UE4 | Cycle day and night | Modification of SkySphere

UE4 | Cycle day and night | Modification of SkySphere The change of day and night often rises among users. And if by itself the movement of the sun is simple enough to achieve more or less realistic work *** SkySphere *** is already much more complicated.
In this article, I do not plan to show all possible ways of changing the orientation of
with the seasons and precession. On this topic, in my opinion, enough materials. Someone does this through
, I also use
C ++
, so that the clock ticking on the server and periodically (every few seconds) synchronized the client's clock. At the same time, no traffic occurs on the server. It is not a masterful business, to move the sun across the sky.
Next, I'll talk about the problems that arise and show my version of upgrading the standard
for its correct work with the day cycle.

Material [/b]







Now everything works as conceived by the Creator, in this case by me. It remains only to fine-tune the control curves, but overall it looks good already.
If there are ideas how to make it easier, please share. I will be grateful.
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