MongoDB Go Driver tutorial

 3r33535. 3r3-31. 3r33535. Good news! Official go driver for mongoDB released in beta. After some thought, I decided to translate 3r335. Article 3-33547. from the official mongoDB site instead of writing the material yourself. Here is what will happen in this tutorial: 3r3-3550. 3r33548.  3r33535.
Installing mongo-go-driver
Connect to mongoDB using mongo-go-driver
Using BSON facilities
Using CRUD methods
 3r33535. MongoDB Go Driver tutorial ...
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C vs Go cycles and simple math

 3r3152. 3r3-31. When I was tired of C programming, like many, I was interested in the Go language. It is strongly typed, compiled, therefore sufficiently productive. And then I wanted to find out how confused the Go creators were on optimizing the work with cycles and numbers.
 3r3152. To begin with, we look at how things are with C.
 3r3152. We write such a simple code:
3r3152. #include
3r3152. 3r3152. int main ()
uint64_t i; 3r3152. uint64_t j = 0; 3r3152. for (i = 1?00?000; i> 0; i--)
j ^ = i; 3r3152.}
printf ("% lun", j); 3r3152. return 0; ...
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Evolution of Backend as a Service: The Second Coming Scorocode

Hello, Habr.
We break the long silence and announce the release of the second version of Scorocode.
This is not even an evolution, but the birth of a new service.
Year of operation, Docker, Kubernetes, Yandex.Oblako, etc.
3r318. Warning the question “Why is the Go hub here?”, I answer - all Scorocode services are written in 3r319. Golang
, this language is the main one in the technology stack.
For details, I ask under the cat.
MongoDB , its own database request parser, services that provide the execution of jаvascript code on the server, and all this was a single whole ...
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What's new in GoLand 2018.3

3r3-31. 3r33590. Hi, Habr! 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33590. Last week a new version of GoLand 2018.3 was released. 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
What's new in GoLand 2018.3 3r33588.  
3r33590. In this update you will find many improvements for debugging and testing: 3r33535.  
These are debugging applications on the Google App Engine platform, Testify framework, memory dump analysis and Mozilla rr. 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33590. There is a new 3r33555. Change Signature
refactoring, code inspection, and autocompletion for functions. 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33590. In addition, we added support for charts, improved 3r33555. Rename 3r33556...
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About blockchain developers put in the word

About blockchain developers put in the word 3r33548. 3r3-31. The profession of a software developer is extensive and dynamic, changes occur constantly and it is very important to track trends. The new trend of 2017-2018 can be called blockchain (CU). Countless ICOs, an unprecedented increase in cryptocurrency capitalization have attracted a lot of attention here. So there was a great demand in the labor market, and individual developers /software companies began to actively explore the subject area and offer their services. Now it is possible to draw certain conclusions on the profession and on the market, which I would like to talk about.
 3r33548. If...
Rust / Go
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Report from the “Go in production” mitap: video, photo, presentation

Report from the “Go in production” mitap: video, photo, presentation Go in production
. Collected for you photos, videos and presentations. 3r3191.  3r-33199. cloud . 3r3191.  3r-33199. Presentations of the speakers are available in 3r3321. folder
. 3r3191.  3r-33199. 3r3191.  3r-33199. Video recordings of reports:
 3r-33199. 3r3191.  3r-33199. 3r33175. “A Billion Pushes on Go”, Dmitry Shveenkov, Mail.Ru Group 3r3176. 3r3191.  3r-33199. 3r3179. 3r33180. 3r3181. 3r3338. 3r3183.
3r3191.  3r-33199. The report discusses the problems of sending push notifications in large volumes. Dmitry talks about the problems with Python and why they decided to switch to Go, what difficulties ...
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Microservices on Go with the Go kit: Introduction

3r3678. In this article I will describe the use of the Go kit, a set of tools and libraries for creating microservices on Go. This article is an introduction to the Go kit. The first part in my blog, the source code for the examples is 3r3634. here is 3r38080. .
Pure architecture 3r38080." from 3r3644. Robert C. Martin
. Although the Go kit was designed as a set of packages for developing microservices, it is also suitable for developing elegant monoliths.
Architecture go kit
 3r3694. 3r3678. Three main levels in the architecture of the application developed using the Go kit are:
transport l..
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Algorithm: How to find the next lexicographic permutation

Algorithm: How to find the next lexicographic permutation 3r380.  3r3118. 3r380.  3r3118. Briefly describe what the lexicographic order is - sorting in alphabetical order. Those. the sequence of characters - AAA → AAB → AAC → AAD →
→ WWW - is sorted alphabetically (or in our case lexicographical) order. 3r380.  3r3118. 3r380.  3r3118. Imagine that you have a finite sequence of characters, for example, ? ? ? ? ? ? 0 and you need to find all possible permutations of these characters. The most intuitive, but also the greatest in complexity, is the recursive algorithm, when we select the first character from the sequence, then recursively select the second, third...
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Go vs Javascript. What to write IoT projects

 3r3198. 3r3-31. Which programming language is best for your IoT project? The answer to this question is ambiguous and subjective. There are several aspects to consider when considering this issue: the objectives, goals and needs of your project. An important role is also played by your personal preferences, availability and capabilities of qualified developers. 3r3186.  3r3198. 3r3186.  3r3198. Go vs Javascript. What to write IoT projects 3r3186.  3r3198. 3r3186.  3r3198. There is an opinion that developed by Google language Golang , can eventually push jаvascript (or, better, Node.js) out of the realm of IoT applications. Can a gopher ...
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News Typegram

News Typegram 3r3187. 3r3-31. Hello! It's been two months since announcement typegram on Habré. And I have for you just a terrible amount of news and cool stories! Everything is developing so rapidly that it is even scary. I'll start with a greeting:
 3r3187. 3r3173.  3r3187.
Hi, my name is Vadim, I present the project typegram . Typegram is an online open source publication platform. 3r311. 3r3173.  3r3187. This is what I was trained to do at a YC startup school. Start by introducing yourself and your project. 3r3173.  3r3187. wrote 3r3176. I will not repeat...
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