Slicer of personal experience: development, pool requisition, commits, soft skills

Slicer of personal experience: development, pool requisition, commits, soft skills
Hello, Habrahabr! In this article I will share my opinion about the development of software. In information technology, I was not so long ago, but I developed a strong attitude towards development, beginning with the names of commits and ending with clarifying the requirements for the task. and ,
draw up a list.
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Commit to merge

When you are working on new changes, you are doing this ...[/h][/h]
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Collection of css shadows Box-shadows.css

Hello everybody!
Surely, some of you noticed that different sites use almost identical shadows in blocks, navigation bars and other containers, plus - minus a couple of pixels in the direction of transparency. I analyzed a number of popular sites, both ours and foreign ones, and tried to collect the most approximate parameters of the shadows used in one large collection, or library. To whom as it is more convenient. I hope someone will come in handy. The main goal of the project is to make it easier for novice web designers and developers to create a pleasant and modern design. Maybe experienced ...
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Business Insider: Microsoft is in talks to buy GitHub

Business Insider: Microsoft is in talks to buy GitHub  
The other day, journalists of the Business Insider have received from unofficial sources information that Microsoft is in talks with GitHub about its possible purchase. The amount is not known, but in 2015 GitHub was estimated at about $ 2 billion. Then the investment fund Sequoia Capital invested about $ 250 million into the start-up. At present, the price of GitHub can be much higher and make up $ 5 billion or more. Is Microsoft willing to pay such a price? It's not clear yet.
In August, ex-CEO Chris Vanstrakh said that the company receives an annual income of about $ 200 million. The company's ...
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Deploy the webpack application to using Travis CI

There is an application generated using create-react-app . You need to deploy it to

The problem is that Github Pages only works with static code and Jekyll.

here . You need to set the environment variable in the project settings on  
keep-history - without this option, the repository will in fact be created every time anew (push -f) and it will be impossible to track the history. With him, everything will be pokommitno (roughly as I described it in the section "manual demo").  
local-dir - After the ...
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15 tips for working with Github

15 tips for working with Github
I've been developing software for 10 years, participated in several open source projects and in numerous non-open source projects, I worked in large and small teams, and everywhere we used Github as a versioning repository.
During this time I have tried different work processes, and I want to share tips on how to build an effective and pragmatic workflow to create and maintain quality software that can be used in any project.
on the site . The majority of open source projects adhere to this process, with small variations.
Github Flow is very flexible in the sense that it does not ...
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Why programmer Continuous Integration and where to start

Imagine that Roskosmos decided to assemble a new rocket without having drawings and a clear understanding of how the missile should be arranged. A separate plant is engaged in the missile body, a separate engine produces engines, another one - nozzles. The chief manager of Roskosmos said that he trusts professionals, and expertly delegated all the work to the factories.
Why programmer Continuous Integration and where to start  
A year later all the components are delivered to the main assembly shop, and it turns out that the engine does not enter the housing, and the nozzles begin to melt even when the engine starts up.
To prevent such a thing, real ...
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Modify the player Vanilla Music for Android (part 2)

In the past article we figured out how to add to the player with open source. Vanilla Music the ability to switch tracks with the volume keys, if this device is in your pocket (for example). In this article, we continue to modify the main idea for which the following idea served - how you can switch tracks without touching the smartphone, without unlocking it - in general with minimal effort.
(Proximity sensor) . The essence of the idea is to switch the track when there is ...
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For beginners: 5 tips for GitHub

For beginners: 5 tips for GitHubIn October this year, I celebrated my fifth anniversary in GitHub. 5 years ago I was an accountant who knew nothing about programming, not to mention the use of Git and GitHub.
Now I'm a Data Scientist enthusiast who knows some things about writing code using Git & GitHub. Partly thanks to the study of these technologies, I made this career transition.
But even working in GitHub, it was difficult to learn Git and GitHub! So I want to share 5 tips on using GitHub with other people, new programmers.

Tip # 1: Use the editor associated with Git

For many people, a text editor when ...[/h]
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Conference DEFCON 18. "How I met with your girlfriend, or a new kind of Internet attacks." Sami Kamkar

Conference DEFCON 18. "How I met with your girlfriend, or a new kind of Internet attacks." Sami KamkarI will tell you about the development and implementation of a completely new kind of hacker attacks that will help me to meet with your girlfriend. But first a little about yourself.
My name is Sami Kamkar, I'm investigating security issues, but not professionally, but for my own pleasure, like most of those present here. I am known as the "Narcissistic Vulnerability Pimp", or "pimper of a narcissistic vulnerability", I am the author of the Samy Worm virus, created on MySpace several years ago, and one of the founders of IP PBX Fonality. I'm also called Chick Magnet, "a magnet for chickens," ...
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Conference DEFCON 21. "The Secret Life of SIM cards." Erik Butler, Carl Kosher

My name is Erik Butler, and this is Carl Kosher, and we want to talk with you about reading, creating, downloading and using the code on SIM cards. This project started last year, when I learned about the Tourcamp 201? a hacker camp on the coast of Washington, such an off-road DEFCON'e. No hotels, life in outdoor tents, it was already the second camp, I really liked the first one, I invited my friends and we decided to go there. This event was dedicated to the launch of the GSM network in several areas of the United States, and my task was to obtain several SIM-cards for this.
Conference DEFCON 21. "The Secret Life of SIM cards." Erik Butler, Carl Kosher ...
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