The perfect way to go offline from online

The perfect way to go offline from online
A typical payment process for a real-world order, which I recently took:
(At the seller /in the online store I requested the number Z and provided everything that is needed for the personal price.)
- Hi. I want to pay and pick up the order number Z. - says the client and approaches the seller.
- Just a minute. Says the seller. The seller opens an online store system, copies the data and prints a piece of paper. "Now to the cashier and then back to me."
The client goes to the cashier, admiring the assortment of the store.
For iOS
For Android

Solution in US conditions

We take Paypal Here and a compatible printer.
It provides the required API is .
Fortunately, the PayPal Here application can print checks on a bluetooth printer.
All in one: Cash register, terminal and printer.
For a week, screwed the necessary API in the admin panel and launched this case on the iPad. Everything is great.
Yes, this is the same terminal , which we can not use in Russia.

Returning to the reality of Russia

I have not found a single solution that could completely solve the issue the way it was for a store in the US.
Let me assume the following:
Please: Atol, Evo, Cashier module, Yandex.Kassa, 2Can, all who are listed in article , "Cashier I do not know," add the Custom Scheme API to your application.
If someone knows solutions for the harsh reality, I will be glad to cooperate. Share your observations below in the comments.
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