Gradle 5.0 - what's new

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In the process of developing CUBA, we used all three basic build tools - we started with Ant, then switched to Maven for a short time, and now we use Gradle and it looks like we’ll stay with him soon.
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Not so long ago, Gradle 5.0 was released. This version has a large number of new features that will help developers write more complex scripts and build their projects even faster and more painless.
3r33130. 3r3128.  3r3142. 3r3125. Gradle 5.0 - what's new 3r33130...
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Modular development of Android applications

Modular development of Android applications
When developing Android applications, there are times when certain parts of the code can be rendered as libraries, so that you can re-use them in different projects:
Modules in the project that often occur. For example, custom View
When an existing API is inconvenient or does not allow you to do what you intended - create an extension for this API
Most often all problems were solved long before us, but in our case it was necessary to take out some of the layer of business logic and in fact the entire layer responsible for the data in our 3 core products of the combined company
Wheels Roof Market
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We speed up the assembly and delivery time of the java web application

removed jar from the project assembly
replaced it with a touch, which is 7 times faster
We speed up the assembly and delivery time of the java web application
Details and result under the cut.
gradle-fatjar-plugin - is no longer supported by
shadow - managed to collect them, but he uses the same method as above, so this did not give an increase in the speed of
gradle-one-jar - I could not run at all, honestly, I probably needed to just spend more time
Then I got the idea, even you can say the challenge. And how to run applications without jar? I just had an unpacked archive, in order to try this.
It turned out not difficult:
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As a whale, eat the Java application and do not choke

As a whale, eat the Java application and do not chokeHello, dear people of Khabarovsk! Today I would like to talk about how to "feed" a Java application to a docker, how to do it better, and what not to do. I've been working on Java for more than 10 years, and I spent the last three years in very close contact with Docker, so I got a definite idea of ​​what it can and can not do. But after all, the hypothesis must be tested in practice, is not it?
I presented the whole process as an old good computer game with a warm tube pixel art.
We will start, as befits any game, with some briefing. As an introductory note, take a little Docker advertising.
On th...
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