r3-3559. 3r33560.
Entertaining 3r3r6262. 3r33535. 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r3-3566. As an 8-year-old boy, he became the highest-paid YouTube woman of 201? 3r3606. 3r3601.  3r3618. • HackerOne introduced the sandbox for practicing hacking skills 3r3606. 3r3601.  3r3618. •
Chinese dilemma of Google: the history of the development of the Dragonfly search engine and protests against the “threat to the free Internet” 3r3606. 3r3601.  3r3618. •
Official: Google will close the Allo messenger in March 2019 and will focus on developing Messages, Duo and Hangouts for business
3r3601.  3r3618. • Google personalizes the issue even in incognito mode - the DuckDuckGo study. 3r3601.  3r3618. • 3r???. 3r33587. The state of the UX in 2019 is 3r3r6606. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3-3593. We apologize for any typos or broken /duplicate links. If you notice a problem - please write in a personal, we are trying to fix them quickly. 3r? 3594. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3599. Last week's digest
. 3r3601.  3r3618. Material prepared 3r3603. dersmoll
and 3r3605. alekskorovin
. 3r31414. 3r3618. 3r3618. 3r3618. 3r3611. ! function (e) {function t (t, n) {if (! (n in e)) {for (var r, a = e.document, i = a.scripts, o = i.length; o-- ;) if (-1! == i[o].src.indexOf (t)) {r = i[o]; break} if (! r) {r = a.createElement ("script"), r.type = "text /jаvascript", r.async =! ? r.defer =! ? r.src = t, r.charset = "UTF-8"; var d = function () {var e = a.getElementsByTagName ("script")[0]; e. ): d ()}}} t ("//"" "mediator"
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