Game to improve the quality of Wikipedia

Today, a beta version of the online WikiBest game was announced, which is part of the research on data quality in Wikipedia. It is noteworthy that at present the game allows you to compare the quality of data in 5 language versions of Wikipedia: Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish, English. In the near future it is planned to expand the number of languages.
Game to improve the quality of Wikipedia
automatic quality assessment articles in this free encyclopedia. However, a large number of problems still remain to be solved. For example, how to automatically evaluate or compare the quality of individual facts in different language versions on the same topic.
In Wikipedia, each article can have several language versions (even more than 200). On the one hand, it simplifies access to information to individual language communities. On the other hand, this can create difficulties in determining better information, because each of these versions can be created and edited independently of each other. For example, readers and editors of the English version of the article on Yekaterinburg do not need to know what is written about this city in the Russian version of Wikipedia, although it can be expected that the information may be of better quality in the latter (of course, not in all cases this rule works; )).
The game WikiBest is designed to build algorithms for automatically comparing the quality of data between individual language versions of articles based on the decisions of users (players) in the future using machine learning and artificial intelligence. This can help to choose more complete, up-to-date and reliable information that could enrich other language versions of Wikipedia.
The address of the game is
The first short video-lecture on how WikiBest works:
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Rapha 2 August 2018 09:11
Great work! How about adding other languages? ;)

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