We invite you to the first international web conference Kolesa /Web 2018

We invite you to the first international web conference Kolesa /Web 2018
Hello, Habr! Spring came to the planet, and with it, numerous meetings and meetings.
We continue to form an IT-community in Kazakhstan and share the experience of web development and use of advanced technologies. April 21 in Almaty we will hold the first international web conference Kolesa /Web 2018!
In the program 7 reports from the Wheel Roof Market, Avito, Badoo, discussions in breaks and a sea of ​​delicious treats.
Registration here is
The video will be on our YouTube channel . We ...
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Backend United # 1. The vinaigrette. Announcement

Hey. I want to invite backenders to
Backend United # 1. Vinaigrette
- Mitap, dedicated to cross-language solutions for the development of the server part. We will discuss common approaches and tools for different languages. You will hear reports from representatives of Gett RnD and Avito. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 1? in the Moscow office of Avito.
Come to Mitap and invite colleagues. Under the cut - abstracts of speeches, links to the registration and videotranslation of the meeting.
Backend United # 1. The vinaigrette. Announcement Centrifugo - a cross-platform open-source ...
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News from Go country, or what's new in GoLand 2018.1

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Avito on GopherCon Russia 2018

Avito on GopherCon Russia 2018Hello! In March, a conference devoted to the programming language Go- was held in Moscow's Technopolis. GopherCon Russia 2018 . It sounded performances from the core-team - it was cool to hear from the first mouth about how to do it right. And of course, there were reports about microservices, opto-sensing, networking with Go, creating client libraries and cool tools.
We want to say "thank you" to the speakers - for the reports and the organizers - for the opportunity to talk with the living Brad Fitzpatrick and the real Ashley McNamara . Under the cut we talk about reports, master ...
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Introduction to the S2 geo-library from Google and examples of using

Hello, Habr!
My name is Marco, I work at Badoo in the "Platform" team. Not so long ago at GopherCon Russia 2018 I talked about how to work with coordinates. For those who do not like to watch videos (and all interested, of course), I publish a text version of my report.
Introduction to the S2 geo-library from Google and examples of using  


Now most people in the world have a smartphone with constant access to the Internet. If to speak in figures, then in 2018 the smartphone is will be almost 5 billion people, and 60% of them ...[/h]
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How to cut a feature and not shoot yourself in the leg

The main goal of the projects is to make money. The project I was working on was not an exception.
I am a developer of the Roof Market Market and the current post will be devoted to how we differentiated the prices for paid services on our "classified".
Our company develops 3 products, each under 3 platforms - web, android and ios. Users can apply various paid services to ads, for example, a paid extension of the life of an ad or placement in a block of hot offers.
When I was attracted to this project, in my head even before the discussion began, the thought was held that for differentiated ...
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How to perform many UI tests in parallel using the Selenium Grid?

How to perform many UI tests in parallel using the Selenium Grid?Hello! I work at Avito and am developing tools for testing. When we had a lot of UI tests, we were faced with the problem of scaling Selenium servers, and now I will tell you how we solved it.
And how do you perform many UI tests in parallel using the Selenium Grid? Unfortunately - in any way.
Selenium Grid is not able to perform a large number of tasks in parallel.
Do you want to register a really large number of nodes? Well, try it.
Want speed? It will not be - the more nodes are registered on the grid, the less stable each test is executed. As a consequence - restart.
Do you want fault ...
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Aws Lambda Go 1.x, Kinesis, CloudSearch

In previous I described how to create a simple lambda on Golang that takes an input from a simple object of two fields and sends the same simple object to the output. Now we will complicate the task a bit by connecting to the lambda as a Kinesis data source, and we will transfer the result of processing the Kinesis records to CloudSearch. No special logic in lambda will not be for simplicity: we simply accept requests from Kinesis, log them into CloudWatch, translate it and send it to CloudSearch.
Aws Lambda Go 1.x, Kinesis, CloudSearch
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Terraform: a new approach to Infrastructure as code

Hello colleagues! While the brilliant Ilon Musk bears ambitious plans terraforming of Mars , we are interested in new opportunities related to the paradigm " Infrastructure as Code " and we want to offer you a translation of an article about one of the representatives of the "magnificent seven" - Terraform . Book Eugene Brickman on the topic is not bad, but it will soon be a year, so please speak - do you want to see it in Russian
The word Kamal Marhubi (Kamal Marhubi) from the company Heap.
Terraform - a tool from ...
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Amazon Lambda with Golang

Amazon Lambda with GolangIn mid-January this year, Amazon announced support Go in their lambdas.
Great news, but now I'm writing these lines without having any experience writing code on Golang, so that, passing through the hemp and bumps, in parallel with writing the article, come to your first working lambda on Go.
Go . My machine is Windows 10 on an Intel processor. There is nothing complicated: download, run. We check that Go has registered the path to <путь установки> bin into the PATH environment variable or start go through cli (cmd, for example) to check.
Create the project folder:
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