Frostpunk: disassemble the mechanics

Frostpunk: disassemble the mechanics  
The creators of This War of Mine made another Slavic game with the intriguing name Frostpunk. That is steampunk in the Arctic. The plot is as follows: 188? global climate change, winter has gone from the equator and swallowed up all the cities of the world. Britain foresaw this and sent several expeditions north in huge dreadnought machines. Life is only possible around coal-fired generators.
Your task is to build the last city on earth.
The main question is how far you are ready to go so that your people can survive. For example, can corpses be used for fertilizer in greenhouses? If a generator breaks down, you need to sacrifice valuable resources, or maybe send it in through a small hole in a child? Does violence apply if someone bothers the city? Risk life scouts for the sake of resources?
The game has excellent igomekhanicheskie solutions and obvious fakapy that will not make the mechanics popular. Let's figure it out.
endorphin flux . Almost no respite. Imagine an RPG where, with each new level, your hero does less and less damage, and is forced to compensate for this by pumping skills. That is what you are playing every game. It is simply not being presented as “you have become worse,” but as “the monsters have become stronger, the treasures are greater, and the prices have risen.” That is the same from the point of view of the model, just another wrapper. And this wrapper changes everything. In Frostpank, you are not getting better a little faster than the world around you, and the world around you gets worse a little bit faster than you.
Frostpank would be very good if he had not made high entry requirements. It is not clear why 11bit made a balance that almost did not forgive mistakes. Perhaps this is part of hardcore, and someone will like it. But in the same r3r3245. Factorio
there was hardcore too, but there was no such thing. There are a couple of logical inconsistencies, for example, the use of heaters and steam centers.
However, when everything collapses, there is not enough resources for anything and in general you want to start anew or run away from the game - this is how it fully pays off with the perfect completion of the script. You are shown your city from a bird's-eye view in a time-lapse: you can see how it developed. And they tell his short story, which includes the main important events and the opinion of residents about them. In this music background is very different from the style of passage.
For the sake of feeling “good” endings of scenarios, I want to return to the game a couple of extra times.
All the rest (except economy) is incredibly good. There are a lot of small finds from the warming in the interface (when the screen is fogging inside) before making a choice between different laws on the “metro map”. It is very wild that you decide how far you can go in the struggle for survival. And now, unlike TWoM, this is supported not only by the player’s feelings, but also by mechanics. The attention to detail is tremendous: from how the triumph of faith in two pictures is shown to the signatures with the professions of people against the background of the main menu.
This is how the scene begins [/b]
And so ends (spoiler) [/b]
And, of course, this is a high-quality steampunk with the world, in which there is a good internal logic. Therefore - I recommend to all those who love the strange, and those who are engaged in the development of games. It is worth looking at Frostpank as a work of art, and not a piece with which you can play for a long time. He is like a good book that excites the imagination.
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