"Monsters in games or making fear diverse"

 3r3309. 3r3-31.
The series of articles “monstropedia” Part 2 3-33-318.
 3r3309. "Monsters in games or making fear diverse"
Often, developers resort to simple solutions to create the illusion of a variety of opponents in the game. Repaint the monster, change the color of the flame, pull a new skin on the old creature and add thorns /horns /teeth /paws, but the famous phrase says “You can't teach the old dog new tricks” 3-333298.
 3r3309. Players want a variety of game situations, a new sensation from the game, a new gameplay. The developer wants to give it to the player, but with little blood, as a result, the players are unhappy because ...
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Creating a game "Like coins" on Godot Engine. Part 1

 3r38080. 3r3-31.
"Godot Engine" is developing very fast and winning the hearts of game developers from around the world. Perhaps this is the most friendly and easy-to-learn tool for creating games, and to make sure of this, we will try to make a small 2D game. For a good understanding of the game development process, you should start with 2D games - this will reduce the threshold for entering a more serious game development. Although the transition to 3D itself is not as difficult as it may seem, because most of the functions in Godot Engine can be successfully used in both 2D and 3D. 3r33469...
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“Monsters in games or how to create fear”

 3r3114. 3r3-31.
“Monsters in games or how to create fear” 3r31-10. 3r3-300.  3r3114. Opponents, one of the key figures, without which this or that game can lose its meaning, and when these enemies are also monsters, they create the atmosphere that the creators invest. It is hard to imagine Silent Hill without a pyramid-headed, outlast - without Chris Walker and so on, the principle is clear. Monsters are a collective image of the enemy in the game, it can be not only an ugly demon or giant spiders, even an evil neighbor, like Hello Neighbor, is a monster, despite the appearance of a man. 3r3-300.  3r3114. 3r3-300.  3r3114. 3r375. Reaching this ...
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Create puzzle games on Puzzle Script

Create puzzle games on Puzzle Script 3r33055. 3r3-31. Puzzle Script is a minimalistic game engine for creating puzzles for HTML? has open source. Examples of ready-made games can be viewed here is . 3r33040.  3r33055. 3r33040.  3r33055.

Part 1. Create the first game on Puzzle Script.

3r33040.  3r33055. 3r31412. Puzzle Script
- is a free online program that is used to create puzzle games. She is best known for creating push puzzles like my The Nodus . In this part we will create a game by examining the basic functions of the Puzzle Script, and in the next we proceed to programming. 3r33040.  3r33055. 3r33040.  3r33055...[/h]
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Frostpunk: disassemble the mechanics

Frostpunk: disassemble the mechanics  
The creators of This War of Mine made another Slavic game with the intriguing name Frostpunk. That is steampunk in the Arctic. The plot is as follows: 188? global climate change, winter has gone from the equator and swallowed up all the cities of the world. Britain foresaw this and sent several expeditions north in huge dreadnought machines. Life is only possible around coal-fired generators.
Your task is to build the last city on earth.
The main question is how far you are ready to go so that your people can survive. For example, can corpses be used for fertilizer in greenhouses? If a generator ...
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How to create a game AI: guide for beginners

 3r31095. 3r3-31. How to create a game AI: guide for beginners 3r31084. 3r31081.  3r31095. 3r33973. What is AI?
3r31081.  3r31095. Game AI focuses on what actions the object must perform, based on the conditions in which it is located. This is usually called the management of “smart agents”, where the agent is a game character, a vehicle, a bot, and sometimes something more abstract: a whole group of entities or even civilization. In each case, this is a thing that must see its environment, make decisions on its basis and act in accordance with them. This is called the Sense /Think /Act cycle (Feel /Think /Act): 3r31081.  3r31095. 3r31081.  3r31095...
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I study Rust: How I made the game "Snake"

I study Rust: How I made the game "Snake" 3r3618.  3r33625. I recently started learning the Rust programming language, and since when I learn a new language I make on it. The Snake I decided to make her own. 3r3618.  3r33625. For 3D graphics, the 3r3r11 library was used. Three.rs
which is the port of the Three.js
library.  3r33625. → Code 3r3618.  3r33625. → Download and play 3r3618.  3r33625. 3r3618.  3r33625.
3r3618.  3r33625. 3r3618.  3r33625. 3r3331.
Screenshot game [/b] 3r3334. 3r3335. 3r3618.  3r33625.
3r3618.  3r33625. 3r3618.  3r33625.
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How to create a roguelike

 3r31430. 3r3-31.
How to create a roguelike 3r31426. 3r31418.  3r31430. I always wanted to write a detailed beginner's guide on how to create a roguelike, containing both general and more specific tips. Held this year Another holiday Roguelike Celebration It seemed to me a great opportunity to finally force myself to do it, so I prepared a half-hour report on this topic. 3r31418.  3r31430. 3r31418.  3r31430. I have quite a lot of experience - during the last seven years I have worked only in this genre ( Cogmind , Cogmind 7DRL ...
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The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 273 (October 29 - November 4)

3r3-31. After a short vacation, we return with a new digest about the development of the best applications. In the next selection of new devices and APIs from Apple, applications in the oil and gas industry, indi-development and ASO. 3r33333.  
The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 273 (October 29 - November 4)
3r3335. 3r318.
3r340. As we made a system for mobile rounds in SIBUR
When it comes to the coordinated work of any technically complex production, the importance of safety is difficult to overestimate. And if we are talking about the petrochemical sphere, all the more so. Here, security involves a whole ...
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Fallout 76

Fallout 76self-destruct beta. 3r3148. 3r3-31. 3r33130.  3r3148.“PC players # Fallout76 B.E.T.A .: We are aware of the problems with the client and deal with it. Please do not click any buttons in the client-launcher yet. ”3r3-33130.  3r3148. - Bethesda support (@BethesdaSupport) October 3? 201 The instructive story, which caused a lot of noise, happened this week with the company Bethesda. Bethesda games have always been famous for a lot of bugs ; Today, the company continues to follow the precepts of Buggerfall (TES II Daggerfall) and, it seems, this time it was able to reach a new level. 3r33130.  3r3148. 3r33130...
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