Digest of interesting materials for mobile developer # 249 (April 9 - April 15)

In the new dive, we have Flippy Bird with the Crown, GDPR, the search for a quadroge, the best open projects, flat icons and measurements of programmers, advertising networks and the fundamentals of data science.
Digest of interesting materials for mobile developer # 249 (April 9 - April 15)


Flippy Bird: - Let's go

This is a story about how to write your game on Corona. The level of entry is minimal (and the botanist from the algebra department will understand).


We defeat the Android Camera2 API using RxJava2

This is the second part of the article, in which I show how the use of RxJava2 helps build logic over an asynchronous API. As such an interface, I chose the Android Camera2 API (and did not regret it!). This API is not only asynchronous, but it also contains unobvious implementation features that are not really described anywhere. So the article will give the reader a double benefit.
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iOS [/b]

A desperate search for a quadrug

We write the plugin for Unity correctly. Part 1: iOS

How to beat a routine, or Finished application in Xcode for a couple of clicks

Episode 0. Hack vs Mac. Xcode build time

Improving performance through access control
Apple screens "Founding" Isaac Asimov
Advanced Auto Layout for adapting the interface for screens and content
Why should data experts start learning Swift
Top 10 Open Source projects on Swift March 2018
Built-in purchases and subscriptions in iOS
20 iOS Tab Bar Open Source UI animations (libraries on Swift and ObjC)
Android [/b]

IntelliJ IDEA 2018.1 - improved code analysis, support for partial commits Git, Android Studio 3.0 and much more

I /O Extended 2018 Moscow: invitation

Android Lifecycle-aware Architecture Components
38 best Open Source Android projects on Java
Google Play started showing the history of all reviews
Using Unity to develop applications
Automate the creation of screenshots using Screengrab
How did I reduce the build time of my Android project by 89%
Android Studio shortcuts that will increase your productivity by 100%
Checklist for the release of Android-application
Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) API is closed in favor of the Firebase Cloud Messaging API
We refactor the old Android projects on Java in Kotlin
Kotlin Sudoku Solver: solver of Sudoku on Kotlin
Development of [/b]

How users teach Yandex to warn about telephone spam

How can you develop two parts of the game in six months and not go crazy

Fourth: the winter internship of developers in Redmadrobot

Procedural generation of labyrinths in Unity

Mixed reality helps to find places for bases on Mars

Figma web-API - an interface that allows you to connect to other tools

Aytrekings, emotions and VR: technology convergence and actual research

Modeling of the aircraft control system
Tap Systems has released the SDK for its keyboard.
Foursquare launched the Places API for start-ups and small businesses
Complete guide to creating a set of flat icons
Laziness, disorganization or bad processes are phrases that kill good projects
Mobile application for eCommerce: how to correctly calculate resources when developing, to increase sales
In the Humble Book Bundle book about the game
Podlodka # 54: How to measure the programmer
Developer's Diary: Babycare №1
Teaching materials and lessons on React Native
Yandex opens a new set in the School of mobile development
React Native on large screens
Xamarin vs React Native vs Ionic
How to make Continuous Integration correctly
How to make a simple application with speech recognition
Flutter beta 2 was released
Test automation tools: an overview of
Animation of horizontal scrolling in React Native
A quick look at WebAssembly Studio
Create a Type Mode for Stories on iOS and Android
5 computer vision technician
The final guide to the internationalization of mobile applications
Analytics, marketing and monetization [/b]

GDPR. Practical advice

Security breaches of mobile applications as a result of insufficient attention of developers
How Sam Altman achieves the productivity of
12 cases that will help you understand the requirements of GDPR
SKAdNetwork from Apple and the future of ad networks
The first quarter of 2018 set a new record for downloads and revenues of applications.
Can the iPhone X fundamentally change mobile marketing?
AppScatter buys Priori Data
The future is beyond the silly applications of
The best mobile advertising networks for monetization and user acquisition
AI, Devices, IoT [/b]

Application of convolutional neural networks for NLP problems.

Development of AI for step-by-step play on Node.js (part 2)

How the Internet of things shifts the analyst to the periphery of
How to improve the graphics in FIFA 18 with the help of deep training
Berkeley opens the course "Fundamentals of Data Science" for all
CometML plans to become GitHub for machine learning
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