Unity3D ECS and Job System

In Unity3D with the release of version 201? it became possible to use the native (for Unity) ECS system, flavored with multithreading in the form of the Job System. Materials on the Internet are not very many (a couple of projects from Unity Technologies themselves and a couple of training videos on YouTube). I tried to realize the scale and convenience of ECS, making a small project not from cubes and buttons. Before that, I did not have the ECS design experience, so I spent two days studying materials and rebuilding my thinking with the PLO, the day went off on an admiring approach, and another one or two days - on project development, fighting Unity, pulling out hair and smoking samples . The article contains a bit of theory and a small example of a project.
Unity3D ECS and Job System  
article with a review most famous. It also describes the pros and cons of this approach to architecture.
From myself I can add such a plus as the purity of the code. I started by trying to implement the movement in one system. The number of dependency components grew rapidly, and I had to divide the code into small and convenient systems. And they can easily be re-used in another project.
The project code is here:
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Andrea 14 June 2018 15:30
I learned a lot about the job system from this article. It made my conscience clear, why I should work for AustralianWritings and why I am agood fit to them. But I don’t understand the thing about Unity 3D ECS.

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