How to make an automatic update of the online game client

In this article, I'll talk about how I made the auto-update system of the client-based online game. Reference to the source code (Delphi) at the end of the article. In fact, I implemented this feature in two of my games, and if the first pancake came out a little lumpy (in the game Spectromancer), then the second implementation turned out to be very convenient and effective. This is my first article on Habr, so do not hit hard, but rather point out the shortcomings in the comments :)

The game update algorithm is

Verify the version to be updated.
Downloading the list of files of the current version.
Downloading new or modified files to a temporary folder.
Installing the update - bringing the installed client's files into compliance with the list.
Running the updated client.
(compiled in Delphi-2006 /Turbo Delphi, I can not vouch for other compilers).
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