Multi-page SPA on Python

3r3-31. Bridge between Python and React 3r31036.  
An owl is a nano-framework that can be embedded into other frameworks. 3r31036.  
Picture from, which runs 3 http servers: 3r31036. - just Falcon - just Django - just Python (login: ? password: 1)
There are source codes and installation instructions. There is no advertising. 3r31036.  
Multi-page SPA on Python 3r31036.  
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How to create a chat bot for VKontakte using Python, Django and webhook

 3r3-3589. 3r3-31. 3r? 3569. Why another article about creating a chat bot? 3r33570. 3r? 3577.  3r3-3589. Maybe I was looking badly, but I could not find a detailed guide to creating a python bot using the Django framework and the webhook approach, which is hosted by a Russian company. Most of the materials speak about the use of the Flask framework and the use of free Heroku and PythonAnywhere hosting sites. The experience of the Habr community helps me, so I decided to spend time writing this article as a sign of gratitude. I will describe the practical experience gained so as to enable everyone ...
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Migrating a non-downgrade database schema for postgresql using the example of django

 3r31644. 3r3-31.
Introduction 3r31473. 3r? 31506.  3r31644. 3r? 31508. Hi, Habr!
3r? 31506.  3r31644. 3r? 31508. I want to share the experience of writing migrations for postgres and django. This is mainly about postgres, django is a good complement here, since it automatically migrates the data schema for model changes out of the box, that is, has a fairly complete list of work operations for changing the schema. Django can be replaced with any favorite framework /library - approaches are likely to be similar.
3r? 31506.  3r31644. 3r? 31508. I will not describe how I came to this, but now, reading ...
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The author of Python no longer leads the development. Will this language make it better or worse?

3r3-31. The entire Python community hopes that it will not adversely affect the ecosystem. But this alone is not enough. For example, we consider it important to support the community and, as one of the events, we are holding a large conference called Moscow Python Conf ++. There we can discuss this and other important issues. In the meantime, I’ll partially introduce you to the Program Committee. And he asked them a few questions that will open up their views on the ecosystem and tell people about their professional achievements. 3r33590.  
In addition to the title question, I asked ...
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Configure Web Push Notifications using pywebpush step by step

Configure Web Push Notifications using pywebpush step by step

Why another guide?

When I was asked to make a draft version of push notifications, a quick search showed that there are already a lot of articles on setting up push notifications. Here are the most, in my opinion, suitable:
How JS works: web push notifications
Web PUSH Notifications is fast and simple924 /
Service Workers. Web Push and where they live
This is all fine, but personally I really lacked a simple and understandable manual that would allow at once, practically using the copy-paste method, to make everything work right away. Well, in addition, among the guides ...[/h]
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Conference PyCon Russia 2018: video of all presentations and presentations

Conference PyCon Russia 2018: video of all presentations and presentationsJuly 22-23 was the sixth conference for python programmers PyCon Russia . Under the cut - a lot of videos, presentations and photos. And look at the report video - in it briefly about how PyConRu-2018 passed.

channel IT-People on YouTube.
Almost all presentations of the reports are collected on Yandex.Diske .
Photos from the conference can be found in the group VKontakte , in Facebook and at ...
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In the arms of Python (only for women)

In the arms of Python (only for women)I, as always, did not intend to, when in the news line VKontakte suddenly saw a message that tomorrow the last day for submitting applications for Django Girls in St. Petersburg - a master class on programming in Python for women. I usually read these messages when registration for an event is already closed. I have a special luck on such matters - to find out about the event the day after its completion. Therefore, when I realized that there was a real opportunity to get to the free Python training, I quickly filled out the application, just in case I booked the hotel and waited.
I think I ...
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PYCON RUSSIA program is ready: 25 reports and 3 workshops from speakers from Google, Red Hat, Yelp, Yandex

PYCON RUSSIA program is ready: 25 reports and 3 workshops from speakers from Google, Red Hat, Yelp, YandexRemained a little less than two weeks before the sixth Russian PyConRu . The conference will be held on July 22-23 at the Cronwell Hotel, Yakhonti Tarusa, 95 km from Moscow (there will be a transfer to the venue and back).
Now the program includes 25 papers and 3 workshops. In addition, for the first time in Russia we will conduct the Core Development Panel. Three Python Core Developer: Yuri Selivanov (EdgeDB, Canada), Andrei Svetlov (aiohttp, Ukraine) and Christian Heimes (Red Hat, Germany) will answer any questions from the audience: about the future of python, about problems, community ...
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Creating management commands in Django

Management commands - commands executed from the command line using the script.
The most common areas of application are actions that are performed one-time or intermittently, but for which the launch through the scheduler is for some reason not available. For example, sending users single messages, retrieving data from the database, checking for the presence of necessary files and folders before rolling updates, quickly creating model objects during development, etc.
documentation .
Parsing of command-line arguments there, alas, is practically not disclosed. Those wishing ...
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Preliminary program PyConRu-2018: three Python Core Developer'a, speakers from Google, Yelp, Red Hat, Yandex

Preliminary program PyConRu-2018: three Python Core Developer'a, speakers from Google, Yelp, Red Hat, YandexHello, Habr!
July 22-23 in 95 km. from Moscow there will pass the sixth Russian conference for python-programmers PYCON RUSSIA 2018 .
Already in the program: Yuri Selivanov (Python Core Developer, EgdeDB, Canada), Andrey Svetlov (Python Core Developer, Ukraine), Christian Heimes (Python Core Developer, Red Hat, Germany), Melanie Warrick (Google, USA), Stephan Jaensch Yelp, Germany), Kate Heddleston (Shift, USA), Alejandro Saucedo (Eigen Technologies, United Kingdom), Vadim Pushtaev (Mail.Ru), Marina Kamalova (Yandex). If you want to join as a speaker, there are a few more days to ...
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