Numerical solution of mathematical models of objects given by systems of differential equations


Mathematical modeling of a number of technical devices uses systems of differential nonlinear equations. Such models are used not only in technology, they are used in economics, chemistry, biology, medicine, management.
The study of the operation of such devices requires the solution of the above systems of equations. Since the bulk of such equations are non-linear and non-stationary, it is often impossible to obtain their analytical solution.
There is a need to use numerical methods, the most famous of which is the Runge-Kutta method[1]. As for Python, in publications ...[/h]
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Modeling of the aircraft control system

Modeling of the aircraft control system  


In the previous article[1]we looked at some of the features of the Python Control Systems Library application for designing control systems. However, recently the design of control systems using state variables has been widely used, which greatly simplifies the calculations.
Therefore, in this article, for example, the management system from the publication[2]we consider a simplified model of the autopilot using state variables and tf, ss functions of the Control library.

Physical principles of the operation of the autopilot and the system of flight equations

Equations ...[/h][/h]
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