Google Analytics. Synchronization with pixels Facebook, VK, Yandex, MyTarget

 3r3408. 3r3-31. Hi, Habr! 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. Over time, marketers begin to want to do remarketing funnels on events, and then also pursue all channels. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. To start remarketing - in each of the systems you need to configure the collection of audiences. And in order to be less confused with them, I propose a solution - to make a single format for events that will form the audience. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. To make it easier to scale remarketing to other systems, we will now synchronize GA events to Metric, Facebook, VK, MyTarget. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r318. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. Go! 3r33395.  3r3408. Help 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33333. VK [/b] 3r33395.  3r3408.
3r33333. VK.Retargeting.Event ('customeventname'); 3r33375. 3r388. Help
3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33333. MyTarget ( [/b] 3r33395.  3r3408.
3r33333. var _tmr = window._tmr || (window._tmr =[]); 3r3408. _tmr.push ({id: 'counterID', type: 'reachGoal', goal: 'arrows'}); 3r33375. 3r3105. Help
3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. We understand that we need dаta: Event Category, Event Action, Event Label, which we merge into the line% ec% _% ea% _% el%
 3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r3182. How Google Analytics collects information
3r33395.  3r3408. As a whole, the information is collected by the GA counter will not be analyzed, this question is disclosed in detail in 3r3119. video instructions
. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. When a configured event is triggered, a request like this goes to Google Analytics: 3r3333395.  3r3408.
3r33333. You are looking for you to look at you -6 & _gid = ??? & gtm = 2wgas3TT5B95L & z = 2122252649 3r33375. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. Here are the parameters from the query in a more understandable form:
3r33333. v: 1
_v: j72 3r3408. a: 557659108
t: event
ni: 0
_s: 1 3r3408. dl:
ul: en-us
de: UTF-8
dt: Marketello GTM - Just another WordPress site
sd: 24-bit
sr: 1920x1080
vp: 743x978
je: 0
ec: ecaterogy
ea: eaction
el: elabel
jid: 3r3408. gjid: 3r3408. cid: ???r3r3408. tid: UA-108448586-6
_gid: ???r3r3408. gtm: 2wgas3TT5B95L
z: 2122252649
3r33375. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. A description of all the parameters can be found in the official certificate:
 3r3408. 3r3172.
3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. We are interested in the parameters: ec (Event Category), ea (Event Action), el (Event Label). 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r3182. Passing parameters to the GTM variable
3r33395.  3r3408. 3r3186. If you're just starting out with Google Tag Manager - 3r3187. Watch the video version of this manual
. 3r3189. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33333. Create a variable CustomTask [/b] 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. Open the section Variables in GTM. 3r33395.  3r3408. Create a new variable of type Custom jаvascript. 3r33395.  3r3408. I will call this variable CustomTask. 3r33395.  3r3408. Google Analytics. Synchronization with pixels Facebook, VK, Yandex, MyTarget 3r33333. function () {
return function (tracker) {
var originalSendHitTask = tracker.get ('sendHitTask'); 3r3408. tracker.set ('sendHitTask', function (model) {
originalSendHitTask (model);
var hitPayload = model.get ('hitPayload'); //get all flying parameters as a string
console.log (hitPayload ); //will be displayed in the console to see which format is 3r3408. var GaEventVars = {}; //all the parameters from the line are cast into the object 3r3408. hitPayload.replace (/([^=&]+) = ([^&]*) /g, function (m, key, value) {
GaEventVars[decodeURIComponent(key)]= decodeURIComponent (value);
//and we will transfer this object to DataLayer in the variable 'GaEventParams' and create a gtm-event GaE 3r 3r 3er 3eer-3408 and create a gtm-event GaE 3r 3er 3.3 eeer 3408. dataLayer.push ({'event': 'GaEvent', 'GaEventParams': GaEventVars}); 3r3408. 3r3408.}); 3r3408.}
3r3408. 3r33375. 3r33395.  3r3408. We’ll add this variable to our Google Analytics tracker in customTask. 3r33395.  3r3408. More information about the tasks you can read in the help:
 3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33333. We connect customTask to Google Analytics [/b] counter. 3r33395.  3r3408. Open the global settings of Google Analytics (this section Variables in GTM). 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. In the More Settings section, select Fields to Set. 3r33395.  3r3408. We call the Field Name: customTask (required in this format). 3r33395.  3r3408. And in the value we pass our {{customTask}} variable:
 3r3408.  3r3408. GA global settings. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. After these settings, each time Google Analytics hits (for example, a page view or an event) we will see a new GTE event GaEvent in the Tag Manager Debugger, with a full list of parameters: 3r3333395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. Open the section Variables in GTM. 3r33395.  3r3408. Create a new variable of the “DataLayer variable” type. 3r33395.  3r3408. The name is the same as the one that hit the event - GaEventParams. 3r33395.  3r3408.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. In GTM, open the Triggers section, create a new one that will work on an event. 3r33395.  3r3408. Trigger type - Custom Event. 3r33395.  3r3408. The name of the event is GaEvent (yes, this is an event that we sent to the DataLayer from the function in customTask)
 3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33311. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33333. Customize the tag that events will send to other systems 3r33317. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. We are going to customize the tag that will send events to the systems. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. Name the tag Send Ga Event to Ads, type Custom HTML. 3r33395.  3r3408. Assign a trigger GA Event. 3r33395.  3r3408. And add the content:
 3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408.
3r33333. 3r33336. 3r3408. (function () {
var gaEventParams = {{GaEventParams}};
console.log (gaEventParams);
3r3408. ////we are only interested in Events
if (, we need to use the following file counts for 3r3408 ////3r3408.
//we define the name (we combine ec, ea, el into one value)
var event_name = + '_' + gaEventParams.ea + '_' + gaEventParams.el;
Yandex Metric 3r3408. try {3r3408. yaCounter51115808.reachGoal (event_name); 3r3408.} catch (e) {} 3r3408. 3r3408. //send to Facebook 3r3r4404a3a3403403403. .} catch (e) {} 3r3408.
//send to VK
try {
VK.Retargeting.Event (event_name);
} catch (e) {} 3r3408.
//send to MyTarget ( 3r3408. try {
var _tmr = window._tmr || (window._tmr =[]); 3r3408. _tmr.push ({id: 306797? type: 'reachGoal', goal: event_name}); 3r3408.} catch (e) {} 3r3408.}
3r3408.}) (); 3r3408. 3r3402. 3r3408. 3r3408. 3r33375. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. Open the browser, perform the action that the event flew only in GA, and see that the requests flew to other services: 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. Thus, you will not need to connect events separately for each system. It is enough to configure a new event in GA and it will automatically be sent to other systems. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. You just have to set up conditions for the formation of remarketing audiences for events in advertising cabinets. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. Successes! 3r3404. 3r3408. 3r3408. 3r3408. 3r3013. ! function (e) {function t (t, n) {if (! (n in e)) {for (var r, a = e.document, i = a.scripts, o = i.length; o-- ;) if (-1! == i[o].src.indexOf (t)) {r = i[o]; break} if (! r) {r = a.createElement ("script"), r.type = "text /jаvascript", r.async =! ? r.defer =! ? r.src = t, r.charset = "UTF-8"; var d = function () {var e = a.getElementsByTagName ("script")[0]; e.parentNode.insertBefore (r, e)}; "[object Opera]" == e.opera? a.addEventListener? a.addEventListener ("DOMContentLoaded", d,! 1): e.attachEvent ("onload", d ): d ()}}} t ("//"""_mediator") () (); 3r3402. 3r3408. 3r3404. 3r3408. 3r3408. 3r3408. 3r3408.
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