Protection of repositories on GitHub from malicious commits

Protection of repositories on GitHub from malicious commitsMozilla tries to protect its repositories on GitHub from malicious changes. As shown by the recent incident with Gentoo , such attacks are real.
Today 28 June at approximately 20:20 UTC unknown individuals have gained control of the Github Gentoo organization, and modified the content of repositories as well as pages there. More see link.
- Gentoo Linux (@ gentoo) June 2? 2018
Initially Mozilla used GitHub as a spare hosting. Like Gentoo, the original repositories ...
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T2F: a project for converting text into a face drawing using depth learning

T2F: a project for converting text into a face drawing using depth learning  
The project code is available in repositories


When I read the descriptions of the appearance of characters in books, I always wondered how they would look in life. It is quite possible to imagine a person as a whole, but the description of the most notable details is a complex task, and the results vary from person to person. Many times I could not imagine anything other than a very blurry face from the character to the very end of the work. Only when the book is turned into a film, a blurry face is filled with details. For example, I never could imagine exactly how Rachel's ...[/h]
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Code coverage: how to improve the quality of testing

Our colleague, Scott Hanselman, continues to study testing and code coverage in the .NET Core. He has already talked about some tools for improving the quality of testing, and today he talks about one more: AltCover . Look under the cut!
Code coverage: how to improve the quality of testing
I pass the word Scott Hanselman .
Earlier this week I got acquainted with coverlet . There is also a well-respected tool OpenCover and ...
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Version control of individual files using GitHub Gist

Version control of individual files using GitHub Gist
It often happens that the developer is accumulating a certain collection of code with time, which he uses in his projects.
He uses some scripts in some projects, others in others.
These scripts are improved with time, bugs are cleaned, optimized. Therefore the question arises, How to synchronize new versions of scripts with those that are in projects .
There are several options:
The first variant:
Create one repository and put all the scripts there. Then this repository is connected as a submodule to the project and is used.
The project copies all scripts including ...
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Version control inside SQL Server'a

Version control inside SQL Server'a Julia : So, who changed my procedure yesterday?
Lyosha : not I
Maxim : not I
- Guys, can Git get?
Серёжа : It is high time!
2 weeks have passed
Julia : Rebyyayat?
- Yul, and you did not commit?
Julia : damn no ( .
That's how it all began. Well and what, each character and each line to commit?
And maybe all this will happen by itself?) At this moment
begin to come to mind.  
DDL triggers ...
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Today Mislav Marohnić announced that , that the developers of Github got rid of jQuery on the frontend of It would seem, in this very fact there is nothing remarkable, if not for one interesting moment.
The problem of choosing a new front-end framework was solved radically - it was decided to do without frameworks in principle. Instead, the following tools were used:
querySelectorAll (which was supposedly inspired by jQuery at one time),
fetch to work with AJAX,
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Slicer of personal experience: development, pool requisition, commits, soft skills

Slicer of personal experience: development, pool requisition, commits, soft skills
Hello, Habrahabr! In this article I will share my opinion about the development of software. In information technology, I was not so long ago, but I developed a strong attitude towards development, beginning with the names of commits and ending with clarifying the requirements for the task. and ,
draw up a list.
• British cats -
• Cats anatomy -




Commit to merge

When you are working on new changes, you are doing this ...[/h][/h]
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Collection of css shadows Box-shadows.css

Hello everybody!
Surely, some of you noticed that different sites use almost identical shadows in blocks, navigation bars and other containers, plus - minus a couple of pixels in the direction of transparency. I analyzed a number of popular sites, both ours and foreign ones, and tried to collect the most approximate parameters of the shadows used in one large collection, or library. To whom as it is more convenient. I hope someone will come in handy. The main goal of the project is to make it easier for novice web designers and developers to create a pleasant and modern design. Maybe experienced ...
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Business Insider: Microsoft is in talks to buy GitHub

Business Insider: Microsoft is in talks to buy GitHub  
The other day, journalists of the Business Insider have received from unofficial sources information that Microsoft is in talks with GitHub about its possible purchase. The amount is not known, but in 2015 GitHub was estimated at about $ 2 billion. Then the investment fund Sequoia Capital invested about $ 250 million into the start-up. At present, the price of GitHub can be much higher and make up $ 5 billion or more. Is Microsoft willing to pay such a price? It's not clear yet.
In August, ex-CEO Chris Vanstrakh said that the company receives an annual income of about $ 200 million. The company's ...
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Deploy the webpack application to using Travis CI

There is an application generated using create-react-app . You need to deploy it to

The problem is that Github Pages only works with static code and Jekyll.

here . You need to set the environment variable in the project settings on  
keep-history - without this option, the repository will in fact be created every time anew (push -f) and it will be impossible to track the history. With him, everything will be pokommitno (roughly as I described it in the section "manual demo").  
local-dir - After the ...
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