What's new in DevTools in Chrome version 68

What's new in DevTools in Chrome version 68In the developer's console of the latest version of Chrome there were such cool chips that I wanted to translate a post on this topic from the official blog of developers.
The Developer Console in Chrome has long struck me as the depth of its work. Once upon a time I was dragged by Firebug, and now the days have come when I do not see my life without development on chrome. It's good when people try to outdo each other in business.
Proactive execution
. As soon as you write the expression, the Console will display its result.
Hint arguments
. As you write the name of the function, the Console ...
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Why the opening of YouTube in Firefox or Edge can take up to 5 times longer than in Google Chrome

Unexpected discovery of shared with the public today Chris Peterson of Mozilla: as it turned out, at the moment the opening of the YouTube page in Firefox and Edge is 5 times slower than in Google Chrome. What is the reason for this phenomenon?
The fact is that the new redesign of YouTube, which is based on library Polymer , relies on the Shadow DOM v0 API, which was implemented by exclusively in Chrome , and since April this year and at all recognized deprecated .
Due to the described reason for ...
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Google and HTTP

Google and HTTPI oppose Google's efforts to discredit the HTTP protocol. Here is a generalization of the reasons why I adhere to this point of view.
stop on this , requiring the user to consent to the opening of such pages, and then simply blocking them.

It's not fair

Many of the sites that they designate as "unreliable" do not ask the user for any information. Of course, users will not understand this. Many will seriously take the warning and press the "Back" button, not knowing why they do it. Of course, Google in the course. This is such a dirty political tactic that we expect from corrupt ...[/h]
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Google: our "phone" AI is not good enough to be dangerous

Google: our "phone" AI is not good enough to be dangerous  
Not so long ago, Google has demonstrated the work of a digital assistant Google Duplex, who is able to talk on the phone, reserving a place in a hotel, hairdresser or restaurant instead of a person. Something like a virtual secretary, and with a very human voice. So human that the news resources began to publish information about the possible danger of an assistant.
The other day representatives of Google have tried to do everything to convince those who are afraid of the safety of their offspring. In no event will the company throw up the project. Moreover, during this summer, the helper's ...
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Trace and Javascript

Trace and Javascript  
Have you ever traced the runtime of your application? Do you know how many queries you make that gray endpoint, which? And how long are those cross-references calculated for a similar resource type from each entity page that needs to be returned to the query? Have you tried to measure how long you have to wait for the user because of the optional query fields that he adds from time to time? Have you ever wondered if you would parallelize these six queries to those two databases?
If anything above sounds interesting, or at least familiar - welcome to the cut.
chrome: ...
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Google's Shell Style Guide (in Russian)

Which Shell to use is
Bash The only shell script language that can be used for executable files.

Scripts must begin with #! /bin /bash with a minimum set of flags. Use the set to set the shell options, that would call your script as bash did not violate its functionality.


Restricting all shell scripts to bash, gives us a consistent shell language that is installed on all our machines.


The only exception is if you are limited by the conditions of what you are programming for. One example is the Solaris SVR4 package, which requires the use of ...

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FIDO2 - Passwords must die

I think all of you have repeatedly heard about the fact that "passwords are dead", "passwords are dying out", "new technology will kill passwords" and the like.
We in FIDO Alliance just came to inform you that passwords will still die out in authentication.
FIDO U2F about which I wrote earlier .
FIDO2 - Passwords must die  
That is, the authentication script with U2F is as follows:

The registration is:

- The user registers using a user name (can be better changed to a password, and then user-user?) And password
- The server hashes the password using scrypt, argon? bcrypt and stores in the database
- T...[/h]
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Can I trust my Chrome Sync and Firefox passwords?

Recently I wrote about insufficient protection of locally saved passwords in Firefox . As some readers have correctly pointed out, an attacker with physical access to your device is not the main threat. So let's take a look at how browser developers protect your passwords when they are transferred to the cloud. Both Chrome and Firefox provide a synchronization service that can download not only the saved passwords, but also cookies, and the history of page views. How safe is this service?
TL; DR: currently the answer is "no". Both services have weaknesses in defense. However...
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Let's make Windows slower! Part one: file access

Let's make Windows slower! Part one: file access Windows has long been reproached for the slowness of its file operations and the slow creation of processes. Why not try to make them even slower? This article will show how to slow down file operations in Windows by about 10 times from their normal speed (or even more), and these methods are practically not amenable to tracking by a normal user.
And, of course, we will learn to detect and correct such situations. The whole text is written on the basis of the problem I encountered a couple of months ago, so everything written below is completely real.
file system...
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