Tips for launching the mobile game: Part ? Global launch

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After you conducted a soft launch of your game, got the first data and feedback and made the necessary changes to the application, it's time to prepare for a global launch. Many people think that it is very difficult to organize correctly. But there are steps that you can take to make things go smoothly. Let's consider them.
Tips for launching the mobile game: Part ? Global launch  

Set yourself goals

In the first week or month you will come across opportunities that you will never see again in the life cycle of the game - be prepared and do not miss them.
For example, you will find that the lowest CPI will be at the beginning of the global launch - additional marketing like PR and reviews in application stores increases the number of organic users. During this period, you will have many different channels for interacting with users - they are watching your advertisement and simultaneously reading a review or seeing banners in the application store. This increases the likelihood of installing the application, which in turn reduces the CPI.

Define the launch strategy

Advertising creative
During the global launch, I recommend using rule 10 + 10 - to develop at least 10 unique advertising videos and 10 static concepts that can double for both ads and for endcards.
At this stage, do not be afraid to experiment a little with creatives. Imagine that you are an advertising agency, and try high-concept video and other cool stuff. Here's a good rule: let 50% of your creatives show the gameplay, and the other 50% will try something unusual.
In addition to video and static ads, I, as a big fan of playable ads, consider them to be a key part of the standard game launch process. I recommend that you have one or two playable ads to start the launch.
If you develop creatives on your own, give your team at least 8 weeks to create them.
Alternatively, or in addition to your own creativity, you can also use the capabilities of ad networks - they can develop free video and playable ads for free. For example, one ad network has developed several playable ads for our new Battlejack game, which have shown excellent results. Networks are usually willing to help in a creative strategy, because they know that then you are more likely to spend more money from them. Below we will take a closer look at how to use playable ads.
The best thing you can do is immediately start the A /B test. Some creatives can work well in terms of user conversion (showing higher CTR and conversion rates), but they will not necessarily lead the right users when it comes to interacting with the application or early metrics, such as completing a tutorial, and monetizing.
It is important to first analyze the entire funnel to determine which creatives will work. Before you have enough data, you can distribute traffic based on metrics from impression to conversion. In a few days you will be able to understand how each creative monetizes users, and maximize profitability. Work closely with your ad networks so that they can help you in the optimization process.
Advertising sources
It is best to use 8 to 10 channels, which work well for you and previously made a profit. You can include several new sources that you have not previously used, but they should not exceed 20% of your budget.
If you are working with an advertising network, get your goals to them so that they can find and use profitable sources. Nevertheless, do not forget to reserve part of the budget for a new supply with high yield - for example, some publishers may surprise you with good results that you did not expect.
Be sure to include bad publishers in the black list before starting. If you have already run several games, you probably have a list of publishers you want to add to the blacklist. You can also ask about this ad network with which you work. Try to focus, as the budget is limited and you can lose a lot of money.
Optimization of
Plan to optimize the first publishers and optimize bids on all networks on Monday and Friday. We call this stage "Stop bloodshed". Ask yourself: "Do we overstate the stakes in any country? Do we use the budget until the end? Are there any bad publishers on which we spend a lot? "
To identify a bad publisher, watch for any deviation in the retention of the first day or in the early events of the game, such as completing the tutorial. If you see that a particular source or ad network is lagging behind these indicators, lower the bid or remove them from the launch.
After a week of data collection, postpone the optimization of the early activities of the funnel and focus on optimizing paying users and optimizing based on profitability.
If you are working with an advertising network, ask them to understand your goals so that they can optimize your advertising as much as possible. Give them clear indicators of success and ways to achieve goals. Tell me, if they can reach a certain ROI by the 7th day, then you can continue to increase and increase your expenses. This motivates them to take the time to help you achieve this goal.
As for ROAS (return on advertising costs), you can use early indicators, such as completing a tutorial, sessions or retention, to predict what will be the return of these measurements.
Wise words
Clear your calendar on the starting week! It will be insane, and you may have to work on the weekend.

Use playable ads in the global launch of


Playable ad, developed for our Battlejack game, had a very high engagement rate and IPM (setups per thousand impressions), and showed results twice as good as our ordinary video advertising. Since playable ads worked in the same place as the videos, we were able to reduce the video ads rate by 2 times and transfer this traffic to playable - this allowed us to scale very quickly and achieve our goals.
Interactive advertising works well, because it meets the overall strategy and goals of launching. You want to attract users who know what they will get before they install the application. In this case, they pass the tutorial even before they install the game itself. Thus, you do not pay for users who do not like the application.
This will also allow you to exceed the eCPM of your competitors (eCPM = CPI x install rate). By competitors, I mean other marketers who compete for the same users. If your numbers exceed them, then you will most likely acquire these users. This way you can bet faster and, in the end, scale faster.

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Warren Woodward is director of UA in NEXON M, a division in San Francisco, the largest mobile gaming company in Korea and one of the ten largest in the world. Their hits include games such as DomiNations, Titanfall: Assault and Battlejack.
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