The history of one automation project, or how to implement a mixed accounting of fixed assets with a single tool

To us in the company the customer, before which there was a task of inventory of OS has addressed. It would seem that it can be simpler: we take any mobile device on Android, fill it with DataMobile Invent software, we cling to "1C: Accounting 3.0" and voila, the problem is solved! But, as is usually the case, the query "we just need to count and unload into the register" pulled out other nuances of inventory. About how it was, I'll tell you more about this article.
The history of one automation project, or how to implement a mixed accounting of fixed assets with a single tool , phoned, talked. Pairs of letters were enough to understand that our product DataMobile Invent is suitable for them, and we will not invent a bicycle.
Standard Functionality Software DataMobile Inventory of OS Is this:
• Inventory of fixed assets
• Adding a photo of OS
• Write-off of marriage, specifying the reason
• Appointment of a materially responsible person (MOL) and premises /storage areas
• View inventory plan inventory in real time, with the color designation of active positions
• Creating and sending labeling labels

The software provides an additional module RFID, with which you can add the connectivity RFID reader , and then inventory can be carried out at a distance, by reading RF tags from fixed assets. And also there is a functional search for a specific OS and writing a label to the OS card. But in our case this task was not supposed.

Scene two: "Marking of fixed assets from 1C"

The automation of barcode accounting always begins with the marking. We recommended label printer TSC TX200 . The printer is designed for thermal transfer printing, which is important for inventory, because the labels must be printed well and retain their characteristics for a long time, do not fade and do not fade.
To automate the marking process, we used the 1C processing, which allowed
• upload data to the TSD (MOL, premises, OS)
• create labels for printing
• download data from the TSD, while creating inventory documents
• automatically make transfers and write-offs if necessary
Below is an example of such processing and layout of the label:





Scene three: "Mobile device for inventory"

For reading the barcodes it was possible to use even a phone with software DataMobile , but here there was a question of efficiency, all the same the volume of work is not small and nobody wanted to scan until the second coming. Without hesitation, we decided to purchase a mobile data collection terminal . TSD scans bar codes incomparably faster and is designed for corporate use. Device picked up a budget and fresh - then it just appeared on the market - Honeywell EDA50 . Despite the low price, filling it allows you to quickly and without problems handle a large amount of information. TSD EDA50 runs on the Android OS, has a large touch screen and a protected case.
There is no single WiFi network in the office of the radio station, there are various remote rooms, soundproofing studios, etc. However, for our software this is not a problem, it does not require a WiFi network everywhere. The TSD downloads data and performs an inventory, and when it is later connected to a network or PC, it unloads it. Everything is simple and convenient.


Scene four, typical: "We here remember that we forgot"

The customer purchased the necessary equipment and software license, put our processing for 1C, marked the property. Understand with DataMobile Invent for the guys was not difficult. The software is intuitive to the user and ready to go, all instructions are available, integration into basic configurations takes a few minutes. For additional questions, we have online help-desk . In a word, everything went like clockwork.
But somewhere in a month, their IT staff communicates with us and says that radium accounting has new "Wishlist". In the company on account there are still low-value fixed assets (computer mice, keyboards, etc.). Usually, they are already marked with factory barcodes, and how to get them into the inventory process with DataMobile Invent was not entirely clear. Maleness is taken into account in a completely different way, it has its own barcodes, involves the input of quantity (and this is already the specificity of the commodity account), in the accounting department it assumes very different accounting documents.


Scene four: "Any whim for your money"

It was necessary to adapt the exchange processing with 1c for marking "low-value" and loading the result into a regular inventory document. It was also required that the program understand such positions and process it differently. Our developers quickly implemented this revision in the basic program.
In the software package, a revision was implemented, in which the OS with certain attributes (for example, "low-value") were distributed to separate directories. When unloading at TSD document for recalculation, finalization in the software DataMobile Invent made it possible to understand that if it is an object with the attribute "low value", then the quantity input for this item is made available. If the item was from the list of ordinary OS, the input of the quantity in the mobile application remained inactive.
After inventorying, when unloading results in 1C, the completion from 1C automatically distributed everything according to the appropriate documents in accordance with the OS type:
filling of different documents of inventory sheets according to OS
documents of transfer or write-off, depending on the type of OS
In a week, with the help of DataMobile Invent the client was able to start working with "low-value" OS. All the inventory accounting can be managed centrally with the help of one program, and upload the result to the required accounting documents. Just magic!


As a result, the customer received a means of operational accounting of fixed assets, including low-value, using a single software tool. The launch of a fully automated inventory process from scratch, taking into account all the necessary improvements for the needs of the client - 1 month.
How convenient it is for the company, and what the customer himself says, see the video about the project:

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