What's new in GoLand 2018.3

3r3-31. 3r33590. Hi, Habr! 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33590. Last week a new version of GoLand 2018.3 was released. 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
What's new in GoLand 2018.3 3r33588.  
3r33590. In this update you will find many improvements for debugging and testing: 3r33535.  
These are debugging applications on the Google App Engine platform, Testify framework, memory dump analysis and Mozilla rr. 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33590. There is a new 3r33555. Change Signature
refactoring, code inspection, and autocompletion for functions. 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33590. In addition, we added support for charts, improved 3r33555. Rename 3r33556. and 3r33555. Inline 3r35656. refactorings, working with Go templates (3r33555. text /html 3r33556.) and version control system for Git, Docker and Kubernetes plugins, and much more. 3r? 3591. 3r33588.  
Mozilla rr 3r33586. . 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33590. Otherwise, everything works the same as in the standard debugger, except for the special button 3r35353. Rewind 3r???. for Mozilla rr. It starts the program back to the previous breakpoint. 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33636. Charts 3r33537. 3r33588.  
3r33590. We added chart support for visualization: 3r33591. 3r33588.  
3r? 3562. dependencies inside Go modules projects; 3r33535.  
3r? 3562. relations between imported and exported modules in jаvascript and TypeScript projects; 3r33535.  
3r? 3562. relationships between tables in databases and SQL. 3r33535.  
3r33565. 3r33588.  
3r33636. Search and navigation
3r33590. Conversations 3r33555. Find in Path
and 3r33555. Replace in Path
now work with multi-line snippets. 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33590. Search box,
Search Everywhere
It works faster and combines
Go to type
, 3r33555. Go to file
, 3r33555. Go to symbol
, and 3r33555. Find 3r33556. Actions
. 3r33556. Use TAB to switch between tabs. 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33434. 3r33588.  
3r33636. Improvements in the code editor 3r33537. 3r33588.  
3r33590. New icons in the editor will not only prompt you to redefine methods, but also help you move from one such name to another in one click. 3r? 3591. 3r33588.  
3r33426. 3r33588.  
3r33590. 3r33555. Complete Current Statement 3r33556. automatically inserts a comma in compound literals (structures, dictionaries, etc.) and puts the cursor on the position of the next statement. 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33590. In GoLand 2018.? you can define a set of files to which actions 3r33555 will not apply. Reformat code
, 3r33555. Optimize imports
, and 3r33555. Rearrange. 3r33556. 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33590. The IDE supports multi-line TODO comments for Go, jаvascript, TypeScript, CSS, and SCSS files. 3r? 3591. 3r33588.  
3rr3461. 3r33588.  
3r33636. Version Control System 3r33537. 3r33588.  
3r33590. Integration with Git now displays change-checking requests for the repository in a new window - 3r-3555. GitHub Pull Requests
and also supports git submodules. 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33476. 3r33588.  
3r33636. Availability 3r33537. 3r33588.  
3r33590. We added a new high contrast theme, and improved support for screen readers. 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33636. Docker 3r33737. 3r33588.  
3r33590. The Docker plugin supports CLI arguments in 3r33555. Run
configurations In the new field 3r33555. Build
launch configuration 3r33555. Dockerfiles
The following arguments can be used: cache-from, cpu-shares, cpuset-cpus, force-rm, label, 3r33511. memory, memory-swap, shm-size, no-cache, pull, quiet, 3r33511. and 3r33512. 3r33511. rm. 3r33512. 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r? 3516. 3r33588.  
3r33636. Kubernetes plugin
3r33590. Code completion, 3r33553. Rename 3r33554. refactoring, code inspections and quick fixes work in the Helm templates. 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r? 3531. 3r33588.  
3r33636. Other changes 3r33537. 3r33588.  
3r? 3562. Action 3r35353. Attach 3r35454. Now there is a menu 3r35353. Open Project 3r35454. That allows you to add a directory directly during the opening of a new project. 3r33535.  
3r? 3562. Now you can open the project by dragging it to the welcome window. 3r33535.  
3r? 3562. 3r33553. Activity Monitor [/i] shows how much processor resources various subsystems and plugins consume: 3r3-3555. Help | Activity Monitor. 3r33556. 3r33535.  
3r? 3562. Search and update plugins in the video has become more convenient. The plugin page supports searching by tags and sorting results by download, name, rating, recommended or updated. 3r33535.  
3r? 3562. Indexing projects is much faster. 3r33535.  
3r33565. 3r33588.  
3r33590. Everything! As always, we will be glad to hear your opinion: write us here in the comments, in 3r-3569. Twitter 3r33586. Or 3r33571. bug tracker
3r33590. Download the update on page 3r37777. downloads
or through the application 3r37979. Toolbox App 3r33586. . 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33590. Just in case, I remind you that if you already use IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, then all GoLand features are available right there: just install this plugin. . 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33590. Thanks for attention! 3r3-3591. 3r3599.
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